Sinevibes Deep Animated Filter AU Plugin - Features Review with Marc Adamo.  In depth features and user guide of the 'Deep Animated Filter' from Sinevibes, presented by master producer Marc Adamo.

What is the Sinevibes Deep Animated Filter?

Sinevibes Deep Animated Filter is an Audio Unit plugin for creating rhythmic filter effects. Its flexible envelope sequencer runs precisely synchronized to your DAW and modulates an ultra-steep, -48 dB/octave low-pass filter with a dense yet delicate sound.  Multiple shaping and timing options, as well as an intuitive, high-contrast interface, make Deep a universal and fun-to-use tool – no matter which music style you work with.

•    Apply complex filtering patterns onto any instrument parts.
•    Re-process and mangle beat loops with perfectly matched timing.
•    Transform static, lifeless sounds into spectrally and rhythmically rich new material.

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