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Future Bass: Beats & Breaks
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Genre: Future Bass

Additional Styles: Drums



One Shots

BPM: 94 - 160

Future bass beats and breaks gives you a huge selection of 190 rhythm loops and 130 midi files to build your original future beats with simplicity and ease.

You find these beats work perfectly for future bass, chill trap, wonky electronica and complex IDM.

The collection has been kept flexible by keeping all the loops kick free and instead including 45 Kick Drum Midi pattens, so you can load up a tuned kick and combine that to create more unique , personalised beats very quickly and easily..

The top loops feature a multitude of interesting, futuristic rhythms, fast hi hats, snare rolls, crazy processing, chops and rolls, classic and contemporary drum kits, found sounds and much more

At tempos ranging from 94 BPM to 160 BPM these can be used at half and double speed, enabling their use at any tempo.

Mix Ready to drop straight in your track or combine and chop to create unlimited variations.

As well as the large wav selection, you’ll also find , along with the kick midi, a separate group of 55 midi top loops, for standard chill trap style patterns, with hi hat and snare sections only, plus 30 roll midi files for creating any kind of fill and roll pattern to add on.

Future Bass Beats and breaks offers an invaluable section of rhythmic magic, ready to help your tracks stands out, so download now and make these beats  your future…. just add bass !

Soundscape and Melodic Sounds in the Demo song are from Odyssey FX

  • 320 Mb
  • 24/44.1
  • 190 WAV LOOPS
  • 130 MIDI FILES

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Celtislam big


Celt Islam
Future Bass: Beats & Breaks by Push Button Bang Great neat package of fine quality breaks! the package is basically a mad mental collection of Hats with Kick drums removed so one can add them later as one feels :D perfect for trap dub driven dance music

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