Amazing fills- not only for future house but any style EDM. Its hard to even find a bad one in the bunch- that's how good it is. They all seem to have a "funky" feel to them rather than a 'hard straight' feel and thats what I like about these. They will work great with anything. All the fills are at 125 bpm but can be easily stretched to any tempo. There's loads to chose from- and compared to many other drum fill'll never runout of a one that's not great.

A great pack that does exactly what it says on the box. A great spread of acoustic and synthetic fills, pitching snares and just plain strange sounds FX this takes a lot of the hard work of bringing that extra sparkle to a track.

These are fantastic! Really add that new dimension to your track! Great stuff.

Great pack of drum fills for structural transitions with huge punch and clarity. Love the variety of groove to compliment a wide array of electronic styles. Would recommend!


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