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Classically trained at a young age Adam’s extensive knowledge and talent has led to globally acclaimed tracks such as ‘The Whiteroom’ and ‘Ballerina’. His ability and originality has not gone unnoticed and his proof of musical accomplishments at producing big room tracks has been recognized globally. Support from DJs such as Paul Oakenfold, Tiesto and Paul Van Dyk have helped build his success. Born in South West London and raised in Windsor his home and studio now runs from the South corner of the United Kingdom in Kent. Classically trained from the age of just five provided Adam with the creativity that has led to developing his talents. From the Royal College of Music Adam was found messing around with electronic music and developing his engineering craft.


  • EDM

    Rating: 8/10

    Needed this for a project I have just finished. The kick and bass combo are awesome. Very current and very cool

    Techno Intoxication

    Rating: 7/10

    A really cool pack. Very current with some great parts. Defo worth a look

    Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome This is one of the best packs I've found... absolutely wicked

    a really cool pack with some great variations on it. definitely will expand your current library is a positive way

    Cool and current. The top loops are awesome and it has some excellent music loops in there too. Vocal snaps have come in really handy too.

    Absolutely awesome patch pack. Each sound has some real depth and very current. This has been a big part of my studio in recent weeks.

    Massive Bass Music

    Rating: 10/10

    It's all about that bass 'bout that bass.... It's all about that bass 'bout that bass.... It's all about that bass 'bout that bass.... It's all about that bass 'bout that bass.... It's all about that bass 'bout that bass.... It's all about that bass 'bout that bass.... It's all about that bass 'bout that bass....

    Future House Meets EDM

    Rating: 8/10

    Great pack with some really new interesting ideas. Definatly worth a look. The sound pack is the strongest element

    Some really good parts to this pack but don't expect your typical chart style sounds and beats... this is something a lot cooler and less commercial

    This is such a useful pack... so much in here you can use and mess with... well worth getting ya mits on

    Very current and very cool.. Again with all singomaskers packs the quality is awesome. I think you need to be inventive with this to get the originality out of the genre but it's definitely worth having in your library.

    Volume 1 was one of my favorite and most go to pack from cool drum loops. There isn't a lot here for the 4/4 producer at first look but take a deep look into the kind of loops you can edit, stitch and play with and you have and endless supply of percussive inspiration. An awesome pack but still not

    Sound Of Future House

    Rating: 10/10

    Such a cool pack.. have used this on my last few projects with awesome results. Very versatile and well worth having in your collection

    This is an awesome pack. Have used parts of it a few times now. Solid loops and the melodic elements are awesome. This is a definite for any serious house producer.

    Trap House

    Rating: 9/10

    This is a great pack. Cool drums and really great bass loops. There isn't too much to have to go through too which is nice. Would have loved to have had some sampler settings for this basses.. that would have made it a 10 for me

    Deep House Generation

    Rating: 10/10

    This is an awesome pack. The drums are amazing and some of the midi is really inspiring, especially with the basses. Everything you need to be an on trend house track

    Laidback House

    Rating: 7/10

    A good pack - some nice elements but still had to search for some of what I was looking for. The music loops on here are really strong and with the summer coming, this is a great pack to have to hand

    Chilling House

    Rating: 9/10

    This is a perfect pack to get that summer groove and vibe into your productions. House music gets cooler and slower for the summer and these 115 bpm grooves are perfect. The FX and one shots are awesome too

    Very cool and well produced. An excellent tool to add some power to your drops

    EDM Fills & Build-Ups

    Rating: 8/10

    A great pack.. lots of really useful parts on here

  • This is an excellent pack. The construction kits really give you a direction to get you started. Very authentic samples from that classic 90s ear and more up to date grooves with some awesome vocal cuts too. Essential for my day to day production work and this pack has it all in one place.

    A great pack with loads of elements to it. Very current and cutting edge with samples that are totally on point for todays market. An excellent addition to any working sample library

    This is a seriously good pack.. the basses in the pack are solid and warm. Very current and on point for the sound of 2014... well worth having as part of your preset library.

    AWESOME... simple as that... if you want everything all in one place then this is the pack for you

    Killer FX Drops 2

    Rating: 10/10

    This is excellent... been using this a all my recent productions... really dynamic and cross over into many genres

    This is a really good pack with some great sounds. Very current and will have all you need to make those big EDM sounding productions that everyone is going nuts about

    I always struggle with snares when engineering for different artists. This is a great pack as a lot of the work is already done in the production so you can get a feel for what snares really work in a track. I loaded the pack into the ESX sampler so you can really edit and change your ideas around. Well worth getting and the FX pack is a lifesaver too

    Amazing pack Has been so useful when producing new track material. I'd definitely recommend. The audio loops and percussion are particularly good

    EDM Power Pack

    Rating: 8/10

    Great pack with some really cool content - need to edit some of the thing within the pack but that's what they're for :-)

    This is an absolute quality pack full of tight up to date loops. Funky or techy, this works for all modern genres of house through to EDM Well worth getting hold off if you want to make some serious grooves

    Cool pack with some great sounds - crosses over well into other genres so it's not limited to dub step with a little editing can be a really inventive pack

    This is a super cool back. Classic is the best way to describe this. The loops are crisp and really full in production. The grooves are really chilled and the musical elements are awesome This is definitely one of the most up to date house packs I've heard for while

    Really like this pack. Some great elements, especially within the music parts of the track. A few things need tweak EQ wise but that's by no means a negative on the pack, just down to personal preference I guess I'd highly recommend this pack to anyone serious about getting their music signed

    This pack is very cool... don't find myself making allot of this music though I tent to engineer allot for clients.. this is a great tool that's served me well so if you're into this genre of EDM then check it out

    A great sound set. Really powerful and the Macros are fantastically set up. This is a bonus to any sound library so get involved :-)

    Massive Modulations

    Rating: 8/10

    Once again using Massive to it's full potential - a lot of these are very genre specific but with some tweaks and changes you can really expand this pack to unlock even more potential. Well worth an investment if you're into the dirtier side of dance music

    Ultimate Fills & Drops 2

    Rating: 10/10

    Can't believe I forgot to review this.... it's been one of the most used sample packs in my studio in every project I've done Absolute quality... no doubt about it - you need this in your life !!

    This is a great tool for your engineering within Logic. Although allot of the channel strip sets on here are already found in allot of the present within Logic, there are some excellent BUS and MASTER OUTPUT groups which really make this set worth getting your hands on. If you want to get a little more 'punch' out of your Logic studio then I'd recommend giving this a look

    An absolutely awesome pack - some amazing basses in here (which if you layer and EQ properly take on a whole new sound) The most impressive part of the pack for me are some of the lead pads and plucks - they have the warmth of an analogue synth but on a digital platform. I really can't wait to start using some of these sounds in my productions but wanted to get this review written right away as I am so impressed with the quality and versatility of the pack

    This is a very cool pack - has some great qualities as a stand alone pack Very diverse and great quality samples and loops Would definitely recommend this one

  • Hit Maker Synths

    Rating: 8/10

    There are some really inspiring leads and melodies in this pack.. If you're not as musically competent in the studio as you are with your programming then this is the perfect pack for you Possibly not something I'd use all the time but great to have as part of my library

    Amazing - I've used this so much over the past week in different projects - if you're after the Pryda style percussion and cool progressive melodies then this pack is for you Possibly one of the most current sounding packs for drums and percussion LM have released for a while with everything all in one place A definite addition to any serious studio

    Complextro Vol. 3

    Rating: 10/10

    You always know exactly what to expect from these packs.... would have been lovely to see some 'one shots' for the bass and percussion and it would be great to perhaps get some of the bass lines as separate parts - sadly they're not Apple Loops in this pack which lets things down slightly That said you cannot fault the content and quality of this pack and every new volume moves the project forward with new grooves and elements

    Very Cool, Very Current... this synth is going from strength to strength and getting stronger and stronger (especially when running the BETA version) Great how some of the patches are linked directly to your modulation wheel so the performance aspect and recording aspect of this sound bank his great

    Very cool right across every part of this pack - sharp and catchy percussion really fill allot of the loops though some still need a little tweak in the EQ here and there Musical elements and very minimal in performance so they really let the percussive side of this pack breathe Certainly has been a great addition to my sample library as I am sure it will be to yours

    Complete Drums

    Rating: 10/10

    Have found myself coming back to this pack again and again in recent sessions in the studio The drums are the strongest part of this pack in my opinion... Very current and future proof as a package so get involved 10/10

    Ultimate Fills & Drops

    Rating: 10/10

    Really versatile pack with some great variations on popular fill patterns Both toned and percussive fills are very useable and the production throughout this pack is brilliant Certainly something which will make a positive addition to your studio library

    This pack is absolutely brilliant. The samples and midi construction kits have proved so useful over the past month - I wanted to wait a little before writing this review to see just how diverse this pack could be We've found this pack so useful in 80% of our work output over the past few weeks - even in some of our 4/4 productions This is definably something I cannot recommend enough - I am using it with EX24 and Logic and it works like a charm

    Blast From The Past...... needed to replace this when the original file was lost... if you've not checked this out already then you really need to now One of the most musically diverse drum sample packs I've ever come across

    Once again a really good load of sounds - all produced very well and easy to edit very upfront and well thought out so certainly worth thinking about getting if you're looking for some seriously dirty sounds for your tracks

    Hard & Dirty Complextro

    Rating: 10/10

    this is possibly one of the best and most up front sample packs I've come across the quality of the loops (especially the bass combination loops) are amazing this is definitely one pack would would insist on having in your studio library

    Complextro Vol. 2

    Rating: 9/10

    Once again, Compextro have delivered a stunning back of loops and samples Cutting edge, very up to date and amazingly well produced drums, music and basses means you've got everything you need here to get an on trend and up front sound to your productions Compextro nail it again

    Club Bass Vol. 1

    Rating: 8/10

    This is a really cool addition to any studio library... all of the loops are powerful and easy to work into your productions Musically they're intelligent and very easy to edit in your DAW (Logic in my case)

    some amazing presets here - the Massive was built for sounds like this I am certain this pack will become an essential part of my engineering for the next few months More of the same please

    Great pack - this had some seriously dirty sounds involved I can see this working across allot of EDM genres so it's an extremely diverse pack Make sure you're on the 1.3+ update of MASSIVE to get the most out of this pack with the editing Definitely worth an investment

    What can you say... following Vol.1, this was always going to be good. One of the best parts of this pack is ALL the drum loops have NO KICK which makes them ideal for adding you own kicks, it also makes them so much more editable (this is something I really hope we'll see more of in future packs) The music loops once again are second to none - a few of them IMO are a little over effected which doesn't allow for as much diversity in your production but that's me really splitting hairs All in all this is AMAZING so get involved

    Epic House Riffs

    Rating: 9/10

    an excellent addition to my studio library. This is perfect for the less musically capible engineers out there but equally as useful to the seasoned songwriter A great variation of sounds and melodies within this pack and the spilt between audio and midi-file is perfect This is definitely something worth getting involved with

    Some great sounds within this pack - big and powerful and really good if you spend the time being creative and layering them These days, finding good original sounds are hard to find at times and this pack enables you to find some great patches as a start and tweak them to make them your own Massive is really turning out to be a synth essential to every studio set up

    Thought I'd wait until I'd done a couple of sessions with this pack before reviewing What can I say... AMAZING for a start. The sounds are spot on for the new wave of Drum & Bass coming through at the moment (DJ Fresh, Bassline Smith)... The loop section is great, the quality of both the musical and percussion loops are second to none but the best part of this is the sample patches. With a little EQ and FX tweak the sound is HUGE!!! If you want to experiment with some DNB production then look no further

    Really impressed with the pack - having to engineer a project for a client on the DJ Fresh kind of tip and this pack are certainly provided MORE than enough to get the project off of the ground The drum loops are amazing - split into tops and complete loops, there is something to suit every idea if you look hard enough I was also extremely impressed with the sample hits - I use Logic and they're awesome within ESX24. The drums are powerful and in your face but the cherry goes to the bass mutli-samples. The pack is worth getting for these alone If you want to make some cool drum and bass on that more 'main-steam' tip, this pack with do you proud

  • Amazing bank of bass sounds - these are divided into main, mid and high basses so you can use them as pads, FX and leads also Really easy to edit within MASSIVE also so you can tweak and make them your own Once you've worked it out they're really easy to install into the plug-in and they download in literally seconds - really great product and I'll be certainly getting more Massive patches

    Dubstep 1

    Rating: 9/10

    Both Vol 1 and 2 of this pack are equally as good. Some really great genetical sounds and loops within both packs Very diverse with styles as well so it covers a wide range of grooves which will definitely enhance and add to your productions Hight quality, easy to edit and done the job I needed it to do perfectly - highly recommended packs

    Total Tech Tops 02

    Rating: 10/10

    This is one of the smartest percussion packs I've come across in recent weeks... they're pure quality I've used these in several engineering projects across various styles on EDM and they work very well, even when used at different BMPs Some of the loops have some excellent musical elements into them as well so mixing and matching is the key in this pack If you get this in your life you will not be disappointed

    Does exactly what is stays... some amazing drums and percussion in this pack though the Apple Loops didn't seem to work all of the time but that's easily sorted out in Logic Some really cool musical elements in here though some of them are very samey so not a massive amount of variation at times Still a worthwhile purchase in my opinion

    Really nice pack - there are some great sounds in this pack and the filters work really creatively too. Sylenth is a great plug-in too that is really easy to edit so this pack gives you an ideal platform to make some of the sounds your own Some of the arpeggios are awesome too - there is plenty to get your teeth into here and you can easily cross this pack over into other genres of EDM so don't think this is for trance only I'd say this is a great sound set to add to your studio that's easy to install, recall and edit

    Swedish House Essentials

    Rating: 10/10

    POWERFUL is the best way to describe this The pack is also extremely diverse so don't think it's just full of SHM sounds and loops, there is allot here to play with across all genres of electronic music The percussion is tight and in your face and some of the melodic loops are out of this world... once again this hits the spot as a stand alone pack or an awesome addition to your current library In short, you need this in your life !!


    Rating: 10/10

    This is one of the best packs I've got from Loopmasters.. it is extremely versatile and very well produced The bass and musical notes are awesome and the samples are set out clearly and simply too There is something in this pack across all genres of house music so I highly recommend this pack as a great addition to your sample library

    Really love allot of the elements of this pack... the percussion especially There are some great bass FX too but you find you have to be really creative to make them your own... the overall sound of the pack is powerful and tight and it certainly caters for exactly what is says on the box I've found myself going back to this pack more and more so it's started to become a big part of my day to day studio sample library

    This is a great pack with some really cool tools included... the percussion hits are one of the stand out features in this pack for me - they've been a massive influence in the last few studio projects I've undertaken.... The KEY loops are very current and perfectly recorded and transpose nicely within your DAW to give you full control musically over what you want to achieve - there is also a nice GUITAR bank included within the loop set This is a great, diverse pack which will have all kinds of ideas sparking off some great productions in your studio

    Designer Dance FX

    Rating: 10/10

    This does exactly what it says on the box... FX It's hard to know what to write about this pack as it really speaks for itself but I will add that the FX in this pack are some of the most creative and hard hitting I've come across If you're starting to build a sound library then this is an excellent pack to start with as you'll be hard pushed to find something in here that doesn't meet the needs of your project 10/10 from me.... you won't be disappointed

    Really useful pack... have been using this in a few different recording sessions now and it really works for me With a lot of Dubstep packs on the market I have found myself going back to this pack more and more and the sessions have progressed This is an excellent addition to any sample/sound library

    With so many packs on the market, it's great to see another quality back from the artist series... this is no holes barred house, exactly what it says on the box The beats are bouncy and chunky, the sample are sharp and solid and the loops are some of the catchiest I've heard With a great selection of sample patches included in this pack I've no doubt there is something here for everyone at every level

    Some really fantastic elements to this pack - the bass lines are particularly good I needed some breaks influences for a project and found absolutely everything I needed on this one pack - the sample shots are excellent too and with the Apple Loops facility, there really is nothing more I could have asked for A stunning pack that has everything you need


    Rating: 9/10

    This is a great addition to any sample library. The quality of these FX are awesome and very diverse. They'll slot into pretty much any production at any BPM even though they seem to be timed at 140BPM. I am looking forward to getting stuck into this pack, chopping and cutting and making some of these great FX my own

    This is a great pack - PREDATOR is a great synth but IMO not the easiest to edit (but again it's what you're used to using) I found this pack a great addition to the plug-in with some really strong sounds that I'll certainly be revisiting in future projects

    A really good pack - tended to find me using a lot of these as effects There are some great loops within this pack which can make for some very interesting additions into production The quality of the sounds are powerful and clear as a bell so make of them whatever you want A great tool to have stashed on your hard drive

    Dirty Dutch House

    Rating: 10/10

    This pack has all the sounds that you want to give you tracks that 'Dirty Dutch' flava.. it does exactly what is says on the tin The loops are the strongest part of this pack. The drums are clean and some of the best I've heard on recent packs. The loops are also split which give you even more opportunity to be creative. The bass loops are simple but effective, less is more is the key to the dutch sound and this bass lines in the pack have got that spot on. With the musical loops you'll find some very familiar loops from the likes of Afro-Jack and Chuckie but use this as a starting block and make them your own and you'll be on to some creative winners in no time. Add to that a great vocal pack and side-chain FX and there's not allot else you could want for A great set of samples in ESX (as I am a Logic user) make this versatile with endless opportunities to become the next 'Dirty Dutch' producer

    Maximal Electro

    Rating: 9/10

    This is a great pack with plenty of cool things to choose from, in-fact there is enough on this pack to produce a whole bunch of great powerful electro records The loops are awesome. Starting with the bass there are 3 packs of loops at 128, 130 and 132 bpm so you're bound to find something that works (even better if you use Apple Loops like I do) The drum pack is exactly the same bpm wise and each one is crisp and clean with compression so they'll drop right into your arrangement. There is also a bank of Drum Tops so you can be super creative if using the addition sampler patches within this pack The glitches are really cool if you want to get those Wolfgang Gartner or Deadmau5 grooves into your production With a tons of wet and dry musical loops this pack really does include everything you need to get your productions noticed and stand up to what's in the market place at the moment

    Amazing tuff drums, great lead packs and full of great FX Definitely a pack that'll add a cool edge to your trance productions

    Psy Trance 1

    Rating: 8/10

    Idea plug and play pack - Psy trance is making a massive come back for 2011 with Perfecto Fluro relaunching so you if you're a trance producer, this is an excellent opportunity to take your sound into a new direction - check out Vol 2 also

  • With live drums becoming even more popular in EDM, this pack has become an essential part of my day to day production The loops are amazing and the separated loops make engineering even better With a host of sampler patches this will have everything you need * I recommend getting one of the rock guitar packs to work alongside this

    Swedish House

    Rating: 10/10

    This pack speaks for itself - something that is an essential tool in any house music producers library There are some amazing parts within this pack so you'll be creating those chunky beats and melodic rifts in no time Well worth getting 1/10

    Having always been a huge fan of John and Digital Blonde I felt this was a pack I really needed to check out The strength in this pack are the loops - especially some of the musical ones. Each sound used in the loops is available as a sample patch though some are fairly limited but it's great to have those big analogue sounds at your fingertips - with a little messing you'll get them working as you want them An essential pack for any forward thinking producer who's developing a tuffer trance sound for the summer..... highly recommended 10/10

    French Electro House

    Rating: 10/10

    S T U N N I N G very current and very cool. The loops are amazing and the bass sounds are so phat that you don't need to do allot to them Crammed full of awesome musical loops and powerful percussion - this is one of the best sample packs I've come across in a while

    Twisted Dub

    Rating: 10/10

    Once again an amazing pack full of awesome drums and musical loops This will fit into any production genre as an excellent addition to you existing sample banks You might have to be inventive with some of the loops to make them your own but that's half the fun IMO Sample patches are fantastic and this is a great addition to my studio - if you're into the dubby sounds then you need this in your life

    This is a great pack full of powerful sounds and storming loops If you're a fan of hard dance and trance then you'll be in heaven with this pack Certainly is going to be a tool that I'll be using in the studio The Apple Loops are awesome I love it

    Minimal Tech Vox

    Rating: 9/10

    This is a really cool pack with some really great vocal hits - especially when loaded into your sampler (I use ESX24 in Logic and it's awesome) If you're looking for those subtle little vocal FX within your tracks then you'll find something here for sure. You will need some engineering on them as they are very dry hits but this allows you to be really creative and make them your own. Definitely a vocal pack worth getting stuck into - 9/10

    Classic House Pianos

    Rating: 10/10

    A great selection of piano loops and riffs - great for inspiration or dropping directly into your tracks Would highly recommend this pack to give your tracks that uplifting musical element

    This is an awesome pack - the loops, especially the bass-lines and top notch. This really is a one-stop pack and everything works together perfectly and sonically The ace in the hole of this pack are the musical loops - they are so powerful and will add so much depth to your overall productions This is one of the best packs I have come across 10/10

    Crisp cool samples and as I use Logic they're an amazing tool when used within ESX24 The loop section is really useful too and ideal for those solid 4 to the floor house beats Haji & Emanuel and well known for This pack has been a great addition to my library and I can assure you it will be a great addition to yours

    Dark Dub 2

    Rating: 10/10

    With dubstep finding it's way into other genres of electronic music, this is an absolute MUST HAVE for any producer that wants to add invention and originality to their productions There really is something in here for everyone - if you want those bass-lines with the big LFOs, filthy lead sounds and cutting percussion, look no further. A very forward thinking sample pack that'll be certain to give your productions a fresh edge


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