Producer Joshua Casper shows us round Blue Cat’s DESTRUCTOR distortion and amp modelling plugin.


Blue Cat's Destructor is a powerful distortion and amp sim modelling tool capable of simulating any kind of distortion - from harsh digital destruction to smooth compression or guitar amp simulation (works for clean tones too)!

It is delivered with hundreds of presets and predefined models, either inspired by existing gear (guitar & bass amps or cabinets, compressors, pedals, tape machine), but the plug-in is not limited to these predefined models - all parameters of existing presets are fully editable, which gives you access to an unlimited number of distortion simulations - no need to purchase extra presets or amp models to build your custom tone.

Based on a perceptual model rather than on electronic designs or impulse responses, the signal chain is reduced to its bare minimum, simplifying the process of tweaking the tone and making it fit into the mix.

Typical applications - Distortion modelling, guitar amp simulation, non-linear tone shaping channel strip, overdrive, bit crushing, analog compression, hard & soft clipping, colouring, tape saturation, Lo-fi, fuzz, digital noise, aliasing, filter effects.

Key Features

    •    Powerful distortion and amp modelling tool
    •    Simulate any kind of distortion: analog or digital, guitar and bass amps, saturation, clipping, compression, bit crushing...
    •    Get started with several hundreds of fully editable presets, inspired by real gear
    •    More than 1400 visual styles to customise the user experience
    •    Control the dynamics with the input gate and compressor
    •    Control the tone with the pre and post filters
    •    Exclusive shape dynamics control: adapt the tone to the dynamics of the signal
    •    Use the internal or external side chain to trigger the distortion
    •    Protect your ears with the output brick wall limiter
    •    Comprehensive visual feedback: real time spectrum analysis, dynamic distortion curve display with embedded signal histograms

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