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Genre: Neo Soul

Additional Styles: Soul, Downtempo, Keyboards, and Neo Soul


One Shots

Sampler Patches

BPM: 100 - 120

There's some really nice vibes going on here. When I think of Neo Soul I think of over extend chord vocings but this pack is much more than that. It's laidback and modern and features some great live loops which are both packed tight and loose and sound authentic and breaky. But I love the synth loops which ordinarily can come across as a filler on the pack but here you can tell they've got their own thing going on in the moody, pitchy and vibey loops they've made. I just love that they pitch weirdly in places which gives you a very authentic 'wouldn't get it anywhere else feel' It's really useful for trap, hip hop, future bass and drum & bass it can be quite smokey, moody and dark. The keys loops as I would expect is a highlight for me. Some of the progressions and recording are very cool and dusty which make them fit in nicely to any track I am doing. A nice unique pack well worth checking out. Good job!

2.2GB (plus REX files) of laid-back loops (100 and 120bpm) and shots for contemporary soul and...

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