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Over the last couple of years Rezone has been knocking out some crazy tracks out of his studio and since then has managed some high profile releases and remixes on reputable labels like Toolroom (UK), 1605 (Sl), Black Hole (NL), Unreleased Digital (SW), Baroque (UK), BugEyed Records (Canada), Rezone Records (RU), Big & Dirty (NL), System Records(USA), Whoop! (UK), Kinky Vinyl (UK), Funktion (US), Stereo Productions (Spain), Mashtronic Records (Germany), Beat Freak Records (Spain), Dumb Records (Sweden), The Factoria (Spain) and the list goes on...


  • Breaks Techno 2

    Rating: 10/10

    Powerful pack, great beats and basses, perfect for modern Techno and even for old school breaks too. used a lot from this pack as drum fills for my own track, 10/10 for sure, congratulations. also there are a lot of great synth loops and punchy one shots, love these too, thanks for such a great product! Can't wait for Volume 3

    great pack, my new secret tool for melodic injections into Tech House tracks, great guitars, stabs, other live instruments too. great sound quality and diversity. love it. also nice live drums, I use it now a lot for drum fills in dance music tracks

    Great pack, superb quality of sounds, phat basses, nice drum grooves, catchy synths, love it! Perfect for that modern Tech House vibe. My favourite folder is Tech House and Techno basses and Kick one shots!

    Eastern House Vibes

    Rating: 10/10

    Very interesting ethnic vibe, a lot of great percussion loops and eastern instruments, love it. great quality and diversity. Great for organic house, tribal house and melodic techno type of tracks, very nice - thank you

    Melodic House & Techno

    Rating: 10/10

    This one is damn HOT! Superb quality, a huge amount of amazing powerful sounds. I definitely can hear some Moog sounds in here, which is a nice backbone for this type of music. Perfect for the fans of Stephan Bodzin, Marc Romboy, Tiger Stripes, Robert Babicz, and more.

    Bushwacka! - Tech Breaks

    Rating: 10/10

    absolutely amazing - old school raw vibes, back in the bays beats. love it. cool same as for breaks and for the modern bass house, tech house, or just as ideas for inspiration. Basses are fat Synths are creative, drums are awesome! Bushwacka did it again! would love to see vol 2 :)

    Amazing House sample pack. Full of Classic House elements like, true House drums, Bass and chords. Everything that's needed for a great House tune! Love it. Waiting for volume 2 of Mad Villains - Ghetto Deep!

    Breaks Techno

    Rating: 9/10

    how pack! Huge amount of different cool sounds. very creative, a lot of Old-School energy, cool breaks, basses, stabs! Suitable for modern techno, breaks, even for Future House and Tech-House. luv this one!

    Vocal Bass Music

    Rating: 10/10

    This pack is LIT! Totally in love with the demo track. Drum Loops and Synths/Basses are hot! This is very unique and fresh. well done guys! Can be used in many genres of Bass music from Trap and Bass House to DNB and even more. Gonna use it in my future tracks too.

    This pack is lit. So many experimental percussive sounds, I would love to use many of them as fills in my tracks or as extra sounds for beats in many genres, as for me this may work cool not even in house or tech but in modern sound of Trap/Future bass. But it would be really nice to have a little more variety of sound sources, many loops sound pretty same. But definitely it’s a great addition to my sound library.

    great collection of samples, very inspiring. cool for chill, jazz, hip-hop and even for house music genres. A lot of nice sounds for experiments. Well deserved 10/10 award! Want vol. 2 :) and vol 3 for sure

    D.O.D Future Jack

    Rating: 10/10

    This pack is brilliant! I was very excited to download and check this super-creative pack from such a talented artist like D.O.D. As a big fun of Axtone Records, DOORN Records, Wall Recordings and Spinnin Records I played many of his tracks in my sets and podcast, as his tunes always has something unique, special and crazy. I’m really impressed by this pack, as this library has a lot of D.O.D’s specific elements like twisted synths, Future Jack basses and great programmed drums. So, verdict is definitely 10/10 and if you want to add some crazy Future Jack to your track – this pack is the ONE for you!

    This pack is awesome. lots of beautiful sounds, melodies, rhythms. suitable for wide range of genres from soulful house to chill trap, ambient and etc. very well produced, high quality and inspirational sounds. great job by Maribou State!!!!!! will definitely use in my music

    Great pack, high quality sounds and lot of inspirational samples to choose from

    Outstanding collection - drum Loops and Bass lines are my favs! very useful any sub-genre of House music. Well done, Sonny

    Future Bass

    Rating: 8/10

    good pack, samples sounds right in your face, nice melodies.

    Cool sample pack. well produced and huge amount of inspirational loops. thanks for this one

    Great collection. Lot of useful samples for old school tracks, same as for modern Wobble House and Drity House.

    nice collection of vocals, suitable for EDM, Bass House and many more

    some cool hooks and vocal fills in this pack, very useful. thanks

  • amazing pack! Lot of great tools for Classic House, same as for modern Future House. Thanks for this one!

    Neuro DnB

    Rating: 10/10

    Great D&B tools here - strong kits, interesting ideas.

    Bass House & Garage

    Rating: 8/10

    great pack! had a lot of fun playing this one on maschine!

    Nice collection of pretty phat bass patches suitable for Garage, Deep House, Tech House, Bass House. All patches are ready to add some fatness to your tunes.

    Perfect collection for Modern Deep House music. Lot of groovy Loops, Old School Basses and a lot more. 10/10

    Very-very good collection of Massive patches! Some really cool angry bass and screaming' leads here! Already used one in next track! 10/10

    Indian Vocal Sessions

    Rating: 8/10

    Some great ethical vocals here, good quality. like it!

    AZS Altitude - Spire

    Rating: 7/10

    I'm a big fan of Spire, it's definitely the best vst synth for last 2 years! Nice patches here, but a bit more presets in vol 2 would be great!

    Ultimate Drum Fills

    Rating: 10/10

    Great collection. Essential if you want to add something extra to your tracks. Acoustic fills are my favorite here!

    Daft Funk

    Rating: 10/10

    Amazing pack! so fresh and unique! Lot of creative and useful element from any genre!

    The Blues Sessions

    Rating: 8/10

    Really cool sample pack! Vocals are insane :) Defo gonna use it in next track! Support!

    Nice collection of strong hardstyle kicks! Fits for every EDM & Big Room producer

    Moonbeam brothers been proud of Russian electronic music scene for last 5 years, regularly traveling with gigs around the globe, storming charts of reputable musical stores and now it’s more than a pleasure to have such a brilliant sample collection from them! I’m very surprised by such great moonbeam styled melodies, ambience loops, groovy bass lines and etc. Also you will find some very useful drum hits and sampler patches! Strongly recommended for Techno, Deep, Tech House and Progressive House producers.

    Killer Acapellas 2

    Rating: 8/10

    Great pack! Love all these pro-recorded accapellas, very useful for all genres from dub step and EDM to house and deep!

    Modern Main Room Kicks

    Rating: 8/10

    Huge collection of very strong kicks, really like those distorted versions which fits well to my new tracks - some kind of fusion of Big Room and Hard Style.

    Pretty nice sample pack from Andrea Bertolini, most of all I like Drum shots in this pack, drum groves and synths. Good job!

    Essential collection for those who make D'n'B! Also very usefull samples even for Dubstep and Drumstep producers! Full support for this one.

    And again very nice collection of crazy Dubstep samples from Loopmasters! Huge number of great growl bass loops. Will try to apply it to my next tune

    Freaky Loops continue to impress us with their unstoppable Massive Complextro & Dubstep series! Vol 3 brings us again only top quality patches!

    OMG!! For last 2 years Dino & Stef been storming the world with their Techno & Tech House hits on Toolroom, 1605, Global Underground, Great Stuff and now it's more then a pleasure to have a sample pack from them! Perfect collection! Phunk Loops, Synth Loops, FX and One Shot Drums and my favs! Love this sample pack. 10/10

  • Totally great idea! Perfectly realized by Adam White! Lot of useful patches for EDM, Progressive and Electro House.

    Ultimate Dubstep 3

    Rating: 8/10

    One more hot collection of samples from Rankin Audio! Always high quality, lot of mad sounds! Strongly recommended for those who produce Dubstep & Complextro

    Huge and very cool release! Big variation of claps and snares, perfectly fits to any genre! Going to use it in my next track for sure

    Great sound pack from Polar Bears! Groovy drum loops, bass lines, perfect synth loops and really cool drum shots. Fx are also very useful.

    Epic collection! Extremely useful samples!!! Drum shots are very phat and punchy! Absolutely Must Have!

    Glitch Hop

    Rating: 9/10

    Very impressive collection! Love all those bass and drum loops! Sounds big and fat, like everything from Rankin Audio!

    Pretty nice collection. Lot of good bass patches, typical massive sound as usual. But for me was a surprise to find a really nice pluck sounds and leads.

    Nu School Funky Tech

    Rating: 8/10

    Great sound pack! Deep, Funky & Groovy! Fit perfect for modern Deep House, Funky House, Tech House or even Tribal & Techno. My fav here are Bass Lines and Melodies. Great job by Zmey!

    Great collection of presets. Very useful for Deep, Tech, House. Specially like the bass patches, sounds really fat and deep. Well Done!

    Total Percussion

    Rating: 8/10

    Great samplepack. fits perfectly for producers of Tribal, Deep house, Moombahton and a lot more. Sound quality is totally perfect, like everything from Loopmasters!

    If you want to make next Percussive House or Tribal hit track, this collection is for you. Luv the one shots from this pack, and very impressed by drum loops. Also vocal loops sounds very interesting!

    Movie Dialogue Vol. 5

    Rating: 8/10

    Really great collection of old school vocal cuts from different movies, very useful for any track.

    very useful pack! pretty big number of awesome presets for NI Massive: very well engineered basses, leads, fxs!

    Complextro & Dubstep

    Rating: 8/10

    Very cool collection of presets. A lot of useful sounds for Dirty Dutch House, Electro, Complextro and Dub Step too. Already making a new track with it :)

    Dubstep Monster Bass

    Rating: 10/10

    OMG!!!! One of the best packs of Dub Step basses I ever seen! It's very-very impressive - all bass sounds are like from the hell - extremely aggressive, phat, loud and hot! Defo must have pack for everyone who produce rough music!

    Awesome collection! Luv every element in this one, very impressed by NI Machine KITS, very innovative! drum shots are really fat and usefull for different kinds of music. And again big pack of midis! Must have pack from 5 Pin!

    If someone would ask me to describe this pack in one word - I would say "Brilliant"! Luv every element from this collection - awesome loops, one shots, bass lines and FXs! Massive!

    Ultimate Dubstep

    Rating: 10/10

    My God! This pack is amazing! Big number of awesome bass sounds, loops, one shots. Very useful for any hard style such as Dutch, Drum Step, Dub Step, Electro and etc.…Mmm, I love this pack! Vol. 2 is needed for sure! Much respect to High Rankin!

    Dirty Dutch House

    Rating: 7/10

    Great collection of synths and bass loops! One shots are also well produced, but wish to find some more drum shots in Vol 2. Can be very interesting for everyone who search for a big fat Dutch House sound.


    Rating: 8/10

    Nice collection of different percussion sounds from toms and congas to shakers and triangles. Samples can fit to any style from House to Drum'n'bass or Techno. Great job!

  • Funk Drops

    Rating: 8/10

    Really useful pack for any style of music! You can use these funky drum loops as an addition flavour for Break Beat tune, or as a cool extra drum fill for any House, Dutch or Progressive House track. Such old school beats are always very useful and needed at collection.


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