Show and tell video of ‘Emotional Piano' Kontakt Player instrument from Soundiron with producer Rob Talbott.

About Emotional Piano Player Edition

This deeply sampled grand piano library is dedicated to soundtrack scoring and expressive, soulful songwriting. We focused on capturing the wide, resonant warmth and softness of a gorgeous Kawai grand.

The sound of a piano is defined by a thousand things, from the lacquer on the wood to the hardness of the felt in the hammers. The goal was purely sound: a soft, deeply resonant, rich, lush, warm and truly soulful sound and Emotional Piano perfectly captures this.
The GUI offers a full range of control parameters that let you freely shape your own sound and tone, and it ships with a variety of ready-made style presets that present some of the many sides this piano has to offer. Plus it includes special effects, custom room and FX convolution impulse loading, and bonus atmospheric presets.
    •    Full 88 Key Concert Grand Piano
    •    Dry studio recording, with ultra close, yet wide natural stereo imaging
    •    Extensive velocity layering per note
    •    Extensive Release sampling per note
    •    Pedal SFX samples with round robin
    •    1,716 Samples (lossless ncw format)
    •    35 .nki files (locked format)
    •    2.57 GB installed (5 GB uncompressed)
    •    24 bit / 44.1kHz stereo compressed ncw format
    •    Format(s): Kontakt 4 .nki and lossless .ncw
    •    Works with the free Kontakt Player

Form more information and demo download visit here.