Producer Adam Pollard aka Multiplier shows how to build your layered impact riser effects with the awesome GRAVITY sound design instrument from Heavyocity.

About GRAVITY Plugin

GRAVITY is not just another virtual instrument - it's like having an award-winning sound design team at your fingertips. Experience the most dynamic collection of Modern Scoring Tools ever assembled.

Developed by Heavyocity’s award-winning team of professional composers and sound designers (Interstellar, Gone Girl, Godzilla), GRAVITY covers the gamut of intangible scoring elements; complex Pads, evocative Risers, other-worldly Stings, and earth-shattering Hits. With over 12GB of production-ready instruments in an inspiring new interface, GRAVITY delivers a stunning sound and visual aesthetic.

Key Features

    •    12 GB uncompressed (9.2GB on Disk with NI lossless compression)
    •    Available as direct download only
    •    2200+ Sound Sources
    •    815+ Snapshots
    •    325+ Motion Presets (NKA’s)
    •    1200+ NKIs
    •    780+ Pads
    •    390+ Stings
    •    19 Riser Menus
    •    9 Hit Menus
    •    Two new “Designers” for Hits and Risers
    •    Motion page for advanced volume, pitch, and pan pattern creation
    •    Playable Trigger FX™ for real-time control
    •    Stand-alone, VST, AU, AAX

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