In-depth walkthrough and preset preview of ATOM by Audiomodern with producer Joshua Casper.

About ATOM Kontakt Instrument

Introducing ATOM, a unique new virtual instrument for Kontakt with a powerful custom engine fully equipped to spark your creativity.

A unique sound design tool to create a huge range of distinctive cinematic sounds, otherworldly atmospheres, mesmeric drones, emotive synths, noisy pads, organic keys, impressive cinematic FX, transitional elements, Impacts and and Melodic Motifs each with its own character and concept behind the creation handcrafted with passion, innovation and technology. This virtual instrument plugin comes with 3.000+ samples, a highly versatile collection of on board effects, an incredibly intuitive multi-layer engine with separate effects and arpeggiator engine for each layer to provide hundreds of sonic combinations.

Atom is preloaded with over 180 exquisitely crafted presets divided into five main categories ATMO, KEYS, FX, PERCUSSIVE & SYNTHETIC. Each sound can be shaped into lush evolving pads, dense uplifting chords, strange acoustic tones, deep Textures, ambient soundscapes, layered ambiences, Impacts, transitional cinematic FX and elements for adding drama and movement into your compositions with all advanced features that allow unlimited flexibility over morphing, manipulating and processing.

ATOM Key Features

    •    180+ sound sources categorised into five categories encompassing a wide variety of sounds
    •    7.2 Gb worth of total sounds (Compressed to 6.73 GB using .NCW Lossless format)
    •    Full keyboard range of sample playback
    •    Multi-Layer Engine
    •    Individual Effects for each Layer
    •    Individual Arpeggiator for each Layer
    •    Random Sequence Generator
    •    Optimised Functionality
    •    Custom convolution reverb impulse engine
    •    24Bit/48Khz resolution for all source samples
    •    Multi-Genre versatility
    •    Kontakt Instrument

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