Plugin Boutique and Joshua Casper delivers a round up of the best Reverb plugins available on Plugin Boutique. Top 5/Five Friday.

Top 5 Friday is a new bi-weekly plugin show in which Joshua Casper will explore the best Plugins/VST/AU/Software to suit every budget.

Watch our short review and highlights preview of 5 of the best reverb plugin tools in 2017, all available at Plugin Boutique.

Pro-R (

Pro R by Fabfilter is perfect for the studio technicians that want full control over their reverb tails. A Fabfilter EQ and Decay Time EQ to sculpt the reverb itself which is generated by Fabfilter’s world renowned algorithms is almost too much to ask for… but, you get it all anyway when you get Pro-R!

Blackhole (

Blackhole by Eventide takes a truly unique approach to manufacturing space. Once you have your basic reverb settled on you can use the unique gravity and modulation parameters to start tweaking to your hearts content. The macro ribbon makes for extremely interesting movement and final results that really will make reverb that sounds out of this world.

Oracle (

Oracle gives the perfect mix between precision and artistic. Once the reverb tail has been generated to your liking you have 4 more effects modules at your fingertips to shape and effect it however you see fit. Stereo imaging, Filtering, Effects including an LFO, Saturation, and a Flanger, and finally compressor at the final stage to make sure everything is perfect.

Toraverb 2 (

Toraverb 2 by D16 gives the user full and independent controls for the early and late reverb. Add to that Mid/Side controls and a built in Ducker which automatically ducks the reverb when the source sound is played and you have on your hands a powerful reverb unit that sounds great in any situation.

Fog Convolver (

Fog Convolver by Audiothing is the only convolution reverb to make it on the list. This reverb unit gives the best of both worlds. Lush Impulse Responses that recreate real environments for those looking for something specific and real. While also allowing the user to drop any audio file into the interface to create truly unique and interesting reverb tails.

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