In depth walkthrough of the new version of isotope’s flagship mastering system Ozone 6, with producer Rob Talbott.   About: Ozone 6 - Creative Mastering Platform Elevate a good-sounding mix to a professional-sounding master with Ozone. iZotope’s critically acclaimed mastering software has all the tools you need to produce a full and polished sound. With a striking new interface and a modern workflow, Ozone 6 both guides and inspires your creativity at every step. The Advanced version of Ozone 6 includes a powerful new Dynamic EQ that lives and breathes with your music, as well as eight component plug-ins and a suite of configurable meters. Key Highlights     •    Get essential mastering tools: Equalizer, Dynamics, Maximizer, Exciter, Imager, Post Equalizer, Dither, and Dynamic EQ [Advanced only].     •    Harness the sonic texture of classic analog gear with even deeper digital control.     •    Make smarter mix decisions aided by robust, real-time visual feedback throughout all modules.     •    Quickly achieve authentic sounds for any genre with a comprehensive bank of presets.     •    Master your audio within or outside your audio editing software with both plug-in and standalone options. What’s New In Ozone 6     •    New Analog Hardware-modeled EQ filter shapes     •    Surgical Mode allows for extreme cuts with minimum slope.     •    Variable EQ Phase Control     •    Seamless Bypass     •    Customizable Signal Chain     •    Module Gain Meters     •    Transient Emphasis     •    Triode and Dual Triode Exciter Modes     •    Stereoize Control for adding width to narrow or mono recordings     •    Variable Knee Compression     •    Dynamics Detection Enhancements     •    New Component Plug-in Presets with Ozone Advanced.     •    Standalone Application For more information visit here.