Well if you are looking for old school Synthwave samples and loops then this is the right pack for you. Particularly if your intention is to write something that requires the sounds, leads and melodies of that style. This pack has about 20 tunes broken down into its constituent parts. Each track has a complete stem, and the usual arp, bass, drums, pads and variation on those. Incredibly useful are the midi files also included so taking inspiration and using your own instruments or variations on the melodies is a breeze. I just love how authentic it all feels. Sure it's a little more 80's than modern synthwave but that is pretty much the same thing! The melodies and leads are very strong and this is where this pack excels - in its direction and vibes. I've drawn much for it and if you are looking for this kind of thing then you will too. Thanks guys, feels like you had lots of fun making it.

Synthwave Reflections is a top quality sample pack with sixteen high quality synthwave track ideas broken down into their component parts. There is a wealth of samples in here of the highest quality and providing instant inspiration in many cases. This is perfect if you are into song-starter style packs but equally useful to veteran producers with a bit or file reorganisation. Overall a worthwhile addition to your sample library!


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