Producer and DJ Blandy gives a great guided tour round the intuitive drum machine ‘Beatdown’ from Sonic Faction.

About Beatdown

Elevate your beats to new heights with this extraordinary drum machine.

    •    Beatdown comes loaded with 40+ kits that are selectable on the fly. Mix and match individual drum sounds or jump into Global takeover mode for world domination.
    •    Manipulate your beats with microscopic precision. Loop individual sounds or the entire kit for insane sound design possibilities. Instantly turn any drum beat into a robotic meltdown.
    •    Beatdown is designed with intuitive controls that make writing unique beats effortless. Modulate any parameter with LFOs or crank up the glitches with built-in beat buffers.
    •    Beatdown includes a free Max for Live drum step sequencer for Push, APC40 and Launchpad. Use Drum Sequencer and for hands-on control of your sound.

For more Information and pricing please visit the product page here: