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With an unmatched source of energy and precision, he is a master of two turntables, the production studio and Kung Fu! The music transmitting from TeeBee hits like a bold of lightning but the difference is that this it's bound to strike more than once. Torgeir Byrkines, reigning from the icey region of Bergen, Norway, packs an arsenal of unstoppable surround-sound audio kicks for your mind to move to and your body to groove to.


  • Original Jungle Breaks

    Rating: 8/10

    Great selection of breaks ready to be chopped, reversed, pitched, layered, re-pitched re-reversed, drowned in reverb, timestretch. In other words : THIS IS FUN !!!!! Great for layering too in these FM dominated transient snap obsessed times and adding some real soul into the otherwise sterile environment. I really like this. Brought out the kid in me. Essential

    Solid pack from the Foursome! Great selection of beats and quite varied as well. I think where the pack really shines is in the percussion loops. So many great sounding loops that will fill out thin sounding breaks. Full of flair and finesse, Fourward deliver a pack of sonic excellence. I highly recommend this pack

    Really useful this! Loads of good beats, great inspiring sounds all around and great fx section. Really nice to see a proper grafted pack amongst all the noise. Highly recommend. ;,;,;,;,;,;,;,;,;,;,;,;,;,;,;,;,;,;,;,;,;,;,;,;,;,;,;,;,;,;,;,;,;,;,;,;,;,;,;,;,;,;

    My new go-to pack for really inspirational and well recorded texture rhythms. The placement in the stereo field is amazing on some of these loops. I think creatively, your mind is the limit too, as these will fit in any genre of modern music needing a spice of something different, yet appealing. Some nice little extra bits in the bonus sections of each loop folder too. If you make music in any genre, this pack is full of wonders.

    Some lovely keys to get the creativity flowing. Rich in content and some really subtle nice moving bass loops. not really much to put my finger on here, overall the standard is high and the content is great value. Would recommend across the board, not genre specific at all. Very good for inspiration and building original material around the loops as starting point.

    Smokers Blend

    Rating: 7/10

    A lot freaky good rhodes loops. Also liking some of the beat loops, but a lot of them are actually out of phase. Maybe the kids today don't care about phase! Really liking some of the bass loops too, especially the tone of some of them. A lot of good unique hits to chop out and play with here. Overall, would deffo come back for more.


    Rating: 9/10

    I've always been a sci-fi fan, so I approached this one with extreme caution, expecting to be 100% let down, as I do with almost anything in this category. I couldn't have been more wrong. this is absolutely stunning. The execution and quality of every single sound will find a use. the starting points themselves are so utterly brilliant on most of this I find it hard to improve, yet alone wanting to change anything. If you're looking for that otherworldly unidentified dangerous unknown, look no further. Get creative with this and you could end up making something really special. Stunning.

    Wow. There is nothing in here that is filler. Every beat is expertly eq'ed and compressed. The image is fast attic. Every bass is hitting all the right frequencies. Every music loop makes me feel something. Every effect is sublime. This is my favourite Drum & Bass sample pack of all time.

    Berlin Tech Sessions

    Rating: 8/10

    This one is excellent! The content isn't overwhelming but what is there is absolutely spot on. Every beat, every fx loop, every bass , it is all special. Very inspiring. Some of these loops are so good I'm having a hard time making something better! Proper Techno. Great tools and a fantastic sonic reference point!

    Ultimate House Stabs

    Rating: 7/10

    A one trick pony, but a fantastic trick! This will cover your need for any stab that might fit your mood for a long time. Great sonics and full of vibe. Excellent addition to whatever genre you produce

    Fantastic starter sounds from Icicle,as expected . So much room to take these patches further and really gain a knowledge of FM synthesis . There will be something for everyone here,regardless of genre . Great stuff

    Chords & Stabs

    Rating: 7/10

    Does exactly what it says on the tin!It also does it quite well . If you make House,Techno,Drum & Bass,or any music that allows for the use of mice stabs and chord variations,this is a go to pack for just that . Nice variation in processing and clean too,so definitely something for everyone !

    Ultimate DnB Drums

    Rating: 7/10

    If you're not into making your own drums ,or better yet,still learning to make your own drums,this pack will be extremely useful . Some really good snare hits,some great loops,but what really sets it appart from the rest is the split layers,where snares,kicks and hats/percussion are single audio tracks . Fantastic carracter in some of the snares makes them ideal for hi cutting and layering . A great go-to drum pack to get the creativity flowing

    Complete Drums

    Rating: 7/10

    With a little creativity,this pack is close to all you need if the sonics are in your preference . They indeed are in mine . Very well rounded and to the point of more than what you need ! Essential

    An overall great collection of ready-to-go percussion,drums and bass . All eq'ed to perfection as expected from this legendary outfit . Great work,highly recommended .

    Amazing collection of really useful sounds regardless of genre. Some really inspiring drums, bass, piano and rhodes sections to spark creativity. A really well thought out and all round solid sample pack. Highly recommended.

    This pack does exactly what it says on the tin. If you are after that classic 80's computer game sound then look no further. It is all here and some. A one stop shop for all your computer game sounds needs.

    I had high hopes for this as I love their musical output . I was not let down . Although sparse in content,here less really is more .Every single bass,snare,kick,hat and musical element serves a purpose and is inspiring in itself . Regardless of genre , this is a buy on sight

    Vintage Rhodes

    Rating: 7/10

    Does exactly what it says.Great to inject these iconic keys into productions . I love the sound and the variety on display here.something for everyone , regardless of genre .

    I'm a huge fan of DLR . He is one of our current audio scientists.This pack is filled with ready-to-use beats,bass and music . As expected the twisted bass loops stand out and are excellent .They'll be a welcome addition to any genre of music that needs that little undefinable magic sprinkle . The challenge here is to make the sounds your own as they are so good to start with . An essential buy from a genius producer

  • Once in a while,the sheer content of a sample pack is so immense that you could make a whole album of it.If you are lazy ! This is one of those.At first glance,I was intimidated as to how much stuff there was to go through.For me,this is the most complete,abstract,alien sounding sample pack I've found in a vert long time.The quality shines through in every section and whoever did this,put a good dose of love into it . Highly recommended .

    Neuro Bass Factory

    Rating: 7/10

    As with most of these specific packs I'm always a bit on the fence even before listening.However,this pack has enough variety to be a valuable addition to anything.If your production need that little something extra to give it an edge ,the sounds and basses on offer here are quite something .I had moments of shouting out loud whilst auditioning sounds.Great stuff.

    Robostep V2

    Rating: 8/10

    If you are into Science Fiction or any some sort of hydraulic type of sound,this is a MUST buy ! The variety and recordings are spectacular .If you want your productions to be sprinkled in star dust and undefinable doom,this is for you as well!Amazing variety,amazingly clever,and all round seriously sick! I for one felt inspired to go make a life size Autobot !

    Neuro DnB

    Rating: 7/10

    I have to admit,at first I thought this was going to be average at best,but as I scrolled through each construction kit's individual sounds,my mood changed and I was actually quite surprised!Even tho this is niche stuff,there are a lot of great FM synths and basses with great movement and debt .The drums are a great starting point as well as all the raw sounds in here are really well eq'ed and balanced .Overall,it's going to take loads of time mapping out the different sounds in samplers but It'll be worth it .Regardless of what music you make there is something in here that will trigger your creativity.Great package

    If you are into field recordings this is a dream.Amazing quality,great themes and so many little moments that will spark creativity and an infinite number of options once you start processing .Great for all types of music production to inject something human,or twist it up to the unrecognizable . A great deal of love has gone into recording these . Buy on sight

    As a long time fan of C4C I was looking forward to this.Some great tools in here to get you started and some really inspiring basses,beats and atmospheres . A solid addition to your audio arsenal regardless of genre .

    This is alright.Some good grooves here,and if you're after the authentic 303 sound there is plenty of good loops to chose from . Some fantastic fx and great bass loops adds to a great package full of ready-to-go beats . I recommend .

    Solid pack from Leon Switch . Something for everyone ,reardless of your musical direction . Good organic drum kits with identity and a good selection of layered bass sounds makes this well worth the attention .

    Solid package from the sonic wizards . I've been following their career from its infancy and they've come a long way . Great building blocks here,as everything is so sterile and sonically correct.Great for layers into more organic sounding beats and synths . Overall a solid package . Worth it alone for the spooky orchestral parts .

    Solid package from Break,one of my favorite producers within this genre .Great organic drum loops and a really nice section of hi hats and rides.But it is all about that low end tho . Break is a master of the gut rattling horror bass.Regardless of genre,there is something inspiring for you in here,perfectly executed .

    Essential Bass House

    Rating: 7/10

    A lot of really good content here.inspiring bass loops good for writing content around.Beats section is fairly good and the FX section is great .One of my problems with it is the heavy sidechaining going throughout most of the loops.They'd be a lot more useful if there was a no sidechain option as well . Gets deducted two points for the Back Loops.A folder made of pretty much the same hi hats are not useful .Very inspiring altogether for the up and coming producer.

    Very unique sounding drums.Not what I expected at all .Some great tools for the more experimental side of music generally.Really well produced stuff on offer here,as to be expected from Chris .My favorite section was the percussion/hi hats.Expertly recorded and not overly processed.Just right to slot into any production with minimal effort.

    Really well put together and quite diverse as well.Strong beat section that instantly gave me a vibe.Loads of really good basses as well .This selection has not randomly been thrown together.A lot of work went into this.Highly recommend it .

    Really inspiring sound selection overall.Well thought out and diverse.If you're looking for that something extra to spice up your tracks somewhere outside the norm,this pack is loaded with it.I instantly found myself inspired,wanted to put these sounds to use!Only drawback is the template is set to 140 for each sound with FX,so get yourself a good time stretch algorithm!Must have.

    Filled with great content.Loads of inspiring melodies expertly recorded.this is amazing for inspiration and jamming around.Inclusion of Midi files is excellent as well . Loads of emotion and a huge amount of varied content makes this a must have !

    A really overall solid samplepack.I'm really into the rythm section with a great variety of not overly processed ,real sounding percussion .Enough carracter so that it can be moulded,but with the just right amount of bite and presence , Loads of really good kicks and drum elements in general . Found a home for some of these already ! Great stuff .

    Oriental Orchestra

    Rating: 7/10

    For what this is,it hits the spot 100% . Pretty good recordings,a nice variety of themes and a good selection for each BPM group . I'd like to see even more content tho,and in BPM's a little closer together , as real bow instruments doesn't really timestretch well .

    It's amazing to me every time I get insight into how another Producer thinks and works .It always unlocks another creative lock in my brain and makes me think slightly different.This sample pack is one such moment,where the sound design and approach is so far away from how I do it myself,yet makes perfect sense once I got my head around it.The beats especially are miles from my own ideology,but very fresh whilst still paying homage to the heritage that is DnB music . Good selection of inventive and quirky loops , with a focus on keeping it quite organic sounding and with amazing control within the stereo image . The bass loops are weird,but wonderful , with enough variety to be of use for anyone,regardless of genre . A great selection of music loops , again , not just for the DnB fanatics but of use and inspiration across the spectrum . I'd say this is another sure shot winner from Loopmasters,and a great follow up to the amazing Octane & DLR sample pack . Essential purchase .

    To be perfectly honest . Sample cd's like this slightly upset me!!They make it entirely too easy for anyone to draw key elements for a hit without having to really try . This sample pack is amazing .The volume is incredible with 150 beat loops,all expertly engineered . After auditioning every single music loop , I found myself thinking there is absolutely nothing here I couldn't put to use if I wanted too . From an audiophile point of view , this is breathtaking . Buy on sight!

    One word sums up the quality of this sample pack - AMAZING ! As far as engineering goes , Octane & DLR are as good as it gets . The way the beats snap and punch is so expertly compressed and eq'ed they'll slot perfectly into any dnb production with ease . The bass is a whole other monster . Although quite specialist and focusing on the darker styles , this is essential .

  • Great selection of current sounds to fit into any Tech House tune . Well engineered beats , nice inspiring riffs and great bass work makes this an essential purchase for every aspiring Tech House producer . I've already slotted a few sounds into the last minute updates on a few of our album tunes! I dare anyone to spot them tho !! Regards Tee

    Overall a great package from James Harcourt.Bass loops have loads of flair and really nice textures,not just for using what's there but sounds that'll easily fit in a sampler as a one shot.The beats section is worth the asking price alone for me.Everything you need from great loops to collect inspiration to wonderful one shots to create your own.All expertly engineered. Very impressive stuff!!


    Rating: 7/10

    Although quite specialist , what really grabs me with this pack is the quality of the general audio . sounds really analogue and rich , the verbs are alive and the filtering is pristine . With a bit of creativity these sounds can add a little extra sparkle to any production .

    Real Strings

    Rating: 7/10

    Great recordings and top quality harmonies makes this a nice addition to anyone searching for that holy grail of recordings without breaking the bank! Great usability and overall a very impressive package

    Swedish House

    Rating: 7/10

    Overall good beat-loop section . Loads of stuff to catch a vibe from straight away. I'm a little worried tho that some of these are "too" ready to use, and in that process will end up in tons of tracks, but hey... Royalty free!!! The riff and general music loops are great as well, for catching that vibe and build around. A few of the loops where so good I thought I recognized them from various tunes on the radio!! Overall a great package, very well engineered and sonically spot on for that poppy house sound.

    When I first heard the beats in this sample pack I was certain it would be scoring a 7 regardless of the rest of the content . Really well engineered , but with enough rawness to still be relevant . Somewhat expected from one of the real unsung heroes of our scene , but a few of those kits are really brilliant . The bass section is amazing as well , with some real room for creativity and I love the split layers . As an aspiring DnB producer , everything you need and some is in here to get going on the "right" track ! Musical content is awesome as well and the full loops section gives a real insight into what's needed to create fullness in a track . A great tutorial and a fantastic selection of sounds make this , for me , the best DnB sample pack ever released !

    Wow I'm really really impressed with this one. The beats alone are worth it alone! Amazingly well engineered ready-to-fit straight in to your mix kicks and amazingly funky top loops. Sonically these must be some of the best engineered House Beats I've heard in any sample pack. The bass loops are great as well with some real originality to them. The only thing I'll deduct from is the musical loops, as I felt they let it down somewhat by only being good!! Great stuff :) -Teebee

    Deadmau5 XFER

    Rating: 9/10

    Even tho this pack has been around for a while , I still hold it in high regards due to the sheer amount of ready-to-go loops . Very inspiring to build stuff around and capture some of that Deadmau5 magic ! The one shots as well are proper from start to finish . I always find something useful from this ,and due to multiple HD crashes ,, this is my 4th copy !

    This is an amazing sample pack . but I do have to draw a point due to the somewhat weak Beat section . The musical loops are really versatile with loads of vibe and feeling . I really hope I get to use some of those deep house chords before someone else draws for them ! Top stuff . Also , some amazing bass loops in there and it's very easy to get creative and cut out the parts you'd want to make your own . The Perc section is versatile as well , with loads of "real" instruments for that authentic sound if that's what you're after . The vocal parts that are there are brilliant ,just wish there was more ! very impressed with alex Niggerman's sample pack ! Buy on sight!!

    Overall I'm very happy with the content in this sample pack . The variety and choice of sounds is very flexible and allows for great creativity from the get go . Loads of great synth loops that catches a vibe straight away and are excellent for building elements around . The bass loops are also solid . The selection of one shot's are excellent , especially the World Percussion folder , with loads of caracter and flair . Every producer,regardless of genre can find some gold in here .

    The beats in particular are really well eq'ed and will fit right into any "minimal" track as a great backbone straight away ! Overall a great package with very high standards . Everything is pretty much ready to get used without much need for processing ...

    Jamie Anderson has given any aspiring Tech House producer loads of really solid loops to work with . I'd say the REX part of this package is worth the money alone! All round very good loops , especially the construction grooves,where he really breaks each loop into single elements. Great for learning how it should be done for anyone aspiring to build their own drum loops from scratch . Everything is really well produced so no additional eq-ing is really needed on any of the drum loops . Just get on with being creative! There is also a really nice selection of music loops and one shots . But for me,the standout part is the drum loops! Buy on sight! - Teebee


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