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Few DJs and producers can claim as much diversity as Nick Riley and Andi Durrant. Best known as 2 of the UK’s favourite and musically diverse DJs, defying genres and resisting the usual rules of electronic music. They are producers, players and presenters, reaching over half a million people a week on their massively popular radio shows and pulling in crowds of thousands to their events and parties.


  • I'm no expert in this sound or field, but needed to borrow some reggae and dub elements to give the right sound and atmosphere to a remix we were working on. This pack blew me away - it's one of those loop masters classics where you could easily make an entire track from the parts provided. You can tell they've all been played and created with skill as well - these are loops and sounds from proper musicians who know their scene back to front. Good stuff.

    We really like this pack - full of interesting, intelligent and less-obvious loops and sounds. The Music loops are a highlight and the bass Rex's are absolutely brilliant for getting a groove started. There's a lot of stuff in here to so you should be able to find something exciting and unique. Covers a good range of styles to.

    Rather than giving you a broad selection of loops - bass, beats, sfx, leads etc, This is a pack purely made of percussion and drum loops - but because it specialises it does it really well. I've used quite a lot of these in current projects to fill out the top end of the percussion and give some interesting grooves to a track. Recommended if you want to get something interesting into your beats.

    This is honestly pretty brilliant. It's got a wealth of incredible loops and sounds that aren't obvious, cheesy or cliched. I'd recommend this for anyone making more underground music - in all kinds of scenes and styles. The stand out parts of this pack are the bass loops covering various tempos, but the drum loops are pretty cool too. Nice work!

    Drum & Bass Madness

    Rating: 8/10

    Some really good stuff in here. I usually stick to the artist-lead loop packs as a seal of quality, but this has got a lot of material in it, and I'm constantly finding useful shots, samples and loops. Covers a broad range of the D&B spectrum so if you're making anything around 175BPM I'd recommend grabbing this.

    This is an incredibly good loop pack to be honest.. full of interesting, forward-thinking sounds, melodies and atmospheres. I've always been a big fan of their tracks so was excited to have a listen to the pack, and it doesn't disappoint. The baselines and analogue synth loops are particularly good and can add subtle but very cool layers to any kind of electronic music. Recommended

    This is a BRILLIANT pack - full of loads of really current, interesting and different loops. There's some excellent musical and bass parts and some great beats and fx loops. It's not the biggest pack in the world - but what it lacks in quantity it more than makes up for in quality. Whether you're making house, electro, garage or D&B this is fantastic - especially for Reason users

    Getting realistic and beautiful sounding strings is one of the hardest things to achieve when you're working with electronic music. This pack gives you some really lush orchestral sounding strings that can be used in loads of different genres of dance music. Real high-end stuff that I'd totally recommend.

    Full Funk Bass

    Rating: 7/10

    This is very very very very funky.. Pretty much does what it says on the tin - loads of live bass style guitar loops and patterns. Probably a good time to experiment with this kind of sound with the return of Daft Punk and the trend for less EDM style sounds. Definitely recommended for anyone looking to add some funk to their productions in any genre.

    A legend in the world of house music.. if you grew up listening to Rhythm Masters remixes and tracks in the late 90s you'll know that Steve Mac has a genre defining sound that still sounds fresh and exciting. It's a bit of a privilege for us mere mortals to have access to some of these awesome drum loops and sounds. Only downside is that we want more! Recommended

    As a relative novice in the world of making Drum & Bass this pack was invaluable for a recent remix project - some incredible high end sounds, awesome reason loops and sfx. Highly recommended - and not just for people making D&B - the wealth of sounds and drums could make it useful for most style of electronic music

    Lots of content in here - and not just suitable for the whole swedish sound - as long as you're making music around the 125-130bpm range you'll find some interesting little bits in here - from melody top lines and baseline loops to some interesting sounds and effects. It's also got some very useful midi melodies so you're not tied to using an specific sounds. A great little toolbox pack.

    EDM MIDI Melodies

    Rating: 9/10

    This is really very very good.. perfect for getting inspiration when you're starting writing or working on a new track or remix. You can also ignore the whole EDM thing if you're not in that scene - these are just good high quality midi loops to start you off with great melody ideas or top lines. Recommended

    This is a cool little "toolbox" type pack for those looking for a bit of inspiration and help in the deeper shade of dance music. It's got loads of bass loops and a good variety of sounds - from rolling sub bass to more gritty synths. This is not a pack that you could make an entire track out of - but if you're doing that you're in the wrong game anyway! It's quite a subtle set of loops but you'll find them creeping into all kinds of productions - filling out that elusive gap and giving tracks a nice bit of bounce.

    This is a really useful tool for people currently making mainly instrumental dance music. Style wise it's sat pretty firmly around the EDM and Drum n Bass scene, and while there isn't actually any full "songs" in there is great for little snippits, ad libs and short loops. Its also really useful for getting ideas down for melody and top lines. Definitely a pack worth having in the armoury :)

    This is genuinely one of the best packs we've ever had the pleasure of using. Jam-packed full of really useful music, bass and drum loops that would suit a big cross-section of styles - not just "EDM".. whatever that is! :) We would definitely recommend this but hope that nobody actually buys it so we can keep all the loops for own tracks.

    A good solid toolbox-type pack with a more no nonsense back-to-basics approach. There's no fancy overly-produced stuff in here - but this absolutely perfect if you're looking for great drum loops to fill out your tracks or give you inspiration for all kinds of house music. Loads of different styles, loads of different tempos and loads of variety. Recommended.

    Tech House Synths

    Rating: 8/10

    Some really useful bits in this pack, we recently used some of the loops in a remix for a major. Theres some lovely chord loops in there that come in really useful for inspiration and also loads of other loops to build grooves from. The sampler patches are pretty fat too!

    If you are in to your deeper side of house, this is a pack that should be top of your list! There are plenty of wicked bass and percussive loops which should help you out getting a quality groove going. The vocal stabs are also fun to mess about with too. All in all a really cool pack full of everything you'll need to get going on a deep house / techno project...

    We've never given a pack 10/10 before, but this is actually the best Loopmasters pack we've ever used. It's actually annoying that other people are going to have access to these loops and sounds - they're so good we want to keep them all for ourselves! We've already used a few in some recent remixes and taken inspiration from some of the other music loops to add new elements to our tracks. Full recommendion 10/10

  • A decent pack with a good cross-genre selection of rex loops to use in your tracks. A lot of the stuff in here is a bit different and more interesting than the usual, so it's worth grabbing especially if you use a lot of REX2 loop within your productions.

    Although it's smaller then some of the other artist packs, what this lacks in quantity it makes up for in quality. Lots of weird and wonderful sounds and fx that you don't hear very often - for anyone looking for something a bit more unique, or to add a little bit of spark and difference to a track. The drums are really cool and for Reason users the Rex Loops are great - and again very different to anything we've had before.

    Lick Me Guitars

    Rating: 8/10

    How many electronic music producers can play guitar? How many decided to learn to mix instead of decks? Most probably, but now it doesn't matter - whack any of these brilliant loops into your projects and emo groupies will be queueing outside your house. Leather jackets, winklepickers and skull encrusted jewellery will appear in your wardrobe.. Girls will fall at your feet and money will rain down from the sky. Possibly. Lots of really good guitar sounds and loops for EDM producers.

    This is one of the best Loopmasters packs we've had for a very long time. Prok & Fitch are one of the most solid house producers in the UK so to get some of the sounds and samples is fantastic. There's some really good stuff in here - from a wealth of drum loops to some properly brilliant synths and sounds. A must buy for anyone making house and progressive. Awesome

    We've used so many bits from this pack, there are no "fillers" in there, just pure quality loops making up the very much sound of now! It's packed with some pretty vicious bass, alongside some classic drum loops and some really powerful stabs. A must have for anyone producing the more bass driven electro side of house. Wicked!

    Swedish House

    Rating: 9/10

    Without wanting to sound stupid, this does exactly what it says on the tin. Some really big synth loops that will help create some huge breakdowns as well as loads of bass loops to make strong, quality grooves. If you are after making a big summer anthem, this pack with defo put you on the right track.

    Black Noise Warehouse

    Rating: 9/10

    This is one of the most useful packs we've ever had.. full of interesting and unique sounds and loops that can fit in a load of cross-genre tracks and projects. The drum loops and bass loops were particularly good for adding a bit of grit and aggression to some recent projects. We a couple of bits from this pack in recent remix for Laidback Luke and Steve Aoki's "Turbulence" track. Fully recommended.

    French Electro House

    Rating: 9/10

    This is probably one of the best loop packs we've downloaded. Far too many wicked bass loops to choose from, so you will be covered for ages!!! The synths are also really good, loads of variety and lots of interesting fx that always come in useful. Using a couple of the bass loops in a remix for a major label as I write!


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