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Cutline's capacity to drive crowds crazy is unparalleled. Their music combines beautiful melodies and classical musicianship with intensely powerful production and speaker-busting basslines. If you've ever witnessed Cutline playing live, or heard one of their incredible mixtapes, then you'll know that their jaw-dropping blends of dubstep, drum & bass, electro and every bass music genre in-between are guaranteed to destroy big room raves every time.


  • Goddard Drum & Bass

    Rating: 9/10

    Such a sick sample pack, made up of all the goddard sounds we've come to know and love. Huge horn basses matched with skippy breaks and Jungle tinged sub lines are all prevalent in this pack. I've already been putting the breaks to good use in my latest Halflight tunes and I'm constantly finding inspiration for other music here. Well worth a purchase.

    Beauty is the name of the game with this pack. Soaring ambient pads mixed with twinkling pianos, soulful basslines and tight skippy breaks, if you're looking for inspiration to help you write that perfect liquid masterpiece you will find it in abundance here. Pola & Bryson are masters of the soulful drum & bass scene, with their tight production skills, hypnotic atmospheres and heavenly sounds.

    An incredible sample pack filled with everything you could want to make Drum & Bass like Urbandawn. Each folder is brimming with bass noises, drum loops, fx and more that make up Urbandawn's signature sound. Urbandawn has been pushing boundaries with his incredible music and production, with tracks like dancefloor smasher "Come Together" and the euphoric "Fly Away" which was featured on Forza Horizon 5 and with this pack you can get one step closer to getting there yourself. Well worth checking out!

    If you love Drum & Bass rollers and need some help with sound design, or just a spring board to get your new track going, then this pack will likely have just what you need. Filled with some excellent Serum presets for bass, drums, fx and more this pack is well worth checking out. Unlike sample packs where you are limited in what you can do with any given sound, this serum preset pack allows you to discover new techniques into making some truly gnarly basses, which you can build on and adapt to your own sound. Well worth checking out.

    I LOVE Whiney's music. Every time I get sent a track of his I'm excited to hear what he's done. This sample pack exemplifies his unique sound and style, offering us a quintessential look into his production world, consisting of a vast array of sounds and loops to help any Drum and Bass producer, whether they are just starting out, or are a seasoned pro. What are you waiting for, get this pack already and let the music writing commence.

    Rasta Mc Vocals Vol 3

    Rating: 8/10

    A really good collection of Rasta vocals to help liven up your tracks. I really like all the one shots and short phrases, they're great for pre-drops and little vocal accents throughout my tracks. If you're looking for that little something extra to spice up your tracks, you should definitely check this pack out. All vocals are well recorded and sound excellent.

    Document One bringing the fire yet again! Love this pack. It's full of excellent bass sounds that you can manipulate into something unique. If you're a fan of Document One's music this pack is well worth your time and money.

    Yeeeeesh! What a pack. Full of some absolutely disgusting basses that will suit any techy Drum & Bass roller. Looks like I'm going to be writing a lot of wobblers for the foreseeable future. Can't wait to start messing around with these.

    Such an excellent sample pack from Lack Of Afro. Soul Crates Vol.1 has a great collection of impeccably drums, guitars, basses and more. Whether you're looking for tight drums, funky bass or soulful horns, there is something for you in this pack.

    Document One Drum & Bass

    Rating: 10/10

    Yet another incredible sample pack from Document One. Gnarly neuro basses, tight punchy drums and atmospheres for days. If you can't find something in this pack to inspire you then you might be in the wrong profession.

    If you're into deep rolling drum & bass this serum preset pack is a great addition to your library. Whether you want to use the presets as they come, or as a starting point for your own sound design, this pack is great. I've already messed around with a bunch of the presets, learning how the sounds are made in order to create my own. Well worth the price of a few cups of coffee.

    Chillwave Vocals

    Rating: 8/10

    This sample pack has some absolutely stunning vocals. Gorgeous waves of emotionally charged harmonies, top lines and ambient sound effects. Whether you're looking for a full song, or just snippets to fit into your track there's likely something for you in here. Well worth checking out.

    Cosmic Cinema

    Rating: 9/10

    This pack contains a great selection atmospheric sounds, riffs and glorious sound effects. I've already started putting some these excellent samples to use in my tracks. There's definitely something for everyone here, well worth checking out.

    Proxima has provided an excellent selection of neuro style beats, bass, fx and one shots with this formidable sample pack. The highly skillful sound design that has gone into making these samples is very apparent throughout. Looking forward to using this pack in my future productions.

    The king of the minimal roller is back, with a great selection of beats, bass and a whole host of fx and one shots to help elevate your tracks to the next level. I've already found myself reaching for the breaks in this pack countless times. Well worth the cost of a trip to your local fast food establishment.

    Cassimm Simply House

    Rating: 10/10

    This is such a wicked sample pack from Loopmasters and Cassimm! There are so many great bass and drum sounds that will spice up any house production. These samples will definitely work their way into some of our upcoming tracks.

    Maztek X Neurofunk & Loopmasters have dropped a wicked sample pack here. There are so many great sounds in this pack that will find their way into our upcoming projects. The drum sounds in particular in this pack are dope! Thank you Loopmasters!

    Serotonin Drum & Bass

    Rating: 9/10

    Singomakers have delivered another awesome sample pack! So many great sounds in this pack that will be making their way into our productions. The drum samples are wicked and the bass parts are super fat. A must have for any producer!

    Fourward have provided an incredible selection of one shots, loops and fx in this sample pack. Each sample sounds like it has been meticulously tweaked to perfection. I've already started using these samples in my tracks and am sure to keep doing so.

    A great selection of beats, basses, techno stabs and pads. This pack has everything you'll need to make a solid tech house track. Bodhi has crafted a really good collection of some of his signature sounds.

  • Mihalis Safras has created a solid pack filled with a lot of the beats, basses and stabs that make up his signature style. Especially feeling the percussion loops in this pack. Looking forward to using these samples in my future tracks.

    Soul Funk Acapellas

    Rating: 8/10

    Some incredibly well sung vocals in this sample pack. Whether it's full songs, solo leads, or just random words and phrases, this pack can fulfil all your soul funk vocal needs. Can't wait to start trying these out in our tracks.

    Late Night Blues

    Rating: 8/10

    This is a great pack with some solid samples in it. The construction kits are cool as everything is nicely broken down and key/bpm labelled. We love the organ sounds! Another great pack from the team at Loopmasters.

    Hot Tech House

    Rating: 9/10

    Hot Tech House is such a great sample pack! Loads of great bass & drum samples to fuel your creativity. The one shots in this pack are wicked and will definitely make their way into our new productions. Thank you again to the team at Loopmasters for creating another dope sample pack! A must have for anyone producing house or techno!

    Neo Jazz Funk

    Rating: 10/10

    Absolutely love this pack! So many great samples! Thank you to Loopmasters for putting this one together. You will definitely hear some of these samples make their way into our productions! The drum samples in this pack are fantastic!

    Around The Daft House

    Rating: 8/10

    Singomakers have dropped a wicked sample pack here! So many interesting drum, bass and instrument loops to work with! The vocoder loops are epic and will fire up all sorts of inspiration for producers of house, disco and nu disco. The pack has such a great mix of eclectic and modern samples, these will definitely make their way into our future productions!

    What an awesome Disco House Pack! The music samples in this pack are wicked ! The one shot drum samples are epic as well. Thanks again to the team at Loopmasters for putting together another wicked sample pack. You will definitely hear these samples in our future productions.

    Drum & Bass Shadows

    Rating: 8/10

    This pack is for those who like their Drum & Bass deep, dark and unrelenting. Filled with so many beautiful squelches, whomps and bleeps, Drum & Bass Shadows can definitely help you sculpt that heavy roller you've been trying to make. Definitely worth checking out.

    This is such a great sample pack for the tech DnB heads out there. There's plenty of filthy squelchy basses and punchy drums to help get you started on that track. Signal is one of my favourite artists to enter the DnB scene in recent years and this pack is a great example of why.

    London Grime Bars

    Rating: 7/10

    Some great lyrics in this pack. Razor's got a great flow and sound that lends itself well to the deeper, darker tracks. Looking forward to trying use this pack with my own tunes.

    Some great loops and a lot of unique sounds in this pack to help you construct your next funky track. Beats, bass, synths, stabs, this pack has it all. Definitely worth checking out.

    Tech House Diggers

    Rating: 10/10

    This is a fantastic sample pack. The drum sounds are great, the loops also have great swing on them. The bass sounds are wicked as well. Awesome work by Delectable Records on this one. You will definitely hear these sounds in our future productions.

    Deep Jazz House Vocals

    Rating: 7/10

    This pack has loads of jazz house vocal variants, from scat and spoken word to full on vocals, there's something for everyone. If you like your house jazzy you should definitely check this pack out. It may not be the best pack out there, but it's got some gems.

    Latin Acapellas

    Rating: 8/10

    There are some really great latin vocals in this pack at a variant of tempos. Whether you're looking for something a bit more traditional or you just want to add a little latin twist to your latest DnB or house track you should definitely check this pack out.

    If you're after wandering basslines and 4-4 tech house beats Max Chapman's SubFreqTech pack may just have what you're looking for. There are tonnes of samples in this pack worth checking out. Whether you're looking for that one tech sound, or just after some inspiration, you'll definitely find something here.

    Hot Tech House

    Rating: 8/10

    This pack is filled with loads of great samples for producing tech house. Bleeps, bloops, bass and beats, what more could a budding producer want? This pack contains a load of hits, loops and ideas to help move your track along. Definitely worth checking out.

    This is such a wicked pack from the Defected team. There are so many great loops and one hits in this pack. These sounds will definitely be making their way into our productions. The kick loops are particularly good! Thank you for putting this one together Defected and Loopmasters.

    This is again another awesome pack from the crew at Defected. There are so many great loops and one hits in this pack. The drum sounds are super clean and so are the bass loops. I can't wait to get some of these sounds into my productions. Great work Defected and Loopmasters on another awesome pack!

    Great pack of FM8 presets to help improve your synthesis techniques and add something different to your tracks. If you're looking to make DnB tracks like Icicle he has given everything you need to get you started. Definitely a pack worth checking out.

    Full of beautiful soundscapes, melodies and stunningly vocodered vocals, this pack will transport you to a higher plane of existence. If you're a fan of artists like Imogen Heap / Frou Frou, then you should definitely check this pack out. Not just a great singer, but also a fantastic song writer, Angelica has provided a pack that will both stun and amaze, love it!

  • Drum And Bass 2

    Rating: 9/10

    Another great Drum & Bass sample pack from the guys / gals at DABRO Music. Choc'd full of the dirtiest of bass sounds, soaring pads and punchy drums, this pack is a welcome addition to my sound library. If you like your Drum & Bass on the heavier side of the spectrum, then you should definitely check out this pack.

    Drum And Bass 3

    Rating: 10/10

    Dabro Music's Drum & Bass series goes from strength to strength, with the 3rd instalment being their best yet. Tonnes of filthy squelchy bass noises and well produced drums throughout make this a must have for anyone wanting to create that techy neuro sound. An excellent pack throughout, can't wait to start using these samples in my tracks.

    Soul Funk

    Rating: 8/10

    A great sample pack chocked full of soul and funk. The pack contains a large array of guitar, string and other live samples that will help any budding producers who are after that soulful funk sound. Definitely worth your attention.

    Jackin House & Tech 2

    Rating: 9/10

    A great collection of classic house sounds including loads of cool one shot stabs and a range of loops. Whether you're looking for inspiration, or just want that classic tech house sound then look no further. A great sequel to the original Jackin House & Tech sample pack that's well worth checking out.

    Jazz Notes

    Rating: 10/10

    Really love this sample pack because it has so many great loops to choose from. Different time signatures and different tempos make it so interesting. The drum and piano samples are great. Thank you loopmasters for another great pack.

    This is a fantastic sample pack. The grooves on the drum loops in particular are great and there are so many to choose from. You will definitely hear these loops make their way into some of our future productions. Thank you Loopmasters for another awesome sample pack

    Tuff London Tuff House

    Rating: 10/10

    This has to be the best Tech House pack I've found in a long time! So many great loops and sounds to work with. The drums and sub basses in particular are fantastic as well as the one shots and fx. We love Tuff London and Tuff House thank you for an awesome sample pack!

    There are some great vocals from Tamra in this pack! You will definitely hear some of these in our future productions. This is a very cool sample pack from the the guys at Loopmasters. We love the adlibs and lead vocals. Awesome work Loopmasters

    We absolutely loved this pack. There are so many quality DnB samples, the team at Loopmasters have nailed it again. The loops and one shots are awesome and the synth patches are great too. Thank you again to the team at Loopmasters!

    Time To Jack

    Rating: 8/10

    Singomakers have done it again, with a very cool pack filled with some great house sounds. There are plenty of drums, bass, effects, bleeps and bloops to help in your productions. Looking forward to messing around with these. Definitely worth checking out this pack.

    Deep & Dusky House 2

    Rating: 8/10

    Soundbox have created a stellar sample pack here, with loads of lovely deep house bass and beats to help you create your next work of art. The pack is filled with tonnes of sounds to satisfy your creative needs. Just check out the great demo.

    Some really interesting sounds in this pack. Some great audio in here to give your project a bit of extra vibe. Great work Earthmoments!

    Summer House Ultra Pack

    Rating: 10/10

    The one shots in this pack are amazing - particularly the kicks and claps. So much vibe on this pack! Great work as always from Singomakers !

    Just the bass loops alone are enough to make this an essential pack for all the Neuro heads out there. There's also a huge variant of drum hits and loops, from soft and snappy snares to big beastly ones that smack you in the face. I would highly recommend this pack to any budding neuro producers out there.

    A great collection of samples for all your neuro needs. Tearing basslines and punchy drums run rampant in this pack. Definitely worth checking out!

    Some cool sounds in this pack. If you're looking to make DnB in that signature Rockwell style this pack is for you. A great selection of sounds to help you create your own DnB banger.

    UK House & Garage

    Rating: 9/10

    This is another awesome sample pack from Rankin Audio! These sounds will definitely make their way into our productions. Awesome stuff Rankin Audio!

    Techno NI Massive

    Rating: 10/10

    There are some fantastic bass patches in this pack. We will be using these for sure ! Thank you 5Pin Media for an awesome bank of sounds.

    Soul Rush Records have nailed some awesome vocal samples again with this pack. We will definitely be using some of these samples in our productions. Great work from the crew at Soul Rush records!

    African Rhythms

    Rating: 9/10

    A great collection of African hits, loops and samples. These will definitely be making their way into our tunes. All the sounds are well recorded and put together.

  • Bassline House

    Rating: 9/10

    This pack is filled with great bass house samples. Love the range of sounds from deep wobble basses to full on screechy goodness. Will definitely be using these in the future.

    Styline Power House

    Rating: 10/10

    This is a huge sample pack, with lots of hidden gems. Straight to the top of our sample library with this one! Congrats to Styline for the dope pack !

    Vintage Movie Vocals 3

    Rating: 7/10

    There are some solid vocal phrases in this pack. Great for adding some colour to your production. Great work Resonance Sound.

    This is one of the best house packs going around. So many great grooves and sounds, we will be dipping into this one for a while! Thank you Mike Vale!

    Some useful MIDI patterns in this pack. Most are pretty versatile and would suit any genre. Great work from Resonance sound on this one!

    This pack is one of the best I've used in a long time. All the samples sound fresh and are super relevant. Thanks to Nu Era for such an awesome sample pack!

    Some excellent patches here for a great synth that often seems to be forgotten about. Awesome sounds for any budding neuro tech producer. Definitely worth a listen.

    Some awesome squelchy goodness in this Serum preset pack. 20Hz have created some really unique neuroesque sounds, perfect for destroying any dancefloor. A brilliant pack that I cannot wait to get my teeth into.

    There are some really cool vibes in here. Some of these vox will definitely make their way into our tunes. Great work guys!

    This pack is awesome! There are pllenty of nice bass / drum sounds to spice up your productions . We love it!

    G-House Ultra Pack

    Rating: 7/10

    Definitely some really cool sounds in this pack. A good variety of sounds from drums to bass and sound fx. If you're into G-House this pack is definitely worth checking out.

    A good mix of beats, bass and everything else you need to make a great Future House track. This is a well thought out pack, with tonnes of well produced samples. Check it out!

    Vocal Collection

    Rating: 9/10

    An excellent pack of vocal samples for use across a whole range of different styles. There's definitely something for everyone in here whether it's 2 step garage, Funky House, or RnB. If you're looking to add that extra spice to your track that only a vocal can achieve, look no further.

    Dan Larsson is the king of sample packs! This is an incredible pack filled with drums, basslines and sfx galore to help you mould your perfect neuro DnB tune. If you've ever wanted to write music like that of Noisia, Calyx and Teebee, June Miller et al now's your chance.

    Synth Wave

    Rating: 9/10

    If like us you've been inspired by all the amazing 80s soundtracks of late, then this is the sample pack for you. Nostalgia is rife in this pack with the lush noire sounds of the 80s perfectly recreated for your composing pleasure. Can't wait to start using this in our own tunes.

    Some excellent sounds in this pack. Perfect for those funky tech vibes. Hope to see more from Sebastien Leger.

    Tech House Tools

    Rating: 8/10

    A strong collection of tech house sounds to help any aspiring producer. We will definitely be using some of these sounds in our future productions. Definitely worth a purchase.

    More tech house goodness from Samplestate. Expanding on the first volume in the series, this samplepack provides everything a budding tech house producer could want. With a whole assortment of sounds, this is well worth a purchase.

    There are some great presets in here! These sounds will be sure to make an appearance in our future productions ! Awesome stuff.

    House Kicks

    Rating: 8/10

    Some great kick samples in the pack. There are loads to choose from. These kicks will be sure to be in our future works.

  • UK Deep House

    Rating: 10/10

    Absolutely love this pack !! Awesome stuff from Freak loops. We will definitely be using this pack!

    The Raw Cutz Super Pack

    Rating: 10/10

    The authenticity of this pack is unreal. Not only does it include a great range of quality samples, but it could easily be used for various genres. 10/10 from me.

    This a huge pack !! Loads of great stuff in here for all genres of house. Some of these will be sure to make their way into our future productions !

    This is a solid pack! Lots of great patches particularly for Massive & Spire. Will definitely use these in some of my productions.

    This is a great pack. Loads of interesting loops and sounds to give your production a tight groove and some extra vibes. Have definitely being using this pack a lot in our productions

    In House We Trust

    Rating: 9/10

    This is a great pack with loads of great samples. We found it super useful for producing all genres of house. This pack has been modelled on some of the most prolific house tracks of all time and you will definitely find some gold in here for your next thumper!

    This pack was great. Some really nice patches that can be utilised across all genres. The Tropic sounds are fantastic in this pack too.

    Can't get enough of Kate Wild's vocal packs. Great hooks, full songs and a superb voice perfect for taking that instrumental to the next level. Love this pack!

    Really feeling this eclectic pack of vocal hooks and loops from Kate Wild. If you're looking for a bit of sexy grit in your vocals look no further, Kate's got it by the bucket load. Great pack.

    Ultimate Vocals

    Rating: 10/10

    Such a wide range of different vocal types bound to inspire you. Take your production to the next level with this superb collection of multi-genre vocals. Can't wait to start using these.

    Ultimate Garage Vocals

    Rating: 9/10

    Beautifully soulful Garage vocals that help turn a track into tune. The vocalist has a great warmth and sound to her voice that lend themselves perfectly to Garage. We would definitely recommend this pack.

    House & Dance Vocals

    Rating: 8/10

    Loads of different types of vocal to chose from. This is a really good vocal pack for all your dance music needs. Can't wait to start trying these out in some of our tracks.

    House Vocal Sessions

    Rating: 7/10

    Some great vocals in this pack. If you're looking to add that extra something to your music this is a good place to start. Loops, hits and harmonies this pack has something for almost everyone.

    The Minneapolis Funk sample pack provides a whole selection of funktastic beats, basses and sounds to help bring your track to life. Whether it's some funky guitar or slapping bass hits this pack has it all. Love it!

    Neuro DnB

    Rating: 8/10

    Filthy squelches galore in this pack. If you like thinks dark and frankly awesome, this pack is for you. Niche Audio have out done themselves.

    Dark Neuro Drum & Bass

    Rating: 10/10

    Lets Synthesize is one hell of a sounds designer. The bass sounds in this pack alone are just frickin' awesome! On top of that are a selection of punchy drums and great sounds. All you need to make a neuro smasher.

    A great collection of sounds from all those old rave classics of the 90s. Missing the hedonistic days of Raindance and Fantazia? Then this pack is definitely one for the collection.

    A great pack for those wanting that feeling in their tracks that you can only get from a piano. Some great ideas to help you if you're struggling to get a track going. Well worth the purchase.

    This is definitely the sample pack for all those sound designer geeks out there (ourselves included). The 30 plus year old Korg MonoPoly has been brought back to life in this beautiful sample pack. With an array of original sounds this is well worth a look.

    Beautiful set of Sylenth presets from Resonance Sound. Massive leads and booming basses provide all the high energy moments you need, while the beautiful pads and plucks enable you to create those euphoric breakdowns that everyone loves. Great job guys!

  • This sample pack just adds another reason to the growing list of reasons why June Miller is one of our favourite D&B acts right now. Volume 1 of this pack was incredible and this tops it! An absolute must for anyone who wants to produce dark and dirty drum & bass, or to add some techy flavours into other genres. Fantastic stuff!

    Summer EDM Festivals

    Rating: 8/10

    Singomakers come with the goods every time and 'Summer EDM Festivals' is no exception. Here you've got everything you need to help you craft main room bangers that the likes of Afrojack, Showtek and Hardwell are so well known for. Great samples and useful synth presets and MIDI files all add up to one awesome pack!

    A really good bank of sounds for anyone who likes their Trap with a little bit more weight to it. A great collection of basses, leads, fx and more to enhance your productions. Well worth the money.

    Live Dub Horns

    Rating: 10/10

    Incredible selection of well recorded and processed dub horns. There's everything from full blown loops to individual hits and notes. Can't wait to start using them in all of our music.

    A great selection of horns for all your dub needs. This selection of beautifully recorded sounds are a must for anyone wanting that authentic dub feel in their tracks. We can't recommend this pack enough.

    We're a huge fan of Break, so this sample pack is a very welcome addition to our ever growing collection. If it's raw beats and filthy bass you're after, look no further, this pack has it all! If you like your DnB heavy this is the pack for you.

    Beautiful doesn't even come close to describing the samples in this pack. Expertly performed and recorded strings perfect for use in your own compositions. We can't praise Organic Loops enough for this pack.

    Some awesome neuro sounds in this pack. From LFO basses to haunting pads this collection of massive presets contains all the basics for neuro dnb. We've already used a couple of the sounds and will no doubt be using a lot more in the near future.

    Some great patches that make it even easier to sculpt the next big EDM anthem! Whether you're looking for big leads or dirty bass, this pack has it. Top Artist have done it again!

    From booming subs to meandering reeses this is a must for any aspiring DnB producers. Some excellent sounds to mess around with. A great selection of sounds all round.

    Some excellent vocals here to help bring your tracks to life. If your track is lacking a little something something, then try these vocals out, you won't be disappointed. Strong and powerful, or soft and mellow, there's something for everyone.

    Squelchy goodness for all the neuro heads. A great array of dnb presets for one of the industry's most popular synths. We look forward to trying these out in our future projects.

    Some wicked samples in this pack. Especially loving the drums. Liking the fact there's a lot of the more UK Dubstep sounds in there too. Well worth the dollar.

    Everything you will ever need to sound like Skrillex. Growls, screeches and bleeps galore. No dubstep producer wants to miss this one.

    110% Moombahton

    Rating: 9/10

    Fun, funky, bleepy, bassy goodness. Everything you need to get your 110 on. We will be raiding this for sure!

    EDM Warriors

    Rating: 8/10

    Some wicked samples and song ideas in this pack. Proper hands in the air business. Bound to keep all the ravers happy.

    EDM Tuned Kicks 2

    Rating: 10/10

    Bangin' seems to be quite an apt statement for these pounding kicks. We've already used one in our new track and it powers through the mix like nothing else. Perfect for all your "EDM" needs.

    Horns crew, are you ready? Whistle posse, are you ready? Well then slip on your white gloves and your fluffy boots, this sample pack is going to make you rush like an F1 driver! Hostage takes classic rave sounds and brings them up to date with a selection of loops and one shots that will bring the warehouse to just about any dance track. Now, where's my Vicks Vaporub?

    Live House Drum Stems

    Rating: 10/10

    Wow! This is an absolutely next level pack of live drums just itching to go straight into your next dance floor killer. There are tons of useful fills, loops and hits that will undoubtedly inspire some huge hits. Literally opened the pack, threw a few loops into Cubase and already got a track halfway finished! Absolutely amazing work.

    Deadmau5 XFER

    Rating: 8/10

    Deadmau5 and his not so secret production partner Steve Duda have always made a great team, and with this sample pack they're giving you the chance to get involved in their studio antics. Geared towards progressive and electro house, this pack has plenty of useful loops and sounds that will slot right in to your tunes. Less time spent making loops, more time to work on that giant papier mâché mask!

  • This is a great collection of sounds for the deeper dance floor. Plenty of bits here that would slot into house and garage productions, or even dubstep and D&B if you're feeling adventurous. Luscious chords, heavy bass hits and chopped up vocals galore. Lovely stuff.

    If you've been searching for all those old garage sounds, then look no further. From bass stabs to glitched up vocals, this pack contains all the essentials. Rankin Audio have done it again.

    House Acapellas Vol. 2

    Rating: 8/10

    This pack contains some beautiful vocals, perfect for adding warmth and soul to any house tune. Whether you're after that soft female vocal or something with a bit more power to it, you're sure to find what you're looking for in here. Bravo Loopmasters, bravo.

    EDM MIDI Melodies 2

    Rating: 7/10

    Maybe you've got writers' block, or perhaps you're just lazy, either way this pack is sure to help you with that all important starting point. Whether you're a novice or someone who's been producing for years, you're sure to find EDM MIDI Melodies 2 very useful. Just import and go.

    AZS Dystopia Razor

    Rating: 10/10

    Wow, this is an incredible selection of presets for NI's Razor. AZS Dystopia Razor is stuffed to the gills with stunning atmospheric sounds, warm and luscious pads, leads and basses. These could work wonders for progressive, electro and main room house tracks as well as more leftfield or downtempo numbers. Great textures and some really beautiful sounds.

    Singomakers always deliver high quality sample packs with plenty of options for getting your tracks moving quickly. Here you've got chunky drums, massive melody loops and loads of glitchy bass bits that fit right into the main room EDM vibe. Not only that, but as usual the Singomakers guys have given you all the MIDI files so you can add your own creativity into the mix. This is another great pack from the masters.

    Trap Zombies

    Rating: 9/10

    Holy sh*t! The Zombies are coming, and what do they want? Brains? Nope, they want filthy 808s, cheeky cut up vocals and more screaching leads than you can shake Miley Cyrus's ass at! Once again Singomakers deliver the goods with this high quality, high impact trap sample pack that should have you worrying the likes of Baauer in no time.

    Ministry of Sound's Cut Up Boys did an awesome job on their 'Mash Up Bass' compilations and they've outdone themselves with this sample pack. If you want to write main room bangers that will have ravers gurning their tits off all night long then this is the pack for you. Loads of great loops that will slip into any electro house track nicely.

    Dub & Reggae XL

    Rating: 7/10

    Sick selection of dub and reggae samples that could be used for plenty of different genres. Wicked melodies, deep basses and plenty of cheeky drum loops to get your teeth into. If you want to be the next King Tubby look no further.

    Electro - Mix Starters

    Rating: 10/10

    Some awesome song starters here. As any producer is aware, the dreaded creative block rears its ugly head all too often, but with this pack it gives us all a much needed helping hand. We've just found our next album. ;)

    Deep House and Garage

    Rating: 10/10

    A great selection of beats bass and everything in between. Loopmasters have really pulled it out of the bag for this one. A must for all Deep House / Garage lovers out there.

    Great percussion sounds on this one. Some really interesting stuff to spice up your tracks. Could be incorporated into a plethora of different genres.

    Any interesting collection containing a wide variety of sounds. Buffer repeats is for those looking to inject some obscurity into their music. Definitely one for the underground heads out there.

    Wicked sound pack of bleeps, bloops and gnarly bass. Lots of great dubstep / complextro influenced sounds to use in your productions. We've already had great fun working our way through them.

    Zero-T has produced some of our favourite D&B tracks of all time and this is a great way to get a little of that flavour into your own tunes. Loads to work with here, some great drum hits and loops, bass samples, synths, you name it. Now all you need to do is learn how to grow a beard as impressive as Cian and you could be the next D&B superstar.

    This series is wicked. Loved the last one and love this one just as much. Don't be fooled into thinking you can only make filter house for the likes of Jean Paul Gautier with these packs, there's plenty here that you could slip into other genres too. All of this stuff could work in electro house, dubstep and even D&B with a little work. First one to make a French house trap tune wins!

    Ultimate Dubstep 3

    Rating: 10/10

    Rankin Audio strikes again! The RA sample packs are without a doubt some of the best on the market. Always filled with highly usable sounds and plenty of loops and ideas to help you get things moving quickly. This particular pack is jammed with dirty bass, chunky drums, euphoric melodies and everything else you need to help people in dark rooms get off their tits (Can we say tits in a Loopmasters review? Looks like we just did!) If you want to make some dubstep so disgusting it would make a tramp vomit, then look no further.

    Soulful House Vocals

    Rating: 7/10

    This is, as it says on the tin, a great collection of soulful house vocals. Some of the loops and phrases are really usable and they definitely have applications in other areas. Pitch them down and make some trendy London style deep house, chop them up and make them into a loop for your new electro or dubstep tune or simply slip them into your soulful house track as is. Plenty of cool bits to be used as inspiration here.

    What a great collection of rock style drums from Scott Rockenfield (that has to be an assumed name, right?!) This pack is stuffed to the rafters with quality drum hits, loops and fills that can instantly add a mosh pit feel to your tracks. No matter what genre you produce. Highly recommended if you're looking to inject some rock into your music.

    EDM MIDI Melodies

    Rating: 7/10

    This is a great collection of MIDI files which you could use as quick inspiration to get a track rolling. Pick out a melody you like, chop and change it about til you get something unique and within minutes you've got an idea on the go. There is plenty of stuff here for anyone who's a fan of electro house, and a lot of the melodies would sound just as good in dubstep or other genres too.

  • Oh la la! This pack is filled with cheeky French inspired electro and house samples that are purpose built to get you writing tracks quickly. There's loads of usable stuff here, whether you take a whole chord loop or just a few snippets of sound there's plenty here to inspire you. Great work Freaky Loops!

    Loop Tools & Grooves

    Rating: 7/10

    Packed with plenty of percussion, heavy hat hits and stupendous cymbals Wave Alchemy's Loop Tools & Grooves has got plenty of original and inspiring grooves to get your tracks moving. Mostly suitable for house and 4/4 genres but with a little ingenuity you could probably squeeze some of these bits into other styles too. We have!

    Deep Progressive House

    Rating: 8/10

    If, like us, you got into dance music loving DJs like Sasha and John Digweed then you may have dreamed of one day writing some progressive house anthems. Well, dream no more, once you've got your teeth into this sample pack you'll find plenty of loops and hits to help you on your way. Filled with really great sounds and lots of stuff to get you inspired quickly, this is a really strong sample pack for anyone wanting to be the next prog house hero.

    EDM & Main Room House

    Rating: 10/10

    Singomakers have crafted a pack of absolutely huge main room sounds here! This is a lesson in how to put a sample pack together. Hundreds of usable loops and sounds in .wav format that come coupled with MIDI sequences so you can easily build, change and add your own spin on everything here. If this doesn't get you churning out big room bangers in a matter of minutes then I don't know what will!

    Ultimate Strings

    Rating: 9/10

    This is an incredible pack of impressive string samples. Recorded beautifully, scored effortlessly and ready to be unleashed either as the main hook or as background instruments to a wide range of styles. Throw them in dry or chop them up and run them through your own FX. Either way, if strings are your thing, you'll find plenty of inspiration in this pack. Look forward to the second part of the Ultimate Collection series.

    Vintage Movie Vocals

    Rating: 10/10

    As the vintage Ronseal advert says "it does what it says on the tin." Here Resonance Sound give you a chunky pack filled with vintage movie samples that instantly conjour up the golden era of the big screen and will add some instant old skool sampler style sheen to your tunes. We've already found a space for one of these sample in a track and there's loads of usable bits in here for all kinds of genres. Great stuff!

    This is another great pack of dirty electro house samples from Noisefactory. These guys certainly know how to put a sample pack together and there's loads of useable stuff in here that will sneak into your tracks with ease. We're especially into the FX with some great uplifters, downlifters and impacts. Great stuff!

    GRRR! RAARRRR! AAARF! - these are some of the sounds you can expect to hear in this filthy pack of growling bass monsters (okay, maybe not "AAARF!") There's plenty here for dubstep, D&B and electro house producers to get their teeth into and within minutes you could have snarling beastly bass injected into your tracks.

    When we reviewed volume 1 of this series we said we couldn't wait to hear volume 2... well now we've heard it we're even more impressed! K-Tee has compiled loads of really strong sounds here, some great bass loops and hits, plenty of usable drums, great synths and FX. This is possibly the strongest D&B sample pack series we've come across. Amazing work!

    Strong selection of D&B samples that could be used to get your tracks moving quickly. Particularly keen on the breakbeats and drum hits, loads of good stuff there. Also some great FX too. Good package, well worth adding to your sound arsenal.

    This pack is full of razor sharp Samurai D&B samples! Friction and Icicle combine to create a pack that's heavy with extremely usable drums, bass noises, FX, classic stabs and lots more. Whether you're looking for a few crispy drum hits or full loops to get your tune up and running quickly, you'll likely find plenty to use here. Can't wait for volume 2!

    The Sound of Trap

    Rating: 10/10

    OH SNAP! It's the sound of trap! Is it just hip hop revamped? Is it a passing fad? Or is it the sickest bass music trend since Skrillex invented dubstep? [Calm down, Croydon, it's just a joke] - The jury is still out on these questions, but if you want to jump headlong into the hottest sound on the bass music block then you need to get this sample pack. A quick lesson in the kind of sounds trap producers are using complete a chunky slab of extremely usable loops, presets and drum hits. Well worth picking up.

    Ultimate Bass Shots

    Rating: 10/10

    Wicked sample pack. Loads of amazing bass samples for your tune making pleasure. Biggles!

    Big Room Tools Vol. 2

    Rating: 10/10

    Does exactly what it says on the tin, big room tools for your big room tunes. Loopmasters have given us yet another brilliant sample pack here. Loads of those big trance / house sounds that we all know and love.

    We were very pleasantly surprised by this incredible collection of string compositions. Beautifully scored and stunningly recorded, the strings sound amazingly warm and the effect is emotive. Not only do you get a selection of phrases and loops which you can sling straight into your tracks, but also MIDI files so you can easily build on the audio in the package. These strings could be used in hip hop, trap, dubstep or even drum & bass tracks with relative ease. Absolutely amazing work!

    This pack contains some great presets that could be used in electro house, dubstep, even drum & bass. There's loads of bass noises which just require some FX to make them into bassbin-worrying monsters, plus some cheeky leads and synths. If you're looking for something to add to tracks in the style of Skrillex, Wolfgang Gartner etc then this is definitely worth checking.

    Nu Skool Afro Tech 3

    Rating: 7/10

    There seems to be a lot of African sounds creeping in to dance music at the moment and this little collection should keep you ahead of the curve. Nu Skool Afro Tech contains some very nice vocal snippets, drum samples and synths that will help you create your own Afrobeat type track or lend a few influences to your other productions.

    This preset bundle has plenty for house producers to get their teeth into. Sharp basses, huge leads, epic pads and emotive stabs are all included in this pack, providing you with more than enough inspiration to start turning out some 4/4 hits in a matter of minutes.

    Not to be confused with the much discussed second wife of Henry Miller, June Miller are a dark and complex D&B duo and here they've turned out a collection of excellent samples that could be used in a wide variety of situations. Drums, bass, atmospheres and melody loops of the highest quality and plenty of stuff to help you get a quick groove going and a solid basis for your own track.

    Hands down one of the best sample packs I have ever heard! Blokhe4d have gone in on this one. Loads of amazing bass sounds, drum loops and individual hits that I can't wait to sink my teeth into.

  • Not gonna lie, some of the loops had me laughing, especially the use of tea kettle in a rap, genius! This does not, however, detract from the fact that I love this pack (if anything it's a bonus). There are a ridiculous number of great samples to be had here that could easily make it into any dance track. Perfect for all those one liners before a drop.

    Dirty Elements

    Rating: 8/10

    After trolling through almost every file in this pack we have to say bravo. A great collection of sounds and loops that we're looking forward to experimenting with. Let the inspiration flow.

    Loopmasters Present Dirty Dutch Massive Presets is anextremly useful package for anyone who wants to get into the electro house sound of the moment. Included in this package are plenty of leads, bass, FX and pads that should quickly inspire you to create your own take on this sound. Whether you're making house, dubstep or anything in between, you're likely to find something to use here. Not only that but Loopmasters have included a whole folder full of Midi files which means you'll have a groove running in next to no time.


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