Producer Adam Pollard shows us round his favourite 3 Tricky Traps devices from Sonic Faction - ISO ARP, TROPIX, and GLITCH THING and shows you a quick setup for realtime sequencing and sound design.

About Tricky Traps By Sonic Faction

Tricky Traps is a collection of 16 creative contraptions spanning sequencers, instruments, Audio and MIDI effects that are tons of fun to play. Chain devices together to trigger unexpected reactions and happy accidents – and experience a new level of customized grid control on Push and Launchpad Pro/Mk2.

Included Devices

    •    4PLAY - A melodic Step Sequencer with four simultaneous play heads, each with its own speed and direction
    •    ISO-ARP - Create pseudo-random progressions with a scale and key. Great for generating melodic soundscapes that fluctuate over time
    •    RADAR - A rhythmic circular sequencer where each lane can run at its own speed or direction. Assign each of the four lanes to any drum rack
    •    RIPKORD - An intelligent chord generator combined with an arpeggiator/sequencer.
    •    RIPPLE - Generate sound ripples that echo on a grid. Set up notes and repeaters to create self oscillating ripple patterns
    •    GRID NINJA - Map eight macros to any parameter in Live and trigger momentary effects. Play your audio effects like an instrument using the Push grid or MIDI keyboard
    •    SEQ-MOD - Assign this 64 step sequencer to any parameter in Live.Use the Push grid to draw in your sequence and the slider to manipulate the modulation range
    •    XYZED - Inpired by modular X-Y sequencers, this unorthodox device can be assigned to any parameter in Live and then fed different values and direction
    •    808 BASS - 808 inspired Kicks, Toms, Booms and Subs
    •    AMBN - Mellow, ambient tones made for contemplative generative sequences
    •    GLITCH THING - Glitchy, twitchy, robotic and psychotic sound generator
    •    MAD FM - Thick bass and lead tones with extreme FM modulation and sound mangling
    •    DIRTY TALK - Gritty talking vocal synth that can morph between vowels
    •    SYNDRUM - Analog drum sounds recorded from a massive modular synth rack
    •    TRANCEBOT - Deep, trancey leads sounds for epic arpeggios
    •    TROPIX - Pure tropical sounds of Marimbas, Steel Drums and other melodic Percussion

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