Dodge & Fuski’s Rob Talbott gives us a show and reveal tour of the new multi effect plugin ‘Frostbite’ from AudioThing.

About Frostbite

Frostbite is a multi-effect plugin featuring Ring Modulator, Feedback, and Freeze modules. It’s aimed at ambience and cinematic music, but can also be used for extreme sonic experiments, with its flexible signal flow combinations, and hi and low pass filters.  

The Ring Modulator multiplies your input signal with a Sine wave (with frequency up to 4kHz).  The Feedback module features a delay function (up to 200 samples) which can be modulated by an LFO.  The Freeze module features a Freeze effect that can hold the input up to 25 seconds. The fade out and high pass controls can additionally shape the behaviour of the ‘freezed’ sound.
Key Features

    •    Ring Modulator
    •    Feedback
    •    Freeze
    •    Preset system with randomizer
    •    Formats: VST, AU, and AAX (32/64bit)
    •    Platforms: OSX, Windows

For more information visit here.