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Da Sunlounge

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Da Sunlounge began DJ'ing in the deep house scene over 15 years ago. In the early days he was resident of the much-respected night 'Travelling Without Moving', playing alongside DJ's such as Terry Francis, Clive Henry, Rob Mello, Atjazz, Andy Wetherall, Rocky & Diesel. It was at this night, he played a dub plate of one of his first productions. Clive Henry of Peace Division heard it and immediately signed it to his label, Low Pressings. Da Sunlounge has been producing deep house music for over 13 years, with releases to date on some of the most recognised international labels within the industry, including Low Pressings UK, 2020 Vision, OM, Salted Music, Defected, Tango Recordings USA, Detour USA, Camouflage Recs CANADA, Ri'que JAPAN, Amenti Music, Developed Music USA, DoubleDown USA, So Sound USA, GreensKeepers Music, OneThirty Recordings, Lost My Dog and of course his own label's Myna Music and Bambino Recordings. In 2008 Da Sunlounge also started the Borrowed Music label along side Andy of Inland Knights, which has quickly made a big impact on the scene.


  • This pack is top quality and well worthy of a 10/10. I've been playing Fred's tracks in my DJ sets for years so I know his highly skilled production and attention to detail, without a doubt this shines through into the pack. The Chord stabs and drum loops are very very usable, you can tell the time and effort that's gone into all of the sounds in this pack! Grab it, it's the next best thing to having Fred in the studio with you :)

    Magnus Asberg

    Rating: 10/10

    This is a cracking pack, so much content to dig into that steps out of the norm and is instantly stand out. The sound quality of the loops have some great solid depth to them, you can tell that some high quality choice hardware and modular hardware has been used to create this pack, from the thumping drum loops, warm bass lines and just weird and wonderful modular loops. Pick this pack up as it will give your tracks that extra stand out sound you might be looking for.

    The voice of house music! What you would give for a collection of acapellas like this back in the day, I'd spend countless hours digging through my vinyl collection for any acapellas, here they supplied in abundance in great quality and royalty free ;) The song ideas are great if you want a more full vocal track, short phrase and spoken words are really useful for a little vocal hook now and again.

    An incredible sample pack. The Chords and instrument loops sound great, they work really well in a downtempo track or jazzy deep house vibes. The beats work a treat sat in the background of a house track, or right upfront for anything hip hop/downtempo. A must-have pack!

    Speakin' & Preachin'

    Rating: 9/10

    Great male and female vocal lines with attitude! Very classic 90's house vibe about them, especially the female/male preaching. Nicely divided into female, male, FX folders etc. Well worth picking this up as these type of vocal lines can really help bring a track together.

    A very clever rack for Ableton here, helping you to play chords & chord progressions with ease using any instrument of your choice. But it's the single chord rack I'm feeling here mimicking the classic chord memory features on some of the classic Roland and Korg synths.

    Some really nice swinging beats in this pack, something that's going to work in various styles of house. The synth tops are also very interesting and can add more flavour to your beats. But the tops and percussion loops are the highlights of the pack here, they really add some nice disco, percussive movement to your beats. Altogether a nice pack well worth having.

    House Exposure

    Rating: 8/10

    Some really up to date sounding house loops in this pack. Great sounding bassline and lead synths that work well for straight-up house, funky, soulful house vibes. The beat loops are solid with plenty to go at, with the added bonus of lots of hi-hat/top end loops that are really useful for building your own drum loops up.

    I'm a big fan of Papa records output, so had to check this out! Love the female vocal phrases in this pack, lovely calm & not too over powering, vocals that will sit into productions without too much effort. The Adlibs are great to add a vocal rhythm over your beats without getting in the way of the musical elements. The processed loops are also a nice addition to add some backing FX.

    Raw Skillz

    Rating: 9/10

    I'm all over these Rawcutz packs. The gritty sound of the samples are perfect to add that retro sound to your productions. Be it jazzy Hip Hop, down tempo or house music, these samples just work a treat. The musical loops are the treat in this pack, followed by the beat loops, use them to dirty up your clean cut beats by sitting them low in the mix. The single drum hits are well worth a visit too... crunchy goodness! Recommend you check out all the Rawcutz packs.

    Vintage Rhodes

    Rating: 10/10

    As it says on the tin Vintage Rhodes loops. And lots of them! This pack is just full of quality and very well recorded Rhodes samples. I'm going to say possibly the best Rhodes sample pack around right now, very usable as they are or get chopping and get creative with them.

    Soulful Hip Hop

    Rating: 9/10

    Amazing sounds in this pack, really like the sampled from vinyl sound/ vintage sampler vibe.. saves you time digging into the vinyl crates all day! You can use these in many genres of music not just hip hop, work really well for that warm Deep, Jazzy house vibe. the drums and chord/pads are top notch, good inspiration when starting a track.

    Deep House Salvation

    Rating: 9/10

    Very nice warm samples in this pack, has that deep lush house sound to it. Beats have a great lower end to them that helps thicken up your tracks, same goes for the b-lines. The musical loops have a real sense of quality about them too. All in all a great pack that will work for house, classic deep house right up todays current house genres.

    Modern bass,synth & key loops in this pack that will fit into any genre of house and all very well produced, I like the fact they are not over busy and easy to slip into a track. The beats are the stand out section for me, really useful as they are broken down into single elements so you can get creative with them.

    Smokers Unite

    Rating: 9/10

    The sounds in this pack are so nice! lovely crunchy LO-FI beats and musical loops. You could spend hours on end trying to find loops like these from vinyl.. or buy this and have them all at hand ready to go. Also very versatile to work in many genres of music.

    Some great riffs using great tones from various synths. These will sit well with deep,soulful or chilled out vibes. The extra Midi files are a great feature to get creative with.

    Nice pack here! some really funky loops to work with, almost has that classic sounding french /filter house vibe too them. But will sit perfect in todays modern house sounds. Beats are solid too!

    Some really useful loops in this pack. Drums are great and will fit into any style of house, especially if you are creative with them. Also features some great bass loops, again get creative and these will fit into most styles of house, not just jazzy house. Vocals are useful and so are the brass and key loops.. All in all a useful pack.

    A Korg MonoPoly inside your computer! I do tend to like an sampled synth rather than a plugin version. This pack really goes to town on creating some great presets for you to use and tweak.. But the huge bonus here are the Raw Oscillator files that you can start from scratch with inside your soft synth.

    A useful pack, nice beats, bass, and some good synth bits to play around with. One for the modern style of deep house but also has some classic sounding beat loops. This pack could fit into many styles of house with a little work.

  • Future House Vocals

    Rating: 8/10

    This is great, I just wish everyone never had access to them! :) Quality vocal lines and not cheesy sounding at all. Perfect for all house genres , chill etc etc.

    wow this is a great pack.. i've been using these sort of breaks for years.. Its kind of been our secret weapon in the studio to help fill out our beats by sitting them really low in the mix behind straight house beats... they really add something! this pack should keep us going for many more years!

    I've been working with this pack a lot.. It has some great beats and musical elements to work with. The hat and top loops are also really useful to help produce and create your own beats.. The vocal loops and ad libs are also great when you are looking for a good rhythmic vocal to spice any track up.

    Laidback House

    Rating: 7/10

    Just because it says laid-back house.. it doesn't mean these loops will not work in any style of house music! The single drum loops, i.e. snare loops, non kick loops are great for bedding out your beats with. The Bass loops are also very good.. the Percussive bass loops actually can work well to spice up beats, and the Sub bass loops sound really nice and warm.

    Very handy pack to have .. Really saves time on creating those fills and drops that add that extra something to your tracks. Its the down shifters, Noise downs, and Misc FX sections i'm getting the most use out of.. if you want a pack that has loads of FX and crazy sounds to drop right into your track, this is one of them.

    House Acapellas Vol. 1

    Rating: 8/10

    Very well recorded vocals here. I'm finding the spoken word section useful for getting a good groove started in your track. With such a good selection of vocals to choose from it makes it easy to cut up/pitch all the parts and create your own vocal parts and hooks. Very useful for all styles of music I would say. Thanks loopmasters.

    Rebel House

    Rating: 9/10

    A must-have pack for the deep house/tech producer. Initially, I randomly grabbed a loop from the percussion section which slotted into my current track a treat. In particular, I found the drum and percussion sections well produced and compliment productions nicely. The same can be said for the bass and musical sections. A good quality, versatile pack that you simply must check out!


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