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Genre: Trap

Additional Styles: Trap



One Shots

BPM: 110 - 150

These are ready made tracks intended for you to use as inspiration and to click and choose the individual stems as you see fit. Whilst I see less flexibility in this construction kit format it certainly enables you to take entire stems of say chords and pads and use that musicality as your flavour. Or conversely taking beats and bass and layer the music yourself. Every track has over 40 stems and they are divided into to intro / drop etc so you can actually make entire tunes or take certain sections and extrapolate your own ideas from them. There are 6 construction kits so loads of content and mose of them fairyl tough in nature. My favourite is track 4 which is absolutely beautiful and has amazing chords pads and vocals. Shame there's not more of this as I imagine that particularly tune will turn up in several places!


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