Producer and DJ Multiplier gives a great guided tour round the included Synth Sequencer from Sonic Faction which comes as part of the Archetype Bundle.

About The Archetype Ableton Bundle

Archetype Ableton Bundle marks a paradigm shift for Ableton and Max For Live users and includes creative controls and smart features only possible with Max for Live.  Here are some of its key features.

    •    8 Instruments, Endless Sonic Possibilities.
    •    Custom-Designed User Interfaces. Experience Ableton like never before.
    •    New Levels of Intuitive Control,  Sound Morphing & Tweakability.
    •    Highly sought-after vintage & modern electronic instruments, re-imagined for Live.
    •    Stunning user-interfaces that focus on ease of use and maximum sound sculpting.
    •    A hybrid design approach that combines Max and Ableton devices for the best of both worlds.
    •    Interactively designed dials and immersive interfaces.
    •    Internal preset system for ultra-fast switching and powerful preset morphing.
    •    Tight integration with Push and other Ableton controllers.

Sequencers Included

Archetype bundle includes 2 free Max for Live step sequencers for Push, APC40 and Launchpad. Use Synth and Drum Sequencer to take hands-on control of your sound.

    •    Beatdown
    •    Sickness
    •    Evilfish 303
    •    Hatchet
    •    Clone
    •    Pulsator
    •    Whoosh Mashine
    •    Rogue-One

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