Show and tell video of ‘The Attic’ - a suite of hyper-sampled retro analogue Kontakt instruments from SonicCouture, with producer Rob Talbott.   About The Attic - Do You Dream In Analogue?   The Attic: is a project to document and sample interesting, characterful instruments that may not always be the obvious choice when we think of classics. Instruments which, when added to a track, instantly add some special magic, even if it is due to the fact that it sounds a bit cheap or quirky.   We asked around some friendly producers: Neil Davidge, Adrian Utley and Liam Howe were all happy to open up their attics to us, and the resulting collection is a fascinating journey into the corners early analogue synthesis, offering a huge palette of sounds to reach into when you need colour, character and exuberance. Preset Library   The Attic features a comprehensive library of 350 presets, arranged into the following categories:     •    Bass     •    Strings     •    Keys     •    Pads     •    Lead     •    SFX Key Specs       •    Library Specifications     •    10 unique sampled analogue instruments     •    24 bit 44.1 khz stereo sampling     •    7.9 GB library (with Kontakt NCW compression)     •    350 presets     •    Every note sampled from original units     •    Attack variation modelling or round-robin alternate samples     •    Oscillator drift modelling     •    Original reverb IRs       •    Custom effects panel with Soniccouture impulse response reverb library     •    Compatible with free Kontakt Player 5 - VST AU RTAS For more information and pricing visit the Plugin Boutique here. Enjoy!