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In 1990 Davide formed FSOM, one of Australia's longest running electronic acts. Within two years Davide and FSOM had received contracts from Jeff Mills, Frank De Wulf and Carl Cox. In 1995 Davide began directing his DJ'ing and production towards the realm of D&B and played alongside Roni Size, Ed Rush & Optical, Grooverider, Kenny Ken & Doc Scott. n 1999 Davide performed a three hour set at one of the world biggest music festivals, Roskilde in Denmark. From this point Davide relocated himself to the UK.Since then he has released over fifteen tracks on labels including BS1 Records, 31 Records, Defunked, React Music, Industry Recordings and Trouble On Vinyl. In this time he has received excellent reviews and features in magazines including Mix Mag, DJ, Jockey Slut, Knowledge, Muzik and IDJ. Davide has also had several chart successes and support from several of the biggest dj's and radio stations in the Europe.


  • This is a great pack with lots of appropriate mood and vibes. I lock the fact that they haves created drum loops which feature many of the original drum machines of the time. Not only Roland 808 and 909 but Alesis HR16 and Yamaha drum machines which characterised the sound of the time. There's lots of appropriate analogue style bass and synth patches which are great and can be used in their entirety or chopped up for more versatility. I particularly like the melodic loops as they are categorised as groups making it easy to get a vibe going by throwing a few loops together before you take it on your own tip. Nice and moody and easy to add some modern flavour too. Good job.

    TD Audio - Synthwave

    Rating: 9/10

    I really like this hard hitting synthwave pack it is very modern and doesn't feel overly nostalgic which makes it perfect for making any tunes requiring that analogue feel of the 80's but sounding like it was made today. We used it for a modern video game soundtrack and it has worked really well and has been useful. The bassloops are really well put together melodically and have a real nice tension to them and none of the stuff on this pack sounds cheesy or outdated. There are midi files in there too which makes it great for expanding upon with your own flavour. Great job I've enjoyed using the pack. There's also great drum loops and pads and lead loops too so plenty to keep you coming back for more. Thanks for the effort!

    This is a fantastic pack, the first thing that really strikes me about this pack is the quality of sound! Everything is really well produced. The basses are deep, the drums are clear and punch with lots of weight and the musical loops are by and large, wonderful! It really feels like it has been made by one or many more long term producers. It's aimed for more of the liquid style market but it's all so useful it can be used for many genres. The musical loops are great and a wide variety all labelled in key and listed by instrument so there is lots of mixing and matching you can do. The full drum loops are awesome, some really great lows and crips mids and tops, nothing overdone and all sounding loud. The bass loops also have a heavy weight. I think these guys have gone for richness and dynamics which is nice as most other D&B orientated sample packs are a little over processed. There's also loads of fx and top loops all tempo'ed up nicely. Plus the usual one shoots. This is one of my fav D&B packs around. Thanks guys, It will get some use!!!

    Hard Rock Guitars

    Rating: 8/10

    This is a collection of nicely played and recorded authentic rock guitar phrases and samples. If you are looking for this kind of thing then this pack is really well made. The loops consist of som many types and styles of hard rock recordings and they feel like they have taken inspiration from many old and new tunes which makes the pack feel real authentic and vibey. There are lots of one shots covering fx and hits but the gold for me are the actual loops listed in key making it so easy to get authentic flavour if you need some rock guitar. Even better are the respective Dry and Wet folders which is amped up wetness and the dry recordings. I love this as the wet ones all feel the same in terms of production but having the dry loops enable you to use your own fx and flavours to put it in whichever style of hard rock you like. The dry recordings are great and really show off the musicianship. Need hard rock guitars in your track? Don't know where to turn? This is what your money should be on. Thank guys!

    Synthwave Reflections

    Rating: 9/10

    Well if you are looking for old school Synthwave samples and loops then this is the right pack for you. Particularly if your intention is to write something that requires the sounds, leads and melodies of that style. This pack has about 20 tunes broken down into its constituent parts. Each track has a complete stem, and the usual arp, bass, drums, pads and variation on those. Incredibly useful are the midi files also included so taking inspiration and using your own instruments or variations on the melodies is a breeze. I just love how authentic it all feels. Sure it's a little more 80's than modern synthwave but that is pretty much the same thing! The melodies and leads are very strong and this is where this pack excels - in its direction and vibes. I've drawn much for it and if you are looking for this kind of thing then you will too. Thanks guys, feels like you had lots of fun making it.

    Boom Black

    Rating: 9/10

    Boom! RawCutz are back. What's not to like form these guys. Creamy, soupy, old school raw vibes that unless you know what you are doing then there isn't much chance of the rest of making these favours and this is where RawCutz come into their own. Jus listening to the MP3 Demos in the pack instantly show you what is possible, whilst everything is demoed in that lo-fi Hip Hop vibe you can see how this manifests into so many other genres. The usual drum, top loops, percussion and bass loops are there as well as the beautiful and super cool music loops of which there are 100. Plus you also get over 400 music stabs, chords and samples making it awesome to load up a Maschine full of these great sounds. And better yet they have done that for you by including ready made Maschine and Ableton projects to get insanely creative with a push of a few buttons. Nice job again guys, so much stuff to last a lifetime.

    It may be slightly light on content but like all things 5Pin Media it's all quality. I love my minimal D&B and at least this pack seems to understand what minimal is. Stripped back, clean, big and punchy beats with a bass mix made up of processed and clean sine style sub sounds. Here, particularly in the loops you have a nice gamut of flavours to choose from making it easy enough to pick and choose, slice and dice and mix and layer different loops to get your own style and sound. My favourite sections were definitely the drums, percussion and bass loops as they were nice styled and grooved. There's also the full range of single sounds like stabs, percussions etc but the Drums, Percussion and Bass loops were really good. Nice job guys keep it uP!

    Cassimm Simply House

    Rating: 9/10

    Yeah man, nice job Cassimm. Here's an artist that loves their work and is not afraid to share. Everything is so well put together here that if deep, simple, minimal, old skool etc etc HOUSE is your thing then step right up and buy! I love the splitting of the drum loops into Kick, Hat, Percussion, Snare & Clap and Top loops. Makes you feel like you are making the tune as you have to decide what goes together. The loops themselves are not only produced well but got really great grooves within them making everything feel authentic. Back in my day you worked weeks on an MOC to get this style now Cassimm has honourably served it all up on a plate for you. There's the bass loops too which are quite deep and playful in a good way. And I usually dislike synth loops as it is not what producers do best but in this pack they are minimal and stopped back allowing you to throw a delay on a loop and have it working funked up style. Great job will be using.

    These are ready made tracks intended for you to use as inspiration and to click and choose the individual stems as you see fit. Whilst I see less flexibility in this construction kit format it certainly enables you to take entire stems of say chords and pads and use that musicality as your flavour. Or conversely taking beats and bass and layer the music yourself. Every track has over 40 stems and they are divided into to intro / drop etc so you can actually make entire tunes or take certain sections and extrapolate your own ideas from them. There are 6 construction kits so loads of content and mose of them fairyl tough in nature. My favourite is track 4 which is absolutely beautiful and has amazing chords pads and vocals. Shame there's not more of this as I imagine that particularly tune will turn up in several places!


    Rating: 8/10

    Given the price I think this pack exceeds value for money expectations. If you are looking for lo-fi, spacey dreamy weird beautiful then this is it. Goes without saying the Instrumental loops are the goldmines here. Beautifully recorded, crafted and most importantly produced so they sound like not just played samples but glitched, reversed, chopped given you oodles of authentic flavour all the way through. Even the synth loops, the area which I dread the most when coming to sample packs are really unique here. They are washy, vinyly and lo fi. Doesn't fill like any fillers in this pack and given the price its really cool. The drums are also excellent for those lo fi grooves and feel very smokey and scratchy making them an instant in in your productions. The FX loops are other worldly and they are tempo synced so you know exactly where and how they fit. plenty of other stuff too in this small, well priced and excellent sample pack.

    This is a real well thought out pack, particularly when it comes to the drums and percussion. Not only are the usual one shots here but the split between, kick loops, percussion loops, drum loops and top loops are outstanding giving you the real ability to craft and create your own unique loops without making it sound like it has come out of a pack. The kick loops give you the real techno pounding tight but loose reverb flavour that is so hard to imitate. Then you can mix and match with however many levels of percussion you like. There's so much here that you are good for time! The bass loops are your usual mood tea lines which are great and the pad drones string loop section is awesome as they are some very authentic flavours actually timed and looped so you can again mix and match. There's real 303, synth and fx loops too all covering the gamut. I love the flexibility of this pack, you get the feeling the artist who made it really wants you to make some great tunes - and I will thanks to them. Thank you!

    Excellent work guys, hard to be critical when it is blatantly obvious an artist has held nothing back when making a pack. There's all the usual stuff you would expect here but it's the closest and most authentic to that german / austrian / noisia style hard electro pack you would get. The bass loops are brilliant. Not just noise for the sake of noise but expertlcly crafted weighty baselines. Throw them all into your maschine and get performing and you will have your very own interoperation of this sound. The beats are also on point. Clean, crips hard hitting but with some swing and funk. Gotta say the fx loops are prolly the best I have heard for a long time here. They aren't just silly whooses and risers but proper funked up grooves you couldn't make yourself in several lifetimes. They are instant moderness and lend themselves so well to so many applications. The pack is excellent all around and I would just get in. Great job!

    Darkside Techno

    Rating: 8/10

    Some good brooding dark tech going on here. Probably best appreciated once you start mixing some of the elements together. The drums and beats are sublime and have that feel and color you'll only get from someone within the genre. They mix really well with some of the minimal style baseline loops which compliment the bass and decay heavy kicks in the drum loops. The drum loops have full and minimal mixes so you can easily have some good variety to your drum track by importing and switching between the provided loops. I quite like the sequence and synth loops in that there is plenty of gritty heavily compressed acid and noice staccato lead loops which all work really well when out together. I think that is the strength of this pack, the ability to easily put entire tracks together and then have a template for the style and genre and being to manipulate what you have or replace some off the sounds with your own stuff. Nice.

    What can be said about this pack that hasn't already been mentioned in the review. Very occasionally you wonder how much time producers of packs put in to make them. In this instance it is clear that there has been oodles of love and time to painstakingly creat every nuance in this pack. The music loops are simply outstanding, almost like listening to pieces of music all on their own - and there are 400 of them. There's no end in your lifetime to what you could do with these music loops. You could make any genre from them, you can cut, edit, mix and match to creat anything. Yeah sure they are mostly in A minor but plenty of them are open so you can transpose them to C Major and you are away and have every major and natural minor scale covered. Then we go onto the beats, of which there are 1000! Amazing loops that cover the full gamut. There are bass, chord, kick, snare, hats and fx hits which cover just about all urban styles. There really is no limit to this quality pack. For me absolutely wiorth the money for the music loops and chord hits alone. Thanks guys. I'm inspired!

    Hard Neuro DnB Bass

    Rating: 9/10

    Brilliant collection of nothing but ah - brilliant Neuro Bass! No fluff here, just genuine gristly, grimey and very Neuro style bass loops and one shoots. Not only does it have the usual sweeping notch, filtered distortion, pitched vibes going on but there's some really nice use of sub lines with vintage distortion flavours giving you a really large range of sounds to choose from. There also sensibly categorised in that you have shots and loops in C, D# and F so you can pitch wherever you like. Try dropping all of these sounds in Maschine for example and let rip. I'm always looking for inspiration in these sounds made by someone else as you can end up using the same old tricks when producing them, and here I have a pack that I can see lasting for years and remembering it well because it only does - ah very sick bass!!!! Great job guys.

    Freaky!!! I gotta say I don't really have such a downright freaked out collection of sounds in my hard drive and that is a good thing. Think aliens crashing into huge distortion fields and you have a good feel for what this pack is about. This is essentially a pack of gritty, scratchy, glitchy music loops, scratch loops, beat loops and vocal loops with all of the above and some really nice modulated delay. It makes for some great versatility in that you can use it across many genres. Not only is the pack good for sci fi Hip Hop and other music productions but it becomes very useful for film composition and particularly sound design for video games - in fact that is where I have found it most useful as there are some amazing other worlds sci fi production techniques across all the loops and sounds.

    Liquid Rollers

    Rating: 7/10

    I would call this pack atmospheric rather than liquid and that can only be a good thing here because it bursting at the seams with deep pads, leads, sub style b-lines FX and of course beats. For me, the drums really shine here. They are crystal slick and feature some excellent shuffled rolling rhythms and plenty of space not normally associated with the incessant typewriter style hats of these genres. The drums are worth the entry fee alone and you get the best of both worlds in that there are entire loops and tops for you to mix in with your own produced kick and snare patterns. The pad and synth loops and sounds are great too. They are definitely moody and they aren't too musically complete which again makes for some great versatility. The baselines range from jumpy to subtle 808 style moods which covers a few angles. All in all a great very atmospheric deep sample pack.

    Dead Symphony: Trap

    Rating: 9/10

    Is this meant to be a Trap pack cause this is a proper movie scoring sound pack, yes some of the leads and drums featuring glitchy triplets are very Trappy but this pack is so much more. The atmospheres are fantastic all brooding with character and tension and fit into any genre at all. The Basses are cool and the arp and pulses would suit stranger things more than electronic trap. Whilst there are a bunch of trap style drums there are also many cinematic drums that can be used for lo fi genres and flavours and they are just dripping in coolness. The Themes loops show just how talented these creators are. Multi stringed loops with ostinatos, arp, riffs and general all around awesome flavours. They could be used for any cinematic trailer or within an experimental bass genre. The quality of stuff across this pack is not only very cool but windy unique and I think it makes it very hard to categorise. DO yourself a favour and get downloading if you like that cinematic trap vibes. Nice!

    It's a privilege to have a maestro create a superlative deep techno sound pack. Some of the drum loops here are just wonderfully authentic and really well produced. Not only are there plenty of lead, bass and atmosphere loops but many of them are designed to go together giving you several fantastic starting pints if you are making a deep or melodic techno or house tune. There's a certain crunch to the drum loops that give real presence in the music, not to mention the subtle swing and variation in grooves. There's also top loops to go with and individual part loops which means you can ask kick or snare loops to just about any track or genre you are making. There's a bunch of chord and synth hots which come on their own or sampler patches so if you are looking for individual character for your lead lines then there's enough sounds here to last you forever. I love an authentic pack which gives you access to an established artists toolbox and that's the feeling you get from this pack. Not a huge variety but absolutely quality through and through. Thanks Jamie!

    Slatin Modular House

    Rating: 8/10

    This pack is ideal for those 'cut in' styles so reminiscent of modern House. The expertise here is all about the swing, humanized and quantized loops which give you that instant authentic and genuine flavor. Some of the cutting and glitching techniques here are great and make the pack fit seamlessly into any house or tech style production. The synth loops are great in that rather than trying to be overly melodic they are chopped and style to perfection so it's actually quite useful in any style of music that benefits from Lo-Fi, grungy chops. The same applies to the top loops and percussion loops which are equally impressive. The percussion loops all feature a heavy swing and I have fun just checking their groove positioning and matching everything to suit. Overall great pack and some nice authenticity in there which means I can use it across many genres and for a few years yet!

  • Neo Soul

    Rating: 8/10

    There's some really nice vibes going on here. When I think of Neo Soul I think of over extend chord vocings but this pack is much more than that. It's laidback and modern and features some great live loops which are both packed tight and loose and sound authentic and breaky. But I love the synth loops which ordinarily can come across as a filler on the pack but here you can tell they've got their own thing going on in the moody, pitchy and vibey loops they've made. I just love that they pitch weirdly in places which gives you a very authentic 'wouldn't get it anywhere else feel' It's really useful for trap, hip hop, future bass and drum & bass it can be quite smokey, moody and dark. The keys loops as I would expect is a highlight for me. Some of the progressions and recording are very cool and dusty which make them fit in nicely to any track I am doing. A nice unique pack well worth checking out. Good job!

    Atmospheric Hip Hop

    Rating: 7/10

    There's some cool things in this pack in relation to smooth, creamy & urban hip hop grit. I found some of the drum programming very interesting like their glitch / triplet hat fills etc. It certainly allows for some inspiration to find a beat that doesn't hit on 16th's and then replace them with your own sounds. Really good for speeding up into other genres too. I thought some of the musicality and samples included were really good too. There's some movie style chords and really gritty ambiances that go nicely with some of the chopped vocal effects. Its not as complete as some of the other Niche packs I feel. It's more an inspiration platform, rather than tracks you can easily contour on your own, which in many ways is great too. I think what I am trying to say is that in many ways (mainly quantisation) it's actually really unique and it makes the pack really useful when trying to great original grooves of any genre. If you are into making downtempo or old skull glitchy type beats then it's brilliant too!

    I'm not sure there is a loop I don't like on this pack, it's about the smooth dreamy musicality but for me it's all about the wonderful processing which is exclusive to the artist who is frankly, amazing. Its all so useful across all genres and compositions as it's just really difficult to make something so organic and effective. The Atmos loops have sidchained rhythms so there really useful to temp. The bass has some great musicality which you can just lay across your sampler and recompile some great basslines. The music loops are just too good. They are deep and emotive, again the processing just makes them so unique. The pads and chords also have the rhythmic processing and the top loops and sax are really useful too. Finally I leave the drums to last as they are excellent but probably my least favorite category of this pack - that's saying something. Essential and thanks to Catching Flies for a pack we will be using for years to come!

    Twisted Future Bass

    Rating: 7/10

    Main room, trap, melbourne bounce, hard Tech and Twisted Future Bass - this pack seems to straddle the line between all of these genres. There's a real upfront rocky midrange feel to the production so it's not only all the lead lines, drum kits, vocal chops and b-lines but the production style that makes this pack stand out. There's lots of bass, pad, leads and sfx sounds programmed in Massive so there's some good flexibility in contouring lots of the presets. It's quite rough and jagged and can help with melodic, arrangement and programming ideas as well as straight up giving you some twisted bass cutter style sounds that you may have trouble getting on your own. Listen to the demo and you can quite clearly hear whom this pack is aimed at. Again, Niche Audio have managed to create a great Maschine orientated pack that is not only fun to use but immediate in its inspiration too!

    Pop Piano 2

    Rating: 8/10

    A fantastic collection of melodic ideas and inspiration more than anything else. There are basically loads of piano and electric bass loops and midi files. Idea is that you audition at your preferred tempo and key, then try the associated Electric Bass loops and way you go. Dragging in midi files allows you to pitch, move notes and even just take the ideas for your own melodies and chord progressions. If you aren't a great piano or keys player or you struggle with top lines and melodic elements then this pack is fantastic - highly useful in fact. The pack comes with 90, 110 & 128 BPM loops which gives you total flexibility whether you double time or half time across those tempos. It also covers keys A minor, C major, C minor and F major so you have everything covered irrespective of how you want to transpose. A great pack, with lots of inspiration which I am using in a composition job right away - keep em coming guys!

    Glitchtronica Vol. 2

    Rating: 9/10

    I love the fact that this pack is so versatile and can be used across so many genres, I've already put it to good use in D&B, hard trap and some corporate work. The BPM's range from 100ish up to 170 and that means that not only can you use them in the intended range but the loops are so versatile and deep that you can pitch them about wherever you want and make them fit any genre key or bpm. Listening to the bass loops you may be fooled into thinking that it is quite cutting an urban but the pads are so deep, the chords are so musical and the vocal loops so funky that it can be both quite poppy and deep. It's a really great pack that straddles the line between commercial and underground and has so much stuff that when you are looking for inspiration it's worth it to keep coming back to Glitchtronica 2!

    Jungle DNB

    Rating: 7/10

    I'd say more old skull D&B than Jungle as the sounds cover not only the more breakbeat side of drum programming but rougher legato baselines like tunes from the mid to late nineties. There's plenty to get you going here and lots of vibes for inspiration but I guess from someone who doesn't have much experience producing D&B the drum loops are a good starting point and excellent way to see how the fills , host notes and rhythms are made. Sure there is lots of ragga style vocals and dub skank stabs and all the things you associate with jungle but there isn't too much you would gain from having a good old skull sample pack other than it fitting perfectly with your workflow as other Niche Audio Maschine packs do. I love Niche Audio and their Maschine packs and use them all the time. I don't feel this is their best pack but covers and angle that many producers find it difficult to include in their tunes. Old Skool Jungle vibes.

    Trap Stars

    Rating: 7/10

    For me this pack is all about the musical and melodic content and this is where it really shines. It's deep trap at its finest. The melodic content at times is outstanding. The moody pianos drenched in vinyl noise is great for so many things other than electronic based music. Some of these sounds and loops will fit in to my compositions probably more than my trap tunes! Although if you are looking for some musical help then this is the perfect pack. Obviously it suits anything, old skull Bristol vibes, new wave East Coast trap, D&B - whatever. The melodic content is split into Full Melody, Instruments and Synth and these will keep you going for a while. Aside from these loops and sounds there's the usual compliment of drum, bass, 808 and fx loops and sound. The top loops are my favourite of the drum sounds and there's some nice moody rhtythmic percussion there. The 808 loops are better for their baseline melody ideas rather than there actual sounds but overall a great pack.

    Underground Trap

    Rating: 8/10

    Some cool more underground trap vibes here, also lots of musical stuff so deep trap and hard trap can both be covered nicely. There are many inspiring kits that include the usual vocal, lead, beat and bass combos which are great. It's really easy to mix and match and take inspiration from the various kits. The tempos work nicely form 140 to 160 and you can dive in whether you are looking for inspiration for a vibe just want to get some ideas for bass, beats, cutting leads or vocal pitches and chops. There are 15 projects in total and I have already managed to make two or three hard trap tunes for a video game that have borrowed heavily from this pack. as always with the Niche Audio stuff it's really easy to mix and match and take bits of entire vibes and pitch and change tempo to make it your own.

    As you would expect from the master of UK Garage and House is a pack of quality throughout. No fillers here. Coming from MJ Cole himself you are guaranteed hauntingly beautiful Rhodes and Piano lines that feel both dark and minor and also party and major. I can think of so many styles and applications that all this musicality would fit in to. Where this pack really shines for me though is the attention to detail and massive versatility of the all the drum and percussion loops and sounds. You have well over 100 drum, percussion and top loops and apart from being professionally produced the nuances, swing, grooves, and versatility in the actual percussion sounds themselves is awesome. These loops will give authenticity, feel and soul into any project you are making. Particularly those around the 120-135Bbpm mark. Whether that is house, groove, techno, UK Garage, FB or Dubstep all of these sounds will slot right in. Thanks MJ! : )

    There is such beautiful musicality in this pack that is seems a shame to label it only as future trap. In fact it can be chilled, hip hop downtempo, D&B and so much more. Some of the key and music loops are so nice that even if you were looking for melodic or chord progression ideas for any music at all you would find it here. The fact that there's so much great variety like Rhodes, piano, voices and pads is a huge bonus and this is for one of the folders alone! You also have Drum loops, bass loops and percussion loops. The drum loops is right out of Bristol late 90's or even west-coast hip hop of the early 90's. Evil Needle has been faithful to his style and his background here and what you get is pure artistic creativity. He obviously wants you to enjoy and make great tunes from this pack. There's so much variety throughout. The drum loops cover not only trap but disco and Ghanaian style grooves too. This is a great pack for many reasons. Listen to the demo and buy!

    It's great to get an artist pack that clearly sounds like some unique stylistic sounds rather than made for sample pack vibe. Culprate Mask is just that in that it has some ready made bass, beats and synth sounds and loops that really do give you a modern authentic link. Whether you are using the individual hits of chopping some of the loops you can easily manipulate and pitch it all so it sounds like you've created something special yourself. The Bass loop and bass sounds are the highlight here. Bass cutting sounds that are well automated and pitched to give some serious heavy groove firepower to your tracks whether you are making bass, trap, house or tech. It kinda fits all. The Drums are very groovey too and they range in tempo from 114 to 140 but work equally well in a slower trap BPM. I'd recommend it highly but would have wished for a few more!! : )

    Hybrid Trap Domination

    Rating: 7/10

    Half time or 160 BMP Trap is king here and everything is well organised into groups and the same BPM for a go to pack when making Hard Trap. So cool FM / Serum style leads here takes the NEURO vibe and slams it into trap territory. The Bass Loops are great twisty cutting sounds and actually don't have much bass in them at all! But when you layer the sub loops underneath them or even better make your own subs you are in current cutting edge territory. They Synth hits are great when loaded in to your sampler as they are all grouped into different keys so you can start performing trap style pitched leads right away. The drum loops whilst no hugely original do have a nice imaged vibe on their own so I found the no kick loops to be really useful for adding width to drum tracks. If Hard trap is your thing and you are struggling to make the authentic lead sounds then this is your thing.

    Another quality string pack from the Real Strings crew and this time its dark and moody. The categorisation makes it really easy to use the material in an Dance track or even better as part of your composition for your next Netflix series! Seriously the melodies and recording are so good that it makes instant inspiration. Pick your tempo (from 140-180) and then choose your key. You can use Melody, Pad, Staccato, Slides, Tremolo and pulsing parts across ensembles or solos. There's so much here and if you just layer it with an orchestral sample based string track you have a genuine orchestra in a backing and solo sense. Whether you are using this for D&B rhythms or Trap melodies or your own compositions then this is a really useful pack, wether it's to add textures, inspire ideas or give it a musicianship you just can't get with normal samples. Well done guys keep it coming!

    Organic Deep Trap

    Rating: 7/10

    A nice collection of organica sounding trap loops that is not only good for deep trap but several other genres sitting around the 120bpm mark. There is quite a selection here from dripped out vocal loops to groove guitar loops, moody piano loops and all your usual leads, bass, drum and fx loops. I quite like the Chill voice loops as they have a nice collection of chopped and pitch vocals alternating like cool call and responses which allow for inspiration in the melody department. Some of the Processed Guitar loops are great too. Really strong disco type grooves that could be used for several musical genres and again offers inspiration for melody and riff lines. The drum loops are probably the packs least favourite area of mine but the bass loops are well constructed with excellent little modulations and pitch movements. All in all a good pack if you are thinking melodics, groove and organica around the 115bpm mark.

    Abstract DnB

    Rating: 9/10

    Another great pack from Niche Audio - they seem to do DnB and Tech really well. This is more techy old schoold DnB than just abstract- I think that is selling it a bit short. There's a lot of mood here ranging from the excellent minimal and well programmed beats to the perfectly sculpted bass notes and lines to the very deep and lush chords and pads. Like everything Niche there's so much great inspiration in the form of melody and lead lines which just allow instant gratification. It's so easy to grab a few of their ideas and pitch and contort. I love juts loading up a well put together kit and playing with the pitches and making a groove from there. There are 13 tracks and groups included and plenty of inspiration and content if you are into making deep, mood, tough DnB. Good job again guys.

    Future Hip Hop

    Rating: 9/10

    Awesome. Disgusting. Deep and Filthy. Real nice strong collection of heavy bass and beats here. All alongside the typical horn, chord and fx stabs you would expect to find in this genre. But it is so much more than hip hop. It's hard trap, it's future bass it's D&B. The baselines are actually amazing and made by someone with a bad attitude! The beats are all programmed really well too, it's so easy to swap out this kicks and snares to give it your own flavour and allows for easy layering of some more musical chord progressions if that's your flavour. Really, if you are looking at making anything relatively heavy and are sick of the musical try hard packs and looking for some smokey attitude then this is for you. I think its great an like all products from Niche Audio it's just made with lotos of love. Get in!

    Dub Techno 2

    Rating: 8/10

    It's labelled Dub Techno but it's much more than that. Whilst there are your usual high quality drum loops and bass loops what really sets this pack apart is the amount of nicely dubbed out and moody Stab Loops, Pad Loops and FX loops. The stab loops alone are an instantly deep musical vibe which so early sits in to a groove or loop idea you may have going. They are musical without being progressive in their chord shapes and structures so it's really easy to get a good, honest groove going. They also pitch up and down really well too making it useful for all genres. The Pad loops and FX loops are the same too. There's several ideas for tracks in this package and huge scope for manipulation. Definitely worth checking out!

    Driven Techno

    Rating: 7/10

    I'd say this pack is more deep and melodic than driven which brings up connotations of hard tech but it's far from that which makes it cooler than the description may lead you to believe. The kits are straightforward but I found the value in the moody chords, arps and synth hits which allow some quite atmospheric and deep textures to be laid in to any of your tunes specifically those around the 115 -130 bom mark, lots of the sub and bass sounds have some quite nice effects like delays and washed out verbs which get you using those sounds in a different way. Like all things Niche Audio that drums, bass notes, arps and chords always go well together so it's really easy to get an original vibe going and build upon it to create diverse tunes.

    Commercial Trap

    Rating: 8/10

    Some of the bass and vocal loops are really cool. They stretch and pitch very well allowing use across loads of styles and allows mangling so the samples are unrecognisable. All has a very modern musical / funk feel which is how it is marketed so if you are into making trap and good at beats and bass but lacking some musical direction then I think this pack is great. I found it really useful for getting started on a track in Trap or Future Bass style and looking for some nice musical pitched vocal effects. Then taking inspirations from some of the matched b-lines - nice job guys!

  • A good selection of kits and materials for Future Bass productions. Quite musical which is great if you are looking for some smooth pads and chords which is where alongside, beats, this pack excels. Some of the modulations and filtering really give it an edgy modern feel and allows use across many genres. If you are a Maschine user and you are looking to make some FB or even Trap this pack could be very useful.

    Trap 2

    Rating: 8/10

    A very versatile and wide ranging selection of Trap style samples. It's really easy to build your own unique tracks as the sloops are often split in to groups like kick loops, hat loops, top loops etc. There's also many vocal, fx and horn loops which is really what this style of music is about. The quality is very good and all the sounds have a high production value which means you can slip it into your own tracks or build tracks around the loops provided. I think the additive loops are really great and makes this pack quite unique and very useful for many genres including Trap, Future Bass, Dubstep and D&B.

    Another class string pack from the crew at Organic Loops, this time the Kontakt instrument allows for some quick string phrase performances in your tunes. Their strings always sound sharp and amazing and not like an ensemble so you have a real intimate sound. Whilst the material may be limited in terms of phrasing the value in being able to have strings of these quality at your disposal makes it well worth it. Good job.

    Modern Hip Hop

    Rating: 7/10

    A cool selection of tracks, kits, and ideas for you to draw from. As the title says it's all on the modern and more musical and funky side of hip hop but it has plenty of material and lots of grooves to get you going. I think some of the chords and effects are the highlights for me and I found the kits quite useful.

    Ambient Cinematics

    Rating: 8/10

    Niche Audio branching out here to offer us some deep moods and it's a lovely collection of lush, deep, reverby ambiences including pads, strings, drones, basses and percussions. It's not only for scoring dark pictures but offers some real dark vibes to anything from techy to bass genres. Get moody!

    Organic Electronics

    Rating: 9/10

    Nice. For me this is all about the music loops. Totally sublime, backed with some nice reversed parts like guitars and some crunchy top layer percussion at it suddenly becomes loops for all genres. Really musical and well produced and just alice layer of cool. Think massive attack, think tricky, think dirty whilst being smooth as butter. Get on it.

    Future Weapons

    Rating: 7/10

    A good sound effects pack with some nice unique sound design for weapons. There's a bass heavy resonant thing going on here which gives it power and it's own style. Many of the sounds can be countered for lets of different type of media and they also make great hits for musical accompaniments. A good source for sound effects.

    Diablo House

    Rating: 8/10

    Nice work from Don Diablo. It's very representative of his style with electro style stabs and hits and lots of vocal chops. There's pretty much full tracks here and I find it most useful to edit, cut, pitch and rearrange. Some of the percussion kits are really great and some of the vocal chops are very useful. If you are into this style of music or artist then you will love this pack. More quality from Niche Audio

    Future Bass Sessions

    Rating: 8/10

    For me this pack is all about the lovely production of the chords. They really are outstanding. Some of the other elements are good too but the chords tho instant inspiration and if you are looking at Future Bass as a genre this pack will save you much time.

    String Rhapsody

    Rating: 7/10

    Nice confluence between rhythmic passages and melody lines. Very useful when trying to get a natural solo line for a track. Everything is well arranged and well produced. Another good strings pack from Loopmasters.

    F9 Trax: Electric Disco

    Rating: 10/10

    F9 Audio TRAX Electric Disco is such a cool concept. Entire pro produced tracks in a certain genre that load up in your DAW. There are text descriptions explaining the sections and production techniques . There are so many ideas to extrapolate be it production techniques, chord structures, instrument racks, FX chains, melodies, structure, arrangement and entire audio tracks! I just loaded up in Logic Pro X, took a few sections, speed them up and changed key and I was away in unique retro D&B heaven; strings, bass, leads and chords - all produced nicely for me. The pack is an awesome learning tool and sound source and the tunes themselves are great. A really well executed concept that makes a fresh change from the norm.

    Dark Cinema

    Rating: 7/10

    A bit if a cuckooland in disguise. Some nice elements here particularly the FX which are quite cool and useable for sound design as well as music production. There's some really nice moody guitars and some cool percussion. If you're looking for some mood and weirdness this pack is nice.

    A good D&B pack which covers most elements of this genres production. It's a good variety which lends itself to classic D&B which is a good thing. The Drums are nice and varied and everything has a different production ethos which means it's quite a versatile pack. I quite liked the fills and percussion loops.

    This pack has a nice musicality to it and has a good range of useful music, drum, bass and fx loops. Some of the vocal loops are very useable too. Throw them in to Kontakt and chop them up and you have some modern pitchy / cut vocals. Good pack and well produced too.

    A really nice confluence between funk and disco here and all felling quite major and positive in a non cheesy way. A great variety of Beats, bass and music loops. I love some of the drum loops which feel very disco and a greta combo of electronic toms and disco funk fills. If you are looking for some cool musicality this is a great pack.

    Niche Audio are top of their game. If you like any form of House and you have Maschine it's a no brainer really. The kits are always outstanding and the tracks are just ready made for you to add on to your ideas to really beef them up in to professional vibes. Chords, beats, vocal effects. Awesome value.

    Movie Dialogue Vol. 6

    Rating: 7/10

    Nice to have a bunch of legal dialogue for us to use in our tracks. These have been a good series and one of the easiest places to find usable interesting atmos for our tracks. Movie Dialogue 6 continues the trend of this excellent series.

    This is a great pack that has been categorised well. It's really useful for getting song ideas down and particularly self if you are trying to inject some acoustic elements into your sound. Some of the guitar loops are amazing and have the feel of authenticity about them. A great pack that will stand the test of time in terms of usefulness.

    Classical Piano

    Rating: 8/10

    This is a very clever and useful pack, particularly if you are doing any sync style composition and you have a set of chords and want to embellish your piece with some classical musicianship. Having the midi files also means you can do so much including transposing, modulating etc. It's bespoke but very powerful in the right context.

    This is a very versatile pack that can be used for composition, scoring and in all forms of Electronic music. The piano loops are lovely and have been processed in a very useful way. Some of the drum loops and percussion are very clean and modern sounding which gives another source when we are looking for big drums to layer. A unique and useful pack.

  • Trap Ultra Pack 2

    Rating: 7/10

    If you're looking for making some trap beats then this is a good pack for you, I think the important bits here are the synth loops. They are so specific to this genre and this is where this pack gets it spot on. Definitely one of the best trap packs about.

    Yeah these are really great value, it's not easy to write brooding piano and not only is it good for scoring but lovely for things like moody D&B. The included midi files are easy to track and the wav files are well processed and instantly useable.

    These guys have done it again, such a unique pack. Very refreshing to hear some musicianship and real acoustic recordings. The drum loops are of such a high standard with incredible dynamic range and lovely punch. Almost the opposite of modern music production which is a great thing. In the sampler!

    Really great elements here and if you're producing this genre or sub genres of trance it is essential as everything is so evenly produced. For me it's really all about being able to grab a stylistic bass sound or a produced conga loop or EQ's pad loop. Fits so many genres and uber pro sounding.

    Sublime Techno

    Rating: 8/10

    Like all Niche Audio Maschine packs they are a really cool valuable source of samples and kits. Whole tracks in fact. I just love having these resources at hand all laid out in Maschine. Good effort again.

    Having access to just the tone of this legend is stuff dreams are made of. Sure you aren't likely to make whole tracks out of it but astute producers will stretch, slice, pitch and fx this valuable resource to have your own vocalist at hand. Great stuff Mr Owens and thank you.

    Prima Tech

    Rating: 9/10

    Another great pack from Niche Audio and Loopmasters, some of the kicks are such high quality it feels like you need Maschine to get this level. Having all the sounds, stabs and basses assigned to each group means instant creativity. A great pack

    DnB Skyline

    Rating: 8/10

    A more liquidy and smooth Maschine pack from Niche Audio and Loopmasters. No less useful though as there is a brilliant collection of not only drums, but pads, stabs and FX. Real quality

    Neuro DnB

    Rating: 8/10

    Niche audio and Loopmasters have got a great thing going on here. Well assigned, high quality sounds mean you are able to take advantage of Maschine and it's flexibility. D&B made easy.

    Great collection of older skool sounding breaks, bass, synth leads and top drum lines. Refreshing to hear things that aren't over processed or limited and there's load of dynamics going on here. Very respected artists for time so if you like their sound then this is your pack.

    SOR Transformation

    Rating: 7/10

    A nice selection of sound effects. I enjoyed some of the more resonant granular tones like the cyborg effects and hydraulic movements. There's a a lot of variety here which gives the pack some longevity. Naturally you could use some of the sounds for sound design projects and within your own tracks. Some of the atoms effects are quite other worldy which makes this pack good value.

    A great selection of musical phrases and loops which are centred around hands in the air bouncy style riffs. All very upbeat and energetic which is sometime the hardest thing to achieve on your own. The melody loops are really strong. If you're looking to inject some happiness in to your tracks this may be your thing. Interestingly it's quite unique in the world of packs.

    EDM World

    Rating: 8/10

    Build your own bangers! A great pack that not only consists of nice synth and chord loops but really good drum loops. Between all the stuff on this pack there is enough to add a vocal and have your own hit. I'm certain we will here this pack across mainstream radio in the next few months. Good job.

    A really cool selection of deep sounds which will help you get that big and clean deep house sound that is very popular at the moment. The bass sounds are suitable plucky and very FM whilst the chord and guitar loops give you a nice subtle musicality. Deep house fans rejoice at this well produced pack.

    Bring on the Nurofunk! A cool collection of neuro sounds. Some of the drums are huge and the bass sounds are as you'd expect - very neuro. It's the collection of musical FX loops which makes this pack quite unique giving you that nice top end layer that adds a final polish to your tracks.

    Really nice and well produced modern sounds with lots of flexibility provided by the included midi files and related sounds. The kits are really great with nice tones and percussive elements offering you complete versatility and manipulation. A well thought out and considered pack. Highly recommended for bass producers.

    Dub & Reggae XL Vol2

    Rating: 9/10

    Really nicely produces and authentic pack. Sure, it tends to sound a little like Fast Freddy's Drop but that is no easy task. Modern, well produced and a flavour you just can't get anywhere else. Great tempo which can be slow, dub step or even D&B. Good versatility, Good job!

    If you are in to trance or modern EMD this is a great pack for you. Some nicely inspired loops and musical goodness plus all manner of drums, bass and FX. There's a great assortment within the kits here so if you want to make this type of music but your productions skills don't allow - then this one is for you!

    Deep Tone

    Rating: 8/10

    I really enjoyed this Deep Tone Maschine Pack, lots of different kits with great variety. Not only drums but stabs, chords and FX that are perfectly suited to Maschines tweakability. A little more artist focussed than the factory presets found in Maschine.

    Naked Techno

    Rating: 9/10

    Really thumping sounds! I really enjoyed this Naked Techno Maschine Pack, lots of different kits with great variety. Not only drums but stabs, chords and FX that are perfectly suited to Maschines tweakability. A little more artist focussed than the factory presets found in Maschine.

  • A very stylistic pack which reflects the characters of the artists involved. All the elements are great and can be used in an old skool vibe or as a more modern production. Great and varied beats, bass, leads and pads.

    There's been some serious crate digging going on over the years to complete this excellent pack. Breakbeats, percussion and musical loops and stings aplenty. All with that charasmatic crunch you get from vinyl. It's the easiest way to add some character and flavour to your tracks. You could even decide to load up a bunch of sounds to your sampler. maschine or MPC and you would have the creative idea for a track in minutes. A brilliant pack which is the culmination of several years of hard work.

    These guys have consistently produced packs containing really high quality recordings and great composition and this one is no exception. The recordings sound warm and close mic'ed, they are very much motown as opposed to hollywood and this means they incorporate in to hip hop and other edm genres well.

    These strings are outstanding. Full, lush rich and hi fi sounding. The phrasing is emotive and pop led. They would work great with impassioned female vocals or equally on their own. The recordings are of high quality and great equipment was used. Really great pack that can be used as is or chopped up to the users discretion.

    Good consistency across this D&B sample pack with clean punch breaks and deep simple bassline making it easy to incorporate in to your own tracks. The pack is full of good loops and good multis too giving you the ability to easily customise each sound.

    EDM Chords

    Rating: 8/10

    If you're looking for immediate musical inspiration on the form of modern produced electronic chord progression then this pack is for you. Good common chord progs that are easy to work with and big and fat sounding.

    Elevation FX

    Rating: 8/10

    Designing sound effects takes time and doing them well take a lot of time. This pack will ensure that your track gets that extra layer of major that is missing from several producers works. Covers a large range of effects and really the only pack you need for this kind of stuff.

    Yeah a really strong pack made by a producer that cares about his work. Really well thought out sound design giving you a great bunch of sounds and inspiration to draw from. I particularly like the modern use of effects and production to give this pack a current sound. highly recommended.

    Dubstep Mechatron

    Rating: 8/10

    Really cool soundpack that also features some wonderful growls that make this a good sound design tool. Recently did a job for a major car manufacturer and required some futuristic engine noises - several of which I used from this pack. Excellent not only for dubstep, but also for any type of sound design requiring scary textures.

    Ultimate Dubstep 2

    Rating: 7/10

    Some cool dubstep sounds in here with the highlights being the swung beats and the neuro type basslines. All in all a decent sample CD for making dubstep and D&B. There is some variety in the synths and vocals and some cool top loops to augment your percussion section.

    Cool pack with a unique edge. Nasty growliness. Useful for genres like dubstep but acuallty quite cool as a sound design tool. Any scary but upfront sound fx you require will be found here. Here come the zombies!

    Chris Cowie is a quality producer and it shows on this great sample pack. Everything is so nicely produced that you can almost find a use for everything, but it's the quality of percussion and lovely stabs that make this pack great. Also his production style has an alternative feel to it that makes it stand out on its own as a unique sample pack. A+++ Recommended!

    Laya Project

    Rating: 8/10

    Quite a unique selection of sounds. They offer quite a diverse range from SE Asia and Oceania. Some more inspiring than others. I have already found a good place for some of the sounds in my work. Good to see this kind of diversity.

    Designer Dance FX

    Rating: 9/10

    Very very cool range of fx. Not just limited to atonal sounds either. A veritable smorgasbord of usable, musical, tonal sounds. Making these type of sounds take so long and I think Loopmasters have done a fantastic job saving us producers hours and hours of work. Brilliant.

    Another great effort from Dom Kane. All his products have a great attention to detail. I have used them professionally on big projects and I know that he is one of the few producers I can turn to for inspiration and immediate use time after time. High quality and well though out.

    Female Dubstep Vocals

    Rating: 7/10

    Best for it's tonal qualities this vocal pack is a little limited but if you are prepared to use the plethora of software processors out there then with this pack you can come up with some totally original and unique vocal leads.

    The construction kits are the highlights for me in this pack. They have some lovely percussive flavours that will breathe life in to your dubstep grooves. Everything is clearly labelled and laid out making it very easy to utilise in your productions.

    Without a doubt this is all about DJ Krust's renowned percussion. His fantastic swing templates and shuffles are all here giving the rest of us producers the genuine Brizzle groove. Nice one Krust.

    Tony Coleman and the London Elektricity crew have delivered. Top musicianship in droves is what is featured here and some quality live feeling percussion to boot. Lots of material for producers to take from and one of the most professional sounding packs around. I'm off to load up Kontakt!

    Disco Strings

    Rating: 8/10

    Cleverly arranged in bpm and progressive chord sequence this pack enables producers to quickly load in to a beat/sample wrangler and come up with some quality string phrases. the recording and production of this sample pack is high class and enables some you to add some really nice string sounds to all kinds of music production and composition.

  • A very nice collection of string recordings. Excellent for use in modern genre productions. The ability to rex the chord progs and reverse them or use Kontakt scripts means you can come up with some incredibly modern sounding acoustic loops. Nicely laid out and easy to understand. EQ and effects have been cleverly omitted so you can do as you please.

    Ghetto House

    Rating: 7/10

    Not sure the name gives this excellent collection of sounds the justice it deserves. It's actually got quite a modern feel and features lots of crunchy and techy loops. I love some of the gated / filtered chord progs. Full of good beats, bass and leads that will sit nicely in any mix!


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