Producer Adam Pollard aka Multiplier shows us round the EPOCH Compressor from Cerberus Audio, and highlights it feature set and individual approach to compression and saturation.

About EPOCH Compressor

Epoch is so much more than a compression plugin. With its pinpoint and multi-faceted controls, Epoch transcends mere dynamics, giving you the awesome power to manipulate and create sounds. It transforms your DAW into an instrument capable of bringing life to your most creative ideas.

Powerful under the hood and beautiful on the surface, Epoch inspires musical innovation. Comb filtering via a fractional delay affects tonal coloration, while phase rotation provides ultra-precise tuning. Non-linear processing is applied by a lightning-fast dynamics section, incorporating transient detection with lookahead and a parallel signal path.

Dynamics Section

    •    Feed-Forward and Feed-Back Detection Circuits
    •    Transient Sensitivity with Lookahead
    •    Optical Detector Type Behaviour
    •    Program Dependent Release
    •    High Quality Oversampling
    •    Gate/Expander Function
    •    External Side Chaining
Comb Filter Section

    •    Bi-Directional Sub-Sample Delay
    •    360° Phase Rotator


    •    Undo/Redo with Unlimited History
    •    Four Persistent Memory Banks
    •    Double Precision Signal Path
    •    Parallel Processing

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