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Genre: Trap

Additional Styles: Downtempo and Trap



One Shots

Sampler Patches

BPM: 115

A nice collection of organica sounding trap loops that is not only good for deep trap but several other genres sitting around the 120bpm mark. There is quite a selection here from dripped out vocal loops to groove guitar loops, moody piano loops and all your usual leads, bass, drum and fx loops. I quite like the Chill voice loops as they have a nice collection of chopped and pitch vocals alternating like cool call and responses which allow for inspiration in the melody department. Some of the Processed Guitar loops are great too. Really strong disco type grooves that could be used for several musical genres and again offers inspiration for melody and riff lines. The drum loops are probably the packs least favourite area of mine but the bass loops are well constructed with excellent little modulations and pitch movements. All in all a good pack if you are thinking melodics, groove and organica around the 115bpm mark.


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