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Genre: Funk

Additional Styles: Disco, Funk, Guitars, Percussion, Strings, and Drums


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BPM: 110 - 130

Looking to add a splash of the 70s to your samplers? Then you're in luck, as the Organic...

Full Review

Great stuff here from Organic Loops 1.2 Gb of material all well recorded and in various keys and styles. There seems to be loads of packs focussing on the retro funk and disco sound at the moment and this is up there with the best. The keyboards here are probably my favourite section of the pack

Retro Funk & Disco is a comprehensive collection for all kinds of disco and vintage house. There is a lot of cool instrument samples and loops, I like the huge amount of different phrases and licks. Drumloops sound great and authentic, perfect to include immediately in an ongoing production or for starting a project from scratch. The REX files are a useful addition. The FX section sports some cool and typical 70ies Disco effect sounds, nice! The vocal folder is not huge and is more of an inspirational tool. All in all a great and useful, good sounding library which can spice up any disco house tune. 9 out of 10.


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