Producer Joshua Casper shows us SoundSpot’s Halcyon saturation plugin.

About Halcyon

Whether you are using a little to add a touch of warmth, or driving the signal hard to create dirty and distorted sounds, saturation plays a key role in every great production.  At SoundSpot® we decided that a one stop shop for saturation was needed, and began developing a plugin that would deliver amazing sound quality and character with all the control you need.

The Halcyon boasts a huge amount of control, allowing you to truly tailor the sound of your harmonic saturation. From smooth tape to warm tube and everything in between, the Halcyon can breathe life into your productions and make them sound fantastic.

Key Features

  • Selecting Your Frequency Range
  • Quick Start Presets
  • Mid/Side & Drive Drive Control
  • Attack, Release & Makeup Gain
  • LFO Controls For The Saturated Signal

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