Another quality string pack from the Real Strings crew and this time its dark and moody. The categorisation makes it really easy to use the material in an Dance track or even better as part of your composition for your next Netflix series! Seriously the melodies and recording are so good that it makes instant inspiration. Pick your tempo (from 140-180) and then choose your key. You can use Melody, Pad, Staccato, Slides, Tremolo and pulsing parts across ensembles or solos. There's so much here and if you just layer it with an orchestral sample based string track you have a genuine orchestra in a backing and solo sense. Whether you are using this for D&B rhythms or Trap melodies or your own compositions then this is a really useful pack, wether it's to add textures, inspire ideas or give it a musicianship you just can't get with normal samples. Well done guys keep it coming!


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