Joshua Casper gives a tour and demonstration of the filter module (FilterShaper) in Shaperbox from Cableguys.

About ShaperBox’s FilterShaper

Includes FilterShaper Core, PanShaper 2, TimeShaper, VolumeShaper 5 and WidthShaper. Save 35% off the combined prices of the individual products!

FilterShaper Core combines the great-sounding filter technology of the full FilterShaper 3 with a streamlined modulation system. Using the same acclaimed Sallen-Key filters as FilterShaper 3, you can expect all the richness, warmth and intricacy of a high-quality analogue filter.

Apply subtle nuances or giant wobbles. From filter sweeps to surgically-precise frequency control. Simply draw the exact LFO shape you need – our unique curve-editing tools make it fast and easy.

Running inside Cableguys' exclusive new ShaperBox creative effects rack, you can stack up FilterShaper Core with other Cableguys Shapers to create elaborate, multilayered effects for your productions.


    •    18 Filter Modes
    •    Warm Sweeps
    •    Rich Wobbles
    •    Easy to LFO Editing

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