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Genre: Nu Disco

Additional Styles: Funky House, House, and Nu Disco



One Shots

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Synth Presets

BPM: 115 - 125

Cool funky disco sounds from Apollo Sound in this pack. Got a large amount of authentic live sounds which can be used for everything from funk to EDM. Even though you might not think to use these sounds for a more electronic styles, you can. The funky live basses still work well layered with synth basses. The tempos ranger from 115 bpm to 125 bpm and obviously these days every DAW has the easy capability of stretching the tempo. The drum loops have a nice mid tempo funk groove with a good swing to them. The guitars are mostly on the clean side with a 'funky rhythmic picking' style. The pianos are excellent, nice mix of clavs & organs. The strings are not real but they are played in a true disco or live style and the synths are really just extra ear candy rather than something you would use as a lead. All in all a good set if your wanting the funky disco sound.

Disco Funky House by Apollo Sound is a great assets for producers looking to add some "funky-ness" into their house beat ! The best part of this pack is probably the organic bass loops, that will allow you to create everything from "classic" house beats to French touch vibes !


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