Producer Joshua Casper shows us round BeatSkillz SLAM PRO channel strip plugin, and gives us a run through its main functions and a look at some of the ‘master’ presets in action when applied to house track.

About Slam Pro Channel Strip

Slam Pro is a Mix Phattener Processor with control over the Bass Section, Presence and Air, Compression, Saturation, Stereo Width and Loudness of your track. All these sections of this amazing plugin come with selections for different “Flavours”.

All musicans and producers have different taste and different genres of tracks that they create, hence we created the ultimate channel strip with 3 knobs for controlling the Sub Bass, Thump & Low Boom of the channel or mix.  

There are 3 Flavours of Heat (Saturation), 3 types of AIRZ or High Frequency & presence control…plus 4 types of POP Compression suitable to the entire mix and drums/instruments/synths & sampler sounds. Also a Crush Limiter and Loudness maximizer.

Slam Pro is a simple yet powerful tool with the just the right controls to dial in the sound that you desire, and comes with a lot of presets to get you started.  

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