Producer Adam Pollard aka Multiplier gives a show and reveal tour of Multipass Multi-Effect plugin by kiloHearts.

About Multipass Multi-Effect

Multipass is a multiband effect plugin with many uses.  At the heart of the plugin is a band splitter which splits the audio into several different frequency bands which can be processed independently.  

Multipass delegates the actual processing of the bands to other single-purpose effect plugins known as snapins.  Snapins come in many different flavors, and implements many classic effects like distortion or chorus as well as more unusual ones like formant filtering and frequency shifting.  

In addition to being loaded into Multipass, snapins can also be loaded as plugins directly in your DAW.  Multipass is bundled with a few different snapins, and more can be bought from the Kilohearts website.

Find out more and download free trial demo here: