Producer Adam Pollard aka Multiplier briefly introduces the ‘Complete Toy Museum’ plugin from UVI which includes two distinct sets of deep sampled children’s toy instruments, Acoustic and Electric.  In this video Adam overviews the GUI and then makes an example loop using the instrument - showcasing the versatility of this rich sound source guaranteed to bring a touch of quirk to any production!

About Complete Toy Museum

Quite possibly the craziest sound library ever conceived - literally hundreds of musical toys meticulously multi-sampled at 24/96 with world-class equipment. Everything from toy pianos, guitars, bells, xylophones, baby drums, melodicas, blow toys, music boxes and more - nearly 13 GB in all.

About Electric Toy Museum

In line with the Acoustic Toy Museum, Electric Toy Museum sets out to create another playful retrospective, this time focusing on battery-powered contraptions. It includes 97 different toys dating back to the 60's, some with truly incredible character.

The sounds of playful blips and cheap plastic come alive through our meticulous process; over 14,000 samples at 24 bit / 96kHz with many instruments multi-sampled with release samples for each note, rhythms converted into sliced loops, GM drum kits, and FX and speech voices all carefully organized for easy navigation.

Every note, every key press, and every click has been meticulously sampled resulting in a truly comprehensive and highly detailed library of classics, unmatched in the industry.


    •    Size : 12.5 GB (FLAC lossless encoding, was 21 GB in WAV)
    •    Collection : A huge collection of musical toys
    •    Content : 317 instruments, 2,125 presets, 29 kits, 653 loops, 19,590 samples
    •    Sample Resolution : 96 kHz
    •    Miscellaneous : Combines 2 libraries, Acoustic Toy Museum and Electric Toy Museum

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