Producertech course leader and Ableton certified trainer Rob Jones, gives us a complete break down of the new BIGKICK plugin from

In this video Rob guides us through the useful featured set of this plugin and shows how you can sculpt your own mix ready ready Kick drums in minutes, taking advantage of the simple drag and export sample function built into BIGKICK.
BIGKICK - Key Features
    •    Kick drum synthesis – can replicate the majority of today’s and yesterday’s kick sounds*.
    •    Factory library includes 300+ attack types and 110 presets
    •    Tuned kick drums
    •    Easily integrates with your existing sample libraries
    •    Easier to use than any previous kick drum design tool
    •    Drag-and-drop sample creation
    •    Auto-play mode for instant start and jamming
    •    No phase shift free sound shaping
    •    Overdrive
    •    High pass filter (again, phase shift free): avoid nasty surprises in the bottom end!
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