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Genre: Jazz

Additional Styles: Jazz and Hip Hop


One Shots

Sampler Patches

BPM: 80 - 95

RV Sample Packs always come up with some tasty offerings, and this is no exception with the Rhodes piano selection. They are always on point with the funky soulful side of their libaries but also with a great nod to the past with that early and late 70s class and retro feel but future proof. You get Rex Files, very nice giving you a variety of software and Daws choice to chop and flip and shape to your individual sound design. Rhodes Hits are nice as you get Major and Minor giving you the option to put into your sampler. So pleased to see Sampler Patches with a variety of options for you to use giving you even more creativity to explore and get deeper into this pack. Finally you get the Wav loops in two folders from 80bpm to 95bpm with a generous selection nice loops. The licks are really well recorded and performed and are so usable with a broad spectrum giving you so much scope and choice on how you can use these sounds with no genre limitations. A timeless classic - hope there is a follow up with a midi folder included next time offering even more choice that will give it the ultimate flexibility.


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