Producer Joshua Casper shows us round the UVS-3200 analog synth plugin a tribute to the Korg PS-3200 synth, with a look at the GUI and the presets.

About UVS-3200

UVS-3200 delivers a collection of musical and sonically pristine patches brimming with a warmth and presence that's both unique and undeniably analog. A marvellous artefact seen through a modern lens, our sound designers created a multitude of configurations resulting in sounds covering everything from classic tones to those at home in current styles.

Over 220 patches including fat analog basses, rich evolving pads, punishing leads and more await.  Inspired by the original hardware the UI boasts a vintage aesthetic with modern controls. Quickly surf the included presets for inspiration or dive in to create your own patches.

Choose from 24 presets for Oscillator 1 and 69 presets for Oscillator 2. Adjust ADSR envelopes for both the amp and multimode filter along with comprehensive stereo, effects and per-oscillator modulation and arpeggiators.

With an extraordinary analog sound and fantastic set of patches, UVS-3200 delivers a collectors dream of an instrument with all of the convenience and flexibility of modern software.


    •    Incredible sounds from the rare 48-voice Korg PS-3200
    •    Over 220 patches covering classic and modern styles
    •    Deeply editable instrument with pristine sound quality

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