An enormous collection of piano and Rhodes loops performed by award-winning Brit pianist Craig...

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Some great vibes in here with an authentic, freeform jazz feel. The loops, inspired by a selection of jazz greats, are well recorded and well labelled with key information. What's handy is that there's a choice of variations on each theme which gives tons of flexibility. My personal advice would be to to cut these loops up into single hits and span them across your keyboard. There's loads of fun to be had, with the potential for literally hundreds of new progressions - this collection is especially suited to MPC style hip hop and classic sampling techniques, as well as house and the more musical end of drum & bass.

They're not kidding when they say Jazz masters. If you're after ivory tinkling then look no further as this pack has a whole heap of stuff organised and named after the greats. It's all well recorded and in varying keys, tempos and on both piano and organ. Highly recommended.


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