Watch this short video presentation about the Rewards+ program available to all Plugin Boutique customers.

What Is Rewards+

PIB Rewards+ is a multi-tier loyalty scheme at It is based on the amount of money you spend in your purchases. The bottomline is this: for each £50 you spend in our shop you will qualify for one of the rewards. If you spend multiples of £50 in one checkout, you can claim multiple Rewards+.

Ways To Use Your Rewards+

    •    Download free sample packs (Rewards+ tokens will be deducted from your account once you have selected the free sample pack)
    •    Convert tokens to discount coupons (Rewards+ tokens will be deducted from your account when you click the ‘I WANT THIS COUPON’ button to reveal your code)
    •    Convert tokens into extra virtual cash (each Rewards+ tokens can be exchanged for an extra £1.25 in Virtual Cash)

Ok So What Is Virtual Cash?

    •    Virtual Cash is our on-going royalty scheme. You earn Virtual Cash on all net prices of the software you buy at Plugin Boutique.
    •    On each transaction you earn 5% VC - you can even save up enough Virtual Cash to get some plugins free of charge, using only what you have earned.
    •    You can apply the Virtual Cash you have on the Shopping Cart page.

For more information please visit: