In depth walkthrough of the Lindell Audio Channel X channel strip plugin bundle.  Does it live up to the original hardware?  Producer Rob Jones shows us round the suite of tools, and looks into the sound characteristics.

Channel X Strip Package Details
The Channel X bundle contains the 3 plugins:

    •    6X-500 preamp / filters plugin
    •    7X-500 FET compressor plugin
    •    PEX-500 passive EQ plugin
Plus a mega channel strip housed in a 506 Power box - The sound is true to the hardware!

Channel X Plugin - Key features

6X-500 Pre

    •    Faithful hardware circuit emulation of the Lindell Audio 6X-500 Module
    •    Passive Pultec Equalizer
    •    Transformer Balanced Input and Output
    •    Precision 5 Slopes Low Pass and High Pass Filters
    •    Analog Warmth and Non Linearities

7X-500 FET  Comp

    •    Faithful hardware circuit emulation of the Lindell audio 7X-500 module
    •    FET feedback compressor with classic 1176 sound
    •    Mix control for parallel compression
    •    3 step or continuous attack time
    •    3 step or continuous release time
    •    High pass side chain filter
    •    3 step ratio: 4:1, 12:1 and 100:1 (all in)
    •    Transformer balanced output
    •    Adjustable stereo link
    •    Analog warmth and non linearities

PEX-500 passive EQ

    •    Faithful hardware circuit emulation of the Lindell audio PEX-500 module
    •    Pultec Style Equalizer
    •    Passive Eq design with a hybrid opamp gain make up circuit
    •    Transformer balanced output
    •    Analog warmth and non linearities
    •    Mid / side stereo processing mode

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