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Genre: Funk

Additional Styles: Breaks, Hip Hop, Jazz, Guitars, and Funk


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BPM: 86 - 130

Like all sampler addicts we're always up for trying to pull musical performances from one genre and dump them into another, and as we're right in the early stages of a cross-tempo project this took our fancy... All the best breakbeats are from Funk records, and musical parts sampled/borrowed from Funk make their way onto anything from lounge to indie (Fools gold?) so by default this sample pack should stand up to be used to a crate diving session

To test this theory, we quickly slammed some of the very neutrally recorded loops into a series of vintage limiters (hardware and software), whilst adding a touch of Room verb and used Kontakts' time machine sample engines to mangle the riff sections into a new musical home... Results were excellent... Someone is going to some fab music using these instrument riffs (Hopefully properly credited!! )... The drums swing just the right amount without getting too far into over-muso territory and respond well to getting vinylised and crushed up... The keys are excellently played and sound fab, but I always find Rhodes and other piano riffs played in a funk setting don't travel so well out of their circle

Niggles are minor... some cunning changes of snare drum during loop recording could have provided a bigger sonic pallette on the drum loops, just a few of the brass riffs are a touch 'tuney' (but, as the saying goes, def close enough for Jazz)... Also a Menu of the instrumental riffs by instrument within the sampler folders would have been a touch, but that is me just being lazy

All in all - It's just damn good fun

A really solid pack of goodness here. The bass loops a seriously cool and perfect for injecting some funk into the mix. I can see this a a series with longevity and i really hope vol. 3 comes out soon. Great pack guys, top work.

Super cool pack funky and full of everything you need to get ya in the groove.
you have bass and drum parts but the real juice is the fender, rhodes, guitar and horn and flute parts which have some great variety and are un like anything i have come across before. I am going to enjoy this volume fully.

Another great pack from the BB and is almost an extension of Vol. 1 but with over a GB of sounds that description wouldn't do it justice. More drum and instrument loops than I probably need but I'm greedy so I grabbed them anyway ;)


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