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Genre: Reggaeton

Additional Styles: World and Reggaeton



One Shots

Sampler Patches

BPM: 90

This is a very nice collection of loops and one shots. The drum loops have the real authentic sound aesthetic but are produced with more punch to make them stronger than the original old school samples. The production and recordings are generally all very clean and phat, so you are not closing up your mixes with these. This pack also contains a bunch of synthesiser loops for a more futuristic tip in the Reggaeton world.

Worldwide Reggaeton is one of the best packs for this style of music I have found. The drum, music and vocal loops are all on point and usable as is the one-shots, which are keymapped into sampler patches. The chords, drums and vocal chops can be also used with many other styles of music from Afro-House to Techno which require a modern flavour.


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