Plugin Boutique and Jerry Mateo checks out APARILLO ( by Sugar Bytes in this FM Synth tutorial. APARILLO is a textural Synthesizer 16-voice synthesizer with Cinematic sounds.

Complex Sound Generator

Aparillo is based on two interdependent FM Synthesizer's, capable of forming the most complex timbres. The signal generator has been enriched with fine DSP spices like Jitter, Brightness and Formant/Waveshaping, followed by a free-signal flow Filter/Spacial Comb device, flowing into a polyphonic Auto Pan, the obligatory Delay and our finest Reverb algorithm yet.

The Cinematic Machine

Aparillo is a 16-voice Synthesizer, tailored for sophisticated sound textures and morphs.

Different FM Complexity- and Ratio-Modes, Wave Shaping, Folding, Formant Shifting, Complex-LFO and a scale editor inspire the most impressive sonic structures, providing shelter to the imagery.

The Orbiter sits on top of it all: an XY controller for mass manipulation, exploring the limits of the engine and spawning ad-lib sounds and morphs simply with the turn of your hand.


The Orbiter is a modulation engine, measuring its distance to 15 objects, which represent targets inside the sound engine.

Explore endless combinations & new arrangements on this sketchpad of sound: intuitive, pragmatic and convenient. Animate the Orbiter’s movements or recall 128 positions with your MIDI keyboard!

Expand your sonic event horizon beyond terrestrial reason, and let this machine create unheard cutting-edge sounds for you.


The effect section is a sound source in its own right. The Spacializer, a delay-based pitch resonator, can generate an additional synth layer per wave-guide synthesis. In unison mode, this can extend to modal synthesis: lush sounds, consisting up to 16 partials with individual attack- and release-times.

Besides the typical specialties like Comb and Vowel, the Multi-Mode filter dishes up a polyphonic AutoPan, the super-evil Dirt HP/BP/LPs, a Delay and our best Reverb yet. These rare spices will add a distinct taste of utmost clarity to your precious produce.


The sole focus of modulation lies in the diversity of the 16 synth voices. As freely definable layers of sound, they can unfold a vast scenery of sound. The Envelopes show off polyphonic parameter modulation, free slopes and loops: assign different envelope times per voice for the In Sound from Way Out. The ARP is interwoven with the two oscillators: a rhythm/melody generator selecting voices. The ARP can also be triggered via Clock or LFO Collision.

Sounds & Presets

More than 450 presets only give a glimpse of the sonic full potential. Aparillo will accelerate your imagination, and soon you will create the most stunning sounds with just a few clicks.


    •    FM Synthesizer with 16 Voices
    •    Formant Shifting, Wave Folding & Shifting
    •    Multi-Mode Filter with Spacializer
    •    2 interdependent LFOs with S+H and Gravitation
    •    Orbiter for one-touch Sound Morphing
    •    500 handpicked Presets
    •    Wide Modulation Options from 10 sources
    •    NKS support for Komplete Kontrol and Maschine