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Genre: Synthwave

Additional Styles: Synths and Synthwave



One Shots

Sampler Patches

BPM: 80 - 170

"If you're a fan of" .. etc etc..YES. Feel like a teen living in the 80's all over again. Brilliant pack! Spot on for the style and sound. Lots of well curated elements, loops and beats that will integrate into a multitude of genres. And some choice multi sampled and one shot instruments too. Nice work!

Take out your shoulder pads and put down that keytar. The're no longer needed, Synthwave Generation has you covered! This pack has an extensive selection of samples covering all aspects of a synthwave track. Bass, riffs, drums, fx, all represented here in the finest quality. Its nice to see a pack that includes drum fills and loops that aren't just the typical electronic kick and power snare combination. The drums here really cover all types of eighties groove including the funkier ones. The inclusion of midi files for all the synths and basses makes it even more appealing, allowing you to further change the arrangements and sounds to make them your own. All in all I highly recommend this pack and remember....it's best listened to in spandex.


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