Here is a collection of great tutorials on how to get under the hood of Camel Audio's amazing CamelPhat and CamelSpace. These products have won numerous awards including Electronic Musicians Editors Choice, Keyboard Key Buy and Computer Music’s Platinum Award, and are used by many leading musicians such Orbital, Sasha, BT, Coldcut, Danny Elfman and Hans Zimmer. Check out these Camel Audio tutorials to see what they are capable of!


Four characteristically different distortion effects are included, which can be used separately or blended together to create an endless variety of tones. The unique ‘Magic EQ’ enhances the low end like nothing else – it’s the perfect kick drum sweetener! Add to that an easy-to-use analogue-modelled compressor, three resonant filters, two LFOs and an envelope follower, and you’ve got one seriously phat package!

Below is an overview of CamelPhat. CamelPhat is the ultimate phattening processor! A powerful ‘colouring’ multi-effect that’s been specially engineered to work wonders on guitar, bass and drums, adding warmth, punch and presence wherever they’re required.

Below is a more in-depth look with Ben Rosser into the CamelPhat, here you can can listen to its possibilities.

This video gives a step by step tutorial to making a saw synth with Analog and Camelphat.


An enormously powerful 128-step ‘trance gate’ sequencer controls panning, filter cut-off and volume, while independent LFOs provide still more mind-boggling modulation options. A tempo-synced stereo delay and powerful auto-panner ensure that your sounds are always on the move, while an enhancer (with ‘Xcita’ and soft saturation), a flanger and a high-quality reverb all add ‘sparkle’.

Here is an overview of CamelSpace. CamelSpace can take any sound you throw at it, be it a pad, a synth line or a drum loop, and generate a dizzying array of dynamically-evolving, gated rhythmic textures.

The following is a run through of some of the more advanced step sequencer features in Camel Audio’s “Camel Space” plugin.

Below is another great tutorial demonstrating CamelSpaces’s sound design ability for creating ambient textures using the plugin -

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