I decided to check this pack when i was in pickle while using Live. I must say Live is not the Daw i normally work on.

I was helping to make a Dj mix with premastered tracks, Fx, super tight edits, pretty much a full on mash up with 30+ tracks.

He needed the mix to be loud so he could play it out on a pod cast, so i thought i would check out this pack out as we only had the plugs that came with Live.

Well, i have to say, although the settings on the chain had to be modified, which was to be expected. The chain held up to the content it was dealt with, yielding very good results.

Out the box it added a lot more top end and tightened up the lows while creating a wider stereo field when A-B'ed. After a a few quick tweaks on the compressor, Eq and the width, it was job done.

I then tossed a unmastered 32bit 88.2khz track to give that a test run. The results were also ok, but not as clear cut as the DJ mix. I felt the chain needed a lot more attention to detail in order to suit the tracks' needs.

It def made a difference in the level, width and it kept the track quite even throughout once the settings were under control.

For new producer using Live, and looking to get a cool signal chain to premaster, test out mixes and learn about the signal chains that are offered up in this pack it might be a good thing to check out especial for the price point. I feel if you're looking to make commercial sounding masters, then this might not be the end all be all, but nothing ever is.

Over all its a great product that might give you the extra edge you need to get you one step closer to your sonic goals.

Really cool package here, with some handy tools for prepping your latest track to take to a gig. Ableton isn't exactly renowned for mastering, but this pack will do a great job considering!


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