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Black Noise

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Black Noise was created in 2009 as an alias for Aquasky to release their 4/4 cut-up house experiments that they had been working on in their lab during 2008 onwards. A remix opportunity arose for Norman Cook and from that Black Noise ended up signing to his record label Southern Fried Records. Work soon started on the debut EP (titled EP: 1) featuring Nick Thayer and a soon to be discovered Miami band by the name of Wizard Sleeve. Over the past 12 months Black Noise have been working closely with Wizard Sleeve on their debut album and also splitting their time with their Mr.Hyde counterpart Aquasky!!! Alongside that they have been busy creating their ‘Warehouse’ sample pack for the sample pack kings Loopmasters under a sub-label titled Monster Sounds. The guys have new EPs signed up with Lee Mortimer’s Wearhouse label and their own Passenger Records alongside collaborations with Lee Mortimer and Kelevra as well as DJing their unique blend of rather rowdy cut up house around the world in conjunction with their agents Ideal DJs.


  • Monrroe - Drum & Bass

    Rating: 8/10

    Pretty sweet pack, really enjoyed the musical elements, loads of cool sounds and riffs, some dope pads as well. Obviously the drums are super cool, loads of rolling beats to choose from and nice addition to have tops and perc as well. If this is your vibe then you wont be disappointed.

    Very Very LARGE sounding set of Serum presets perfect fit for lots of genres of music where a big sound is required. deffo something to look at if your after a nice boost up to your Serum sounds collection. Great as out of the box sounds or starting places to dig a bit deeper yourself into making sounds for serum.

    Awesome set of sounds for Serum all really there's is lots of variation, covering leads pads and bass. will deffo be getting use out of them as starting points for writing in all different genres .All the sounds are pushed and sounding fat from the get go, you cant really go wrong with this if you want to large sounding synth presets.

    Chords & Stabs

    Rating: 7/10

    Lovely set of chords and stabs. On the face of it is not the most exciting pack in the world but it's one of them things that if you find the right stab you can make a whole track from it. These are great quality bread-and-butter sounds. There's a great selection and all are key tagged. Plenty to choose from. Deffo something for the house producers and something that's nice to have all in one pack

    Lovely pack, interesting and original and because there's a lot of things you could make use of. Probably my favourite part is the percussion, it's hard to find decent loops and this pack's got loads of it.The music loops are also really cool and diverse. Deffo worth a punt if you're looking for a pack that's not just purely the fashion of the moment genre-wise. Gives plenty of scope for fun!

    Jump Up DnB

    Rating: 9/10

    FIIIIRE! Nice pack, loads of fat drum and bass madness, bang on the genre and good fun also. Rankin Audio stuff is always dope tho.

    Great collection, sounds are all on point for the genre and thers a nice range here. also the inclusion for the midi, preset patches is useful. Personally I would have liked a bit more variation in the drum sounds as they're quite samey, but saying that whats there is good quality. The pack deffo captures the genre. The vocals are a nice touch, they're nicely abstract.

    EDM Ultra Pack

    Rating: 9/10

    LARGE PACK ! always decent work from Singomakers , and a ridiculous amount of stuff to use , including templates , bonus loops, midi files etc etc ,all pretty comprehensive , some decent stuff to work with here for sure, worth a look !

    wow ... this perfectly captures the vibes of the era but is feeling modern. Loads of useful sounds for scoring or making dope music. all the sounds are rich, warm and really inspiring , some nice glitchy beats as well.. great pack overall well worth a check even if ambients not your thing the fat sounds would fit many genres

    some proper heavy sounds in this one ..if you like some fuzz on your beats then its for you . lots of pretty mental sounding loops and one shot sounds all turned up to 11 .deffo putting the CORE into trap core with this one !

    dope , loads of cool things to mess with here , nice riffs and parts to inspire you to when your looking for an idea to work a track around , load of scope to mangle things up and make them your own

    interesting take on the trap sounds , some itneresting parts and musical riffs , actually nice to take them out of context and use them in other genres also ...the sounds and riffs are really fresh

    EDM Snares & Claps 2

    Rating: 9/10

    dope ! great one to load into your drum machine browser and preview thru this pack , you will deffo find a great set of sounds , i usually end up layering 3 or 4 , but even on there own there big sounds individually ! awesome production

    The Blues Sessions

    Rating: 9/10

    wow , i didnt expect this to be a good as it is ! these are really genuine performances , and have all the vibe and sound you need straight off the bat , this is a mega sized pack everything is decent , nothing filling up space.. just pure goodness

    Designer Dance Cymbals

    Rating: 7/10

    All good stuff here , straight forward ...lots of cymbols , you can never have too many .always usefull ! pretty varied comprehensive set with some nice fx etc .

    great synth lead sounds , some interesting and original drum loops too ..overall a big sounding pack great fo building the big edm tunes

    EDM MIDI Melodies

    Rating: 8/10

    some dope riffs here if you need to get into your programming and want ultimate flexibility , some exciting stuff that will be good for all productions not just EDM in here for sure ...

    big sounds ! loads of main room fatness here, as always with freaky loops stuff a decent selection, all big a bold and perfect for giving that ballsy edge to a tune..

    useful stuff you can never really have too much fx like these , there always a time when you need them. good to layer a few together for a bit of extra madness nice to have a few long 16 bar rises.

    Explosive EDM Arsenal

    Rating: 8/10

    a fat pack! the inclusion of midi files and massive and sylenth patches makes this pack extra flexible.Nice mixture of synth sounds in the loops too. worth a play with for sure .

  • some really imaginative sounds in this one, not just run of the mill. I can see this pack being used a lot in many genres when your looking for some "vibes" to add in something special to a track or soundscape. lots to mess with and inspire , liking the vibes for sure. the music loops and breaks are really very diverse which makes the pack stand out and be flexible ... nice!

    the synth builds are sick! lots to mess with here and twist up into some nice builds , or just drop straight in as they are. deffo useful for mixes and in tune as well always dope quality from loopmasters.

    lovely set of presets from mr can never have enough of them and these are very tweekable starting points to get something completely out there... well worth a look

    great pack , loving the beats the most , nice and original super crisp productionand bang up to date ... deffo a good look in your sample pack library, some dope music loops too .

    Fat pack , loadsa really useful riffs to help get some vibes down , deffo make use of the synth stab sample patches some nice sounds and very usable in a lot of genres ..the beat top loops are dope too overall a nice pack for the crates

    best part of this pack for me was the beats,awesome! lovely sounds, crisp and imaginative programming , could have done with a couple more but worth getting hold of them for sure of the packs dope too , the squatters have a great take on the main room sound and this pack gives you a bit of a flavor that will juice up a track


    Rating: 8/10

    sick pack , just eveything is well done and quality , lots of attention to detail , one of the most fun things is the kontakt patch of bass hits and bleeps, really good fun to play with and just nice to have a load of dope sounds at your finger tips in one patch.

    super useful as a writing tool in the studio , the guitar patches for your sampler are really handy when your laying down ideas , and have used them a few times in the initial writing stages . nice one to have on the computer for sure.

    Swiss Chris Breakbeats

    Rating: 7/10

    some really interesting loops played with a lot of flair, they can add a really nice feeling into a track and really useful for writing to when your trying to get your groove on :) great individual drum sound as well , deffo a useful set of loops

    if you have 1 and 2 of these you know what to expect, more really decent quality usable presets , perfect staring points for coming with the massive goodness , if you dont have 1 and 2 yet then what ya waiting for ?

    lovely set of sounds for sylenth you can trust pbb to deliver the goods, just a really useful addition to the sound bank lots of big leads and you can never have to many of them

    The Sound of Trap 2

    Rating: 8/10

    loving the diversity of this pack its got loadsa stuff in there , i think i would be able to use this for all sorts of different types tracks , which is what i look for in a sample pack ....nice to see some trap content thats not just bleeps ...

    The Sound of Trap

    Rating: 8/10

    always worth checking the rankin stuff if you want actual useable material , also its not just the same old shit recycled , but some original content,theres a pretty good likely hood of something you can throw down into a tune, the drums are great in this one ....dooope

    siiiick ...some great start of points , a nice mixture of sounds also , if you want something in yer face to work into your own sound then these are deffo a good place to start ...

    Always nice to have access to some different textures and sounds in my library , the earthmovements packs are great for this, pretty simply laid out in keys and tempo so its easy to find your way around and some decent usable loops nice and clean recording...great pack if you need some mandarin in your life

    Jazz Sessions

    Rating: 8/10

    we needed a decent vibey jazz drum part for a track , this was the one , nice and atmospheric , nice to have the kits also to program your own , but the star is deffo the loops , there brilliantly recorded with loads of live room sound so we could make them lo fi and mashed to get the real sound we wanted , not 100 percent sold on the "vintage" loops tht are in there, sounded a little too filtered to use , but you can make your own versions from the original loops any way ...awesome pack if you need that jazz vibe would recommend this

    Dubstep Drums

    Rating: 7/10

    pretty simple pack , some cool loops , all sounding nicely processed to give them bite in the mix, nice to have the sounds in there separate parts , that was the most useful thing as then you can just grab a good bass drum and snare and re write your own pattern . the sounds worked really well for this, as there are some good hefty snares and kicks in there

    nice to have some decent kits ready to rock just to load into kontakt , very handy when you looking for a bit of an idea in the early stages of writing a tune ,or if ya wanna beef up existing drums with a heavier overlay , some solid sounds which will get used


    Rating: 9/10

    yeah awesome ! just loadsa really good inspiring and useful parts in here, just finding a little groove can trigger a whole track so nice to have loops you can use for exactly that, or also if you need that extra thing your missing in a tune then you may well find something that fits here, defo one to add to the crates. packs like this are bread and butter unless you have access to a multi percussionist at your house. its covers a really broad area but seems to have not spread its self too thinly on anything with multis and loops and one shots its all there

    SFX Collection 02

    Rating: 7/10

    deffo a solid one to have in the library, loads of big dramatic rises, booms, drops , whooshes etc perfect for getting the huge drama in any scoring and the quality is dope . also i found the noise rises really good for dance stuff too so nice to have a pack that can fit into a lot of productions, nice they have done sampler patches too , makes life easier when looking for the right sound in a particular place

  • Latin Horns

    Rating: 9/10

    yeahhh great bit of flavor on one place. pretty much exactly what it says , latin horns , really difficult to re create and capture the vibes unless you have a horn section handy , its all there in the pack and its nicely split into individual instruments and also a take of the full section together so you have full control over the mix . its a latin based pack but i think theres scope to use them creatively outside of latin tracks also. deffo worth a look as its a great addition to a sample library

    Complextro Vol. 2

    Rating: 8/10

    fat pack ! another quality pack from freaky loops loadsa great stuff in there, the bass and synth multis are dope , all the loops are really good quality , think there will be a lotta tracks using these loops out there soon ! nice to have some bonus bits thrown in too theres some excellent stuff in there ...nice pack !

    Complextro & Dubstep

    Rating: 8/10

    very nice set of presets here ,pretty much every one is either a great sound to use , or a solid starting point for tweeking into something dope ! theres not loads of them , but whats there is really good and useable so its great thats theres no fillers so you dont fill up your presets with stuff you wont use! deffo a decent pack

    Strictly Melodic FX

    Rating: 9/10

    brilliant pack for sound design, but also great sounds for use in music production as well. really simple layout there lots or useable melodic drones rises falls etc i would think whenever i need one of them sounds im more than likely gonna find it in this pack. gonna load some of these bad boys into my sampler !

    Club Tools Vol1

    Rating: 8/10

    solid colletion on souunds and loops here to add to your tools, best bit for me was the main floor leads section theres some real nice loops in there , also really fun and a nice surprise was the reverb drum parts, lots of fun to be had with them.

    some huge bold riffs, just what you need to inspire some main room madness,nice mixture of riffs , very usefull for an instant riff to spark an idea

    Power House Chords

    Rating: 9/10

    such a useful tool to have , basically its loads of chords ! great to have the midi and also the patches too so you can either use them as is or re write tweek and add to them and work out the progressions you need to make your track rock , loving this pack, just really simple but gives you the options to work how you like


    Rating: 8/10

    loadsa fat sounds on this pack , and its not just the same old moombah stuff you heard a million times b4 , theres some great sounds which would be useable in other genres also and will deffo switch up your moombah tunes , i found theres some excellent synth sounds in here and great for a bit of musical inspiration


    Rating: 8/10

    great pack for the more heavier moombah sound lots of crazy squeeks ,sirens and some proper heavy, grimey, dirty beats. definitely a good place to start when you wanna get the moombah inspiration flowing. bring it !

    great for kontakt headz, pretty straightforward to figure out and has lots of useable content included. nice to have something like this that you can quickly put into kontakt and still be able to have kontacks interface avilable to tweek things. loads of decent effects loaded into it and really easy to get on the keyboard and mash up the loops, surprising how quickly you can get some edits that would have taken ages in only a few mins. the only small thing for me is you cant add in your own loops,which would be an awesome feature but in all honesty theres loads of decent content that come with it so its not big deal


    Rating: 8/10

    sooo many uses for a pack like this , from sound design to crazy edits in tunes. Really high quality and realistic sounding, loads of useable mad hits for dropdowns. if you wanna give a track some techy madness then this is a great place to start, highly recomended


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