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Faze Action

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Faze Action are the UK band founded by Simon and Robin Lee. They went started in 1995 and went on to create the underground 'cello led classic , "In the Trees", on the groundbreaking Nuphonic label in 1997. Having since released 4 albums including the critically acclaimed "Stratus Energy" and gained recognition as a top live act touring heavily and playing live at Glastonbury and supporting Groove Armada. Faze Action are constantly working hard on new material in the studio in between performing Dj sets and live shows all over the world.


  • Opolopo Electro Funk

    Rating: 9/10

    Not too many producer packs out there in this style and what style there is. It's very much got a vibe of 1981 but with a modern twist with very crisp and full sounding kick drums. Snare drums with plenty of fizz and enough low end to be balanced. Cutting hi hats that are easy to slot into a multitude of different styles and projects. The bass sounds are also wide and full and are the kind of sounds that you might find on a boogie record or an electro record from the early 80's New York. The fx sounds are sizeably dramatic and I can see myself using them in a variety of different ways. With lead sounds that are very much from the analog school and a fully sampled Rhodes mk2 (my rhodes of choice), this is a well put together pack. The loops are passes of one sound doing simple patterns. Which is handy if you need to quickly throw something in the mix to set your beats off. I would love to here some full composite loops from this exciting producer in the future.

    Syncussion Drums

    Rating: 8/10

    A huge of array of sounds from glitchy 8 bit disco vibes all the way to booming bottom feeding kicks via crisp sci fi vibes. Syncussion, seems to have a sound for every song that your working on. Along with the high quality sound recording this is a package that would suit every kind of producer no matter what genre your working in. Organised in an easy to use manner with Kicks and snares separated out for you so it is very easy to audition your sounds. All the samples seem to cut through your mixes like butter. Highly recommended.

    Some seriously crisp and fizzy drum loops have been included in this pack from Loopmasters. Always staying one step ahead of the game. This package could be Loopmasters edgiest yet. A host of Moog Basses as well as live and slap Bass sounds adorn this masterful collection and that's just the loops. Drums with a tempo range that will inspire rather than make you make the same old thing. Piano's, Arps and Synth stabs that grab your attention. It's a feast for the ears. Indie Dance and Nu Electro is a very well put together and eclectic mix of sounds that will help your music come alive.

    The first thing that strikes you about this sample pack is the eclectic nature of all the content. Justin Robertson is no newcomer and so he has a wide and varied taste. Having a wide and varied taste makes for a very high quality output. Evident in this masterful collection. From analogue to digital and organic to electronic and back again all the loops have a user friendlyness to them. From squelching techy basses to slap bass guitar and more punkish vibes. Swirling arps and useful guitars. The vocal effects are a nice addition here too. Good work all round.

    What you get in this package is the most classic synth basses of all time. The Moog Taurus is on some very big records from back in the day. Organised and formatted for various samplers and players, there is nothing lacking here. Along with the basic patches that are on the original machine, you also get some extra patches and layered sounds too. With some well known sounds that have been sampled and organised in a very easy to use manner. This is a top notch pack.

    Minimal Tech Vox

    Rating: 7/10

    Top notch vocal samples and loops all put together with loving care by loopmasters. What I like about this package is that it isn't just the usual "yeah's" and "ooh baby"'s (although there are some of those). It's much more imaginative than that. The vocal loop grooves were a pleasant surprise indeed. That's what this package is. A pleasant surprise.

    Designer Dance FX

    Rating: 7/10

    I was experimenting with those transitional sound effects and wanted to try something a bit different so I downloaded Designer Dance FX.Meg upon meg of huge breakdown's, wooshes and sirens plus single hits and chords as well was what greeted me. This sample pack will do exactly what it says it will do. It will help you deliver those hands in the air moments in your tracks that you need to get people excited about your music. It's all there. If there is one criticism then I would say that some of the wooshes do sound a bit similar but then again they are designed to do a certain kind of thing and they do it very well.

    Disco Drops

    Rating: 7/10

    With the current resurgence in the popularity of disco I opened up Disco Drops Multi-Track Vol. 1 with some trepidation. Would I be opening up a world of tight house like drum loops with the odd cowbell. All at one tempo. Luckily not. In fact I was pleasantly surprised to find some very authentic live drums. In fact they are completely live at several different tempo's with percussion as well. All ready for you to work with. I opened the logic project version. The drums aren't bang in time. You would think that would be a hindrance right? On the contrary, what you actually get is the feel of what you would have had back in the 70's with tempo's moving ever so slightly. If you want it dead straight then it's easy to loop up a bar or chuck the whole thing through flex time. As for now the tempo is mapped. This product is not for total beginners though. You still have to mix and process the drums to suit your sound. Also, a good thing in my book. If your looking for well recorded, authentic disco drums, this is a great place to start.


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