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Genre: Trap

Additional Styles: Artist Series, Downtempo, Hip-Hop, and Trap


One Shots

Sampler Patches

BPM: 60 - 150

There is such beautiful musicality in this pack that is seems a shame to label it only as future trap. In fact it can be chilled, hip hop downtempo, D&B and so much more. Some of the key and music loops are so nice that even if you were looking for melodic or chord progression ideas for any music at all you would find it here. The fact that there's so much great variety like Rhodes, piano, voices and pads is a huge bonus and this is for one of the folders alone! You also have Drum loops, bass loops and percussion loops. The drum loops is right out of Bristol late 90's or even west-coast hip hop of the early 90's. Evil Needle has been faithful to his style and his background here and what you get is pure artistic creativity. He obviously wants you to enjoy and make great tunes from this pack. There's so much variety throughout. The drum loops cover not only trap but disco and Ghanaian style grooves too. This is a great pack for many reasons. Listen to the demo and buy!


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