Producer Adam Pollard shows us the pro-level multi-band transient processor - Transify. To demonstrate the power of this great utility Adam treats a drum loop with Transify to tighten it up and add punch.

About Transify

Transify is a plugin for manipulating the dynamics of your mix. It allows for total creative control of the sustain and transients of your sound! Transify will soon be your most useful mixing tool, allowing you to transform your dynamic sounds to a whole new level.

Create tighter low-end or raise the crack of your snare even in a dense mix with just a few knob tweaks. Try Transify in your favorite mixes and hear the difference.

Get total creative control over the transients in your production today!


    •    Four frequency band ranges available for independent transient processing
    •    Built-in per-band clip circuit for creating aggressive sounds and preventing peak overages
    •    Adjust the frequency band ranges for your material using the individual cut-off controls
    •    Input and Output controls for getting your signal to match levels and optimize gain staging

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